Agron, the Wild

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Agron, the Wild

Post by Vaell on Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:57 am

Character name: Agron
Gender: Male
Age: Late twenties.
Race: Human
Class: Huntsman/Warrior

Birth region: Northrend
Specific area/town:Grizzly Hills
Family: Mixed within the tribe
'Olaf' - his father:

He is, as his title suggests, a wild man. His beard is ragged and his braided hair is crusted from blood stains (he rarely washes!) Despite his appearance, he doesn't have a stench to him as he consistently rubs various herbs and plants to try and cover his smell, "Animal smell you before they see you." He is covered in furs and feathers.

Agron is a strong believer in the Gods, often seeing signs of their presence in the most simple of things. His native tongue is fluent whereas his common one is much more broken (he would often mimic others to further his vocabulary). He constantly wishes to prove himself to his Gods and takes on challenges greater than himself. He is truly loyal to the tribe but maintains a heavy curiosity of the world; he spends a lot of time in the wild (which is why he earnt his name).

A brief history overview:
Agron was born a warrior's son. He was named after their God of War due to his father believing that their tribe would soon be involved in mighty battles that would lead to death, triumph and a new world. He was not half wrong. Agron was a formidable hunter/warrior by the time he came of age and by fifteen, he was hunting alone and providing food to the tribe.

Things you know about this character:
  • He has an iron stomach.
  • He worships the Gods.
  • He is a very capable hunter/fighter.

Things you don't know about this character:
  • TBA
  • TBA

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Re: Agron, the Wild

Post by Lexgrad on Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:08 pm

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