Old Stuff: Proposed Stormwind Anthem

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Old Stuff: Proposed Stormwind Anthem

Post by Tyrós/Cále on Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:46 am

(( Author’s Note: I’ll post this up in here mainly because it was the first piece of writing I ever submitted to the Defias community, and as such has quite a bit of nostalgia-value to me personally. There was a thread back in 2011 where people submitted their ideas about an anthem for the Kingdom of Stormwind, and this was my contribution. ))


The March to Glory (lyrics)
From the purest blood of royalty,
To the humblest man in peasantry,
We all praise and serve our Stormwind fair,
Let those who stand against her know despair!

Tested by the thorns of hist’ry,
Our people yet endured.
From the sacrifice of Lothar,
To the reclamation,
These tests we overcame,
By strength, wit and faith!
Blessed by the Light and yearning,
for the golden years!

When peace once ruled and the fields were green
Yes the Golden Days of our King Llane
But falter not, for what has once been seen;
As we strive together, they will come again

Blessed be both Lothar,
And King Llane,
Your noblest sacrifice,
was not in vain

Honored be both Lothar,
And King Llane,
For their memory endures,
As do their fame!

[purely orchestral from 1:21-1:41]

Children of our Stormwind fair,
Rise up now, the time is near!
When steely boot and judging sword,
Shall give us,
Righteous vengeance, at the Horde!

So now march, my sons, and daughters!
Never shall you falter!
Neither shall your king!

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