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House Courcelle

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The House of Courcelle is a Dalarini based noble house, distinguishable by their mystical appearance and their terrifying affinity for wielding arcane, but with power comes a price, the family host many dark secrets, rumors of scandal, practices of forbidden magics, the product of inbreeding to create arcane mutation, the pure magical blood runs thick. They are the definition of high born, so much so that even other noble houses few them as pompous; once considered one of the richest families in Azeroth, their wealth has dwindled with the loss of their estates and farm lands in Southshore and Lordaeron, now only living solely on the distribution of magical ore in Northrend mines, the Courcelle family cling to their ties and seek to strengthen their standing with other noble houses based in the Alliance, so they may reign to riches and power as they once did before, even if it means breaking tradition.

House name: Courcelle
Head of House: Magister, Count Drathil Courcelle, illusionist of the Kirin Tor
House lands: Resident house in Dalaran city, and previously a few farms in Southshore, currently several mines in Northrend.
Notable Ancestors: Archmage Vaerixon Courcelle, The Tigers' Fury, Illusionist Cysserys Courcelle
House Symbol: A rampant white tiger on a field of lilac, the tigers stripes are gold.
Relation with other noble families: Friendly with House Mistmantle. Enemies with House Starwhisper
Knights in service: N/A
Motto: "Family is the homeland of the heart." or "My blood is pure."

Family traits:

Family Alignment norm - Lawful/Neutral

  1. All of the Courcelle members have silver hair, due to their thick arcane blood and inbreeding.

  2. Courcelle's also host odd eye colours, that emits a faint glow often mutated variants of normal eye colours, i.e. brown eyes would be golden and so on (another factor of arcanic blood).

  3. Every single Courcelle member is capable of magic, as they were bred to be able to wield it.

  4. All are zealously loyal to Dalaran, the Kirin Tor and the practise & learning of magic.

  5. Skintone ranges from mildly tanned to pale, as the forefathers of the clan were nerdy magi shut-ins.

  6. Pride. All Courcelle's are raised with a "holier-than-thou" mentality, believing their pure-blood family reigns supreme over other mixed mottled house-holds, this view is rarely put into articulation however, but remains as an unspoken mantra among house members. In result Courcelle's can come across as quite arrogant, and very self sure; often taking their own opinion or input into consideration over anothers' as accordingly, they know better. This can lead to sour relationships with outsiders, as family members can be difficult to reason with, or too stubborn to take anothers idea on board.

  7. Untrusting. The family is tight knitted, and often keep to themselves - which means anyone who isn't a Courcelle is a potential threat or enemy, and is not to be trusted unless they prove their worth by merit or mettle.

  8. Interbred. All Courcelle's look very, very alike. It is family tradition to keep the arcane blood pure and strong, so that magic comes more naturally - unless you have a sister or cousin to marry and bed, wedding an outsider is an absolute last resort. As a result, genetic defects occur, and often result in bad personality disorders, so every few generations its mandatory for a Courcelle man to wed an outsider to clear the gene pool of its defections. Although the tradition of the Courcelle household is common knowledge to the family it is often not brought up in conversation with other people, and remains a rumor among outsiders. Also birthed the family phrase "The blood is pure" and "Family is the homeland of the heart."

  9. Mages. Naturally, since they are brought up surrounded by magic, most Courcelle's learn the teachings to become a mage, however it isn't unheard of to see a Courcelle pick up a sword and shield.

- Played Family Members -

Count Drathil Courcelle 45, ruling lord of House Courcelle, avid Kirin Tor member, illusionist.
Drathil is a stern man, that rules over his family's legacy with an iron fist. He recognises the troubles the Courcelle family faces, and seeks to create ties with larger households as Dalaran re-enters an era they left behind, discarding their neutrality - all whilst trying to maintain his pride, he was wed to his first cousin, and focuses upmost on his daughters' progress on magic, and using her as a utensil to gain power. [Lawful/Neutral]

Nemaerys Courcelle 15, heiress to her family, budding magi.
Daughter to Drathil, Nemaerys stays as a ward to Braiden Mistmantle but lives with her head in the clouds, blissfully ignorant of her family's politics but not immune to their influence, despite her naivety and innocence she is still as much a Courcelle as her father. She has been thrown into a world outside of her haven in Dalaran, and faces Stormwind, oblivious to its danger and paying more attention to its charm. She is steadily making friends with outsiders, and aims to please her father by using her magical talent to its full potential. [Lawful/Good]

Cadious Courcelle 17, middle child of Alicia and Drathil.
Cadious is the middle child between Alazar and Nemaerys - often frustrated by the unbalanced attention his elder brother, and younger sister receive, he acts out as most middle children do. He enjoys flaunting his wealth, and often does this over studying or anything productive, his father views him as a bit of a waste of space due to his zero ambition, and overtly pompousness. Which has earned him the jape "A rooster among tiger cubs".

Alazar Courcelle 21, oldest son of Drathil.
Alazar Courcelle is a confused young adult, deeply in passionate yet secret love with his sister, Nemaerys. A source of constant conflict with his father, Drathil. A growing animosity in Alazar's heart engulfs him when he is alone leading to a rage which leaves the poor lad shaking. He has been in love with his sister for longer than he realizes, yet now with her placement in Mistmantle's family and his discovery of his fathers plans, the realization is dawning upon him. Unsure of what is to come and of where his family is going, Alazar is struggling to cope with the seemingly loss of her sister. [Lawful/Chaotic]

Lady Alicia Courcelle 38, wife of Drathil, mother to Nemaerys, Cadious and Alazar.
Alicia supports her husband in all his decisions while from outside she is known as a stubborn woman, during the household's new current era to create ties with other households, Alicia is of wits and pride causing her to be of mild temperament, while holding the value of family high, her business is her children; smothering them lovingly, and completely over-looking their flaws; Alazar's intentions, Nemaerys' naivety and Cadious' lack of ambition. She watches and supports them all unconditionally.

- Unplayed/Deceased Family Members -

Vaerixon Courcelle deceased, 78, Archmage and Evoker of the Kirin Tor, "The Tigers' Fury"
Vaerixon was one of the founding and most notable members of the Courcelle house, he died at a ripe age of 78 from a sexually transmitted disease. He is well reknown for taking the Houses' sigil into literal depiction and adopting a tiger cub as his familiar, of course the beast grew and served as more than a simple creature. He gained his name "The Tigers' Fury" due to his beastly temper, and in result the linked mind he shared with his tiger caused the beast to lash out as well, and massacres often ensued from a simple disagreement, it has birthed a saying among family members of "A tiger/tigress temper" when one member displays Vaerixon's ire, and are said to have inherited it. [Neutral/Chaotic]

Cysserys Courcelle deceased, 32, Magi, illusionist and astromancer of the Courcelle family. She was a grandaughter to Vaerixon and was the very first Courcelle to be born with silver hair. Her excel in astromancy lead to a fable that Cysserys found a way to fly to space and steal the silver from the stars to put in her hair. She died in birth of her third child fathered by her brother. [Lawful/Good]

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