Two Nightmares, Two Divided Souls

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Two Nightmares, Two Divided Souls

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:35 pm

Trave leans back into the wooden chair, he looks at the sleeping Rhebeca over at the bed. A soft, yet happy, smile on his lips. He stretches his arms out and yawns in the next moment he enters his dreams.

A scream forces him to open his eyes, there it is, Darrowshire, under fire. Women, children, men all of the various screams of horror.

"Ye do nay go down there, private! That's an order!"

Clay turns around, practicly shouting out his response.

"To hell with your orders! Was your order not "No one gets left behind, anyone in need will be rescued and taken with us"!? You defile your own orders! I follow your first orders! We need to aid that town!"

His captain snorts at him and shouts back.

"We can nay risk having that many casaulties with us, nay risk our men ter save 'em! Ye get damn well back 'ere now!"

Clay just stands still staring at him, from behind the Captain he can see Rose dismount her horse, grabbing her two short swords and walking over to himself.
The Captain notices it aswell and shouts again, pointing his sword at the two.
"If any of ye follow 'em ye will be deemed deserters! Along with 'em!"
He turns around waving his sword towards the group as he finishes the sentence.

A large man walks over to him, its Hendrek. He walks over to the Captain, lowering his face to him with an evil glare.

"You piss the fuck out of my sight before I crush you where you stand, you cockless Arathorian."
Hendrek snorts fiercly in the Captains face before joining Clay and Rose, after him all the other younger warriors follow. Leaving the Captain with a small group of soldiers, the not so brighter ones aswell.

"Ye will all be killed, ye 'ear tha'!"
Clay rolls his eyes and turns around, running towards Darrowshire. As he arrives to the battle scene he can witness a young girl, probably five years old getting beheaded by an undead. Lifting his sword to strike - a loud whimper is heard and he snaps his eyes open.

Rhebeca is tossing and turning in her sleep, whimpering. She's having a nightmare again.
Trave walks over to her, sitting down carassing her forehead, leaving the other hand on her hip, softly, above the duvet.

"Shh, shh. Its alright Rheb'. Its alright."

Rhebeca grabs him by his waist as he sits there, clutching tightly to it as she silently whimpers. Trave shuffles up in the bed, leaning to the wall, making sure he remains sitting. A hand stroking her hair to keep her comforted.

"Its alright, sleep now.."

He lets out a sigh, he was still shakened from his dream, a memory. It was all so clear, that poor girl. The screams. All too horrid, and then it was Rhebeca, he turns his gaze to her pretty face as it sleeps.

"Saihna, Renhali... Why did I ever turn to that, had I never hurt Rheb', she'd have been safe still.. not troubled, but she's evolving slowly. I'm glad. I'm glad..."

Trave leans down placing a soft kiss to Rhebeca's cheek before leaning back to the wall, eventually falling asleep. His last thoughts was about Sophyra, whom was expecting him to return, alas, he would have to keep an eye on Rhebeca, after all, he had broken into someone's house since he did not know where Rhebeca lived. Couldn't leave her there.

"I.. have honour.. and <yawn> dignity.. still..."

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Re: Two Nightmares, Two Divided Souls

Post by Shaelyssa on Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:35 pm

Interesting! Is this a continuation of another story or the beginning of a story?

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Re: Two Nightmares, Two Divided Souls

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:46 am

Just a short story of a roleplay I had last night.
My character is living a life with a new identity, he was known as Clay Farglade.

This story, I pulled in a memory in a dream, then focused on Rhebeca whom he was keeping an eye on during the night.

He hurt Rheb' when he didn't live under a fake identity, he's keeping an eye on her now, since he cares for her! :p

The dream can be related to the Background story of Clay which I have in another topic.


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Re: Two Nightmares, Two Divided Souls

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