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Silvia Carlaine

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Character name: Silvia Anastacia Beatrice Carlaine
Alias: Sil or "Silly Sil"
Gender: Female
Age: 23, Born April 21st, 7 ADP
Race: Human
Class: Magician, Master Illusionist, Battlemage
Birth region: Tirisfall Glades
Specific area/town: Brill

Family: A family of rather rich middleclass tradesmen from Stratholme, Andorhal, Lordaeron City and Brill. Only a handfull of Carlaines are confirmed to have survived the scourging of Lordaeron. They were known for breeding some of the best gryphons and horses in the kingdom, earning themselves a small fortune. The family has a history for a natural aptitude with the arcane arts and most females were sent to Dalaran for studies at the young age of four and five; most males to a military academy. Carlaines mainly have blond hair with blue or green eyes, their skinteint usually pale. Most Carlaines consider(ed) themselves to be the "high social circle" of society, and behave that way. Children usually live spoiled but strictly directed lifes.

Known friends or enemies: Silvia has an appearant hatred for undeath, but usually gets along with anyone else.

  • Vilkun Silverstone
  • Zelium Bloodfury
  • Iriel Silversong

Description: With about five foot one and fourtyfive kilo's, Silvia strikes pretty small for a human. Has blond, short hair; pale skin and rosy cheeks. Wellshaped and a bit skinny. Usually takes her time to appear neat by wearing perfume, make-up and dressing her hair. Has an extravagent taste for clothing, mostly only making appearance in expensive dresses and flashy jewelry. Carries a blade in a beautifully silverlined sheat. The handle of the blade is decorated with a silver gryphon head and the surface of the blade is runed.

Personality: Strongheaded, tempered, disciplined, intelligent and passionate are some of Silvia's most appearant characteristics. Quite determinedly tries to keep up with the "man's world" of the Stormwind Regiment as hard as she can and she is known to push herself -over- her limits. She seems quite devoted to her job lately, trying to prove something to someone perhaps. Has an urge to have things -her- way. Severly outspoken, regarless of other people; consequently getting her into arguements all the time. Neither courageous or cowardice. Known to be gentle in general, but ice-cold when she needs to. Houses the earlier mentioned hatred for the undead and does whatever she can to avoid contact with any of them.

History: Silvia was born on april twentyfirst 7 ADP in Brill, former Lordaeron. Silvia is the youngest of four and the only girl. Her brothers are two, four and six years older than Silvia, respectively. She lived a spoiled life with her biological parents and was sent to her god-parents in Dalaran to be tutored at the age of four. She lead a secluded and peacefull but strictly directed life. She was schooled to become a true lady and picked up on magic training pretty easily. Until at age eleven the third war escalated. Silvia was evacuated long before the demon Archimonde destroyed Dalaran. The deep roots of her hatred of the undead comes from the horrors she was exposed to in these few uncertain months. She and her god-parents survived the ordeal relatively unharmed and returned to live in Dalaran after it was rebuilt. It was shortly after returning to Dalaran that Silvia was told of her arranged marriage to a boy she had never met.

Silvia's god-parents found it best to keep Silvia from learning of her real parent's fate and Silvia's youthfull ignorance blocked out the memories. It had become natural to call them mom and dad anyway. Silvia became determined to learn all she could about magic. "To stop it from ever happening again", she allways said. Her teens were a considerably better time for Silvia. She was an aspiring student in the arcane arts and was becoming quite the young lady. When she graduated and received her licence she shrugged. "Was that it?" is what she bluntly asked her god-father, hiding a cheeky proud smile.

Her life changed abruptly when the Kirin'tor decided to bring the fight to Arthas in events leading to the fall of the Lich King. As a young aspiring mage in her early twenties, she felt she had a duty to fulfill. She enlisted for the siege against the citadel but was labeled unfit for field duties. Throughout the conflict she served as a hospital nurse, where she learned her basic first aid skills.

The war waged, the Lich King fel. And it was -after- the events of the Cataclysm and not longer than a year ago that she learned of a surviving brother. Inquisitively she questioned her godparents about him. Asked wether there were any others they had forgot to tell her about. Silvia was furious. Her god-parents spilled it all, claiming they thought it was for the best. Silvia listened to the entire story, stood up and said furiously: "I appreciate...your honesty. I'm leaving to look for my brother. Don't try to stop me!" Silvia purpously turned her back on her god-parents for a moment and walked away with tearing eyes.

The last ten months she lived in stormwind, still desperatly looking for the surviving brother. Other remaining Carlaines have shunned and disowned Silvia after she most recently announced that she's calling of the marriage for reasons unspecified.

Things you may know about this character:

  • In love, and it shows
  • Clearly living in wealth.
  • User of the Arcane arts
  • Book fanatic.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • A novice Chronomancer
  • Affraid of spiders
  • ...

Possible crime record:
Dalaran: Public disturbance due to alcohol abuse, Vandalism.
Stormwind: none
Other information:

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