Alue 'Snowskin'

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Alue 'Snowskin'

Post by Zalissa on Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:40 pm

Character name: 'Alue'
Alias: 'Snowskin', 'Leech'
Gender: Female
Age: Early 20's.
Race: (Albino) Human
Class: Null/Anti-mage

Birth region: The North, Hillsbrad.
Specific area/town: A hamlet near Dalaran.
Family: All deceased.
Known friends or enemies: (To come)


Alue is a moderately small human woman, about a head shorter than average height, with a very slim, frail frame; slender hips and small breasts. But her most distinguishing feature is the lack of pigmentation in her skin, hair, and eyes - Alue is an albino, meaning she lacks colour entirely (apart from her eyes which are violet/or pinkish in some lights). She has porcelain white skin, without any freckle, or any unique marking, not even a single scar, due to her sheltered life, which makes her look fragile and transparent. Similarly, her hair is a snowy/silvery white too, even her eyelashes and her eyebrows. Her hair is around shoulder length and cut straight at the ends, it would seem her hair had a straight across fringe at some point but she seems to have grown it out. She has a small, pixie like face which makes her large eyes and broad lips stand out keenly amongst her milky features.


Alue is joyous, naive, and obediant, but her naivete is not to be mistaken for stupidity. As a shut-in and an outsider, she is still rather new to life outside Dalaran, Azeroth and its customs (For example, taking things too literally; she did not understand Gorlyn when she used the figure of speech "I'm no' diggin' this scene." and inquired about wether she was supposed to bring a shovel or not). This leads to much confusion for her and others. She can also come across as very specific, such as when others inquired about her escape from Dalaran as '"Escape?..." she provided them with the dictionary definition of the word, and multiple synonyms. Despite her social flaws, Alue is extremely social due to being locked away with minimal contact for multiple years, and often yearns for friendship and contact with more or less everyone she meets.

Alue speaks without contractions, as if she was speaking every word singuarly and misuses idioms (e.g. "Kick the butt!" as opposed to "Kick butt!" or "The place of market" instead of "Market place" as well as "lobstery" instead of "crabby"). Due to only being written notes as communication, she has not developed a dialect and tends to pick up jargon easily. Such as "Aye" and "Nae". She also often refers to herself in third person, by not using "I" but instead "This one" - it's a marmite like trait that people either adore or hate.

Powers and Abilities:

Alue is a very rare class of human, that comes with many names, often associated negatively such as: anti-mage, leech, mana-eater, but is also known more simply as a 'null' or a 'blank'. What could be compared to as a spell-eater like Ollie Frostgear, Alue negates magic completely and is thus far immune to psychic attacks, and certain arcanic-powered offensive spells - infact, she does not have any presence in the warp, or reality of mollecular magic, and could seem to radiate a sense of unnaturalness and unease that is uncomfortable to magical humanoids and creatures. And can also project physical pain to more environmentally sensitive beings such as shamans or druids. Alue seems to be unaware of the extent of her power, and also seems to be unable to control it.

With physical touch, Alue is capable of draining mana, and also seems to be thus far immune to psychic attacks. One should think of a null's power as a black hole, simply sucking any form of magic it comes into contact with and negating it to another dimension of oblivion. However, while this seems to be the effect of lesser spells, more accomplished magi are capable of harming Alue with offensive spells, without the magic being eaten entirely, although it is negated to an extent; for example, the impact of a fireball would knock her off her feet, but it may not melt her flesh from bone so much so as giving her a mild burn.
As she is incapable of wielding any form of magic without inevitably consuming it, Alue took up skill with a bow after being taught basics her in Dalaran, when she was around 8, through practice only has she became good with it, as Alue does not have very good eyesight, due to her albinism, and struggles to see in unlit areas at night time. Infact, she can often be seen moving her eyes back forth, in a twitchy manner - as if developed by habit.

Despite having an uncrackable mind, Alue is prone to visions or premonitions from even simply touching an object or item, this however, like her blanking is uncontrollable. She has mentioned to see things in her dreams too, for example, escaping Dalaran to join the Vaetirr after seeing their homeland in a dream.

((To finish))

When Alue was born to simple peasants in Hillsbrad, in the villages surrounding the great city of Dalaran she was regarded as a freak of nature, due to her strange looks. Born from parents with brown hair and moderately tanned skin, her albinism was an oddity. Some became superstitious and made attempts on the family's life, and began to harass them by murdering their livestock, and attempting to burn their home down on more than one occassion. Eventually, when Alue was two, a group of magi were passing through the village and made note of the unbearable anti-magic aura they could feel when the encountered her playing with a puppy. The event was noted and reported back to Dalaran, and eventually everything came crashing down.

Alue was confirmed as a null and Dalaran made an informed decision to keep her underwraps, and contained for study since her kind of magic was so unique. Until Alue could read at around the age of six, she never had any contact with anyone for a few years and was simply passed notes through her cell, where she only had a bed, a few toys, a map of Azeroth and books. Arenfel Serpentine began to give Alue new books since that's what she occupied her time with, Alue developed a broad vocabulary (after reading an entire dictionary at least eight times) but due to only having human contact through notes and letters, Alue has no distinguishable accent. It cannot be placed to a location at all, speaking only with a singular and contracted manner. Alue was told her reasons for being kept in the cell was because she was a danger, but it was through no fault of her own. She got the idea into her head that she did not have a soul after a priest that practised faith magic was introduced for an experiment on wether faith magic had an effect on her - it did, and yet the man believed Alue an abomination, that the only reason no magic flows through, or effects her is because she is souless, and that's why she lacks pigmentation.

((To finish))

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Other information:
The images I've used in this topic are of a real albino woman, she's a Russian model called Nastya Zhidkova, and is considered one of the most beautiful albino women in the world.

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