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Character name: Elsa the Blind,Elsa the Shapeshifter
Alias: El
Gender: Female
Age: 373 but looks like she's in her early 30's
Race: Grizzly hills Worgen (converted by the Wolfcult)
Class: trickster,preserver.

Birth region: Northrend
Specific area/town: Storm peaks in a cave
Family: Rita the red(mother,deceased),Halgard the Kind(father,deceased), Katrina the Flame-bender,the Clouded(sister,missing)
Known friends or enemies: Thorim,Elsa's mammoth and Galakrond her proto-whelp that she's raising herself. Enemies with the Forsaken(what's dead should stay dead)

Description: At first sight you would notice her strange clothes and hairstyle for they seem tribal. She has long white dreadlocks decorated with jewelry and beads with a colorful feather here and there. Her facial features show that she's from Northrend but her skin is slightly tanned from the many travels she does. She has 2 facial tattoos with a special meaning; a horizontal, red line of dots under her eyes, it was a way in her tribe of saying that she's blind. And a vertical, red stripe on her lips, that was the symbol of a Keeper of Secrets. She has a slim but curvy body. She takes good care of her appearance,from her manicured nails to the creases of her clothes. When in other forms,her fur is white.

Personality: kind, quiet, not a patient woman, good listener, always speaks her mind (weather people like to hear it or not), has motherly tendancies even with adults (per example; a warrior hurt=she will not let you go back to battle unless she patched you up, made you sleep and had some food! and wiped those bloodstains from your face like any mother does.), can have the occational moodswing when something bugs her, loves to hear stories and learning new things, is supersticious, is cautious in battle, tries to avoid violence but sometimes it's neccesary, loves to listen to music and play

History: Elsa grew up in Northrend with a nomadic tribe called The Snow-born. Elsa was born blind with snow-white hair. The tribe joked about how at the day that she was born a snowblizzard was raging and that was the reason for her haircolor, eventhough her parents had red and brown hair. Elsa's mother, Rita the Red, taught her everything about herbalism and her father, Halgard the Kind, taught her how to defend herself with her staff. The elders of the tribe taught her about nature and elemental magic. She also had an older sister called Katrina the Flame-bender. The tribe called her that way because she was able to use pyromancy at a very young age.

Life was good until the Scourge ravaged the tribe and almost forced it into extinction. It was later found out that Katrina led the scourge to the wereabouts of the tribe in exchange for immmortality. Elsa was able to track down her sister to Lordaeron in some cult called "Cult of the Damned". To get close to her sister, Elsa did something she regretted, she joined the cult and tried to raise in ranks as fast as she could. That's where she learned a bit about the dark arts. Her journey led her to Scholomance, the academy for Necromancy. She was not able to find her sister as even the cultists didn't know where she went after she left. Another lead turned cold, Elsa had enough of it. Lucky for her the gods showed her a way out, for at one day a group of infiltrators entered the school to purge it from all it's evil. Elsa gladly helped the strangers and was able to escape that vile place.

Travelling with a small shop she wanders Azeroth, in hopes of finding her sister and the rest of her tribe. Later she came to known that her sister was now part of the Twilight's hammer. Elsa decided to help the druids restore the damage Deathwing has done to Mount Hyjal and finally found her sister. After a long and exhausting battle of magics, her sister fell into a crack in the earth caused by Deathwing. After asking the shamans to communicate with the earth spirits to locate her body and bring it back to her, they said thay could not bring the body back because there was no body...(dun dun duuun!!!) Katrina escaped yet again.

Now Elsa continues to travel Azeroth with her wandering shop of curiosities, while trying to track down tribemembers and her sister.

Things you may know about this character: She's blind.--She tends to swing her staff towards someone's head to "knock some sense" into them ( only does it when they bug her).--She strongly believes that the Titans and their watchers are gods and that they will one day come back to Azeroth to ring a new era of peace.--She smokes an enchanted pipe.--Plays the flute and a harp-like instrument.--Has a small shop called "the Wandering shop of Curiosities!"--Is Chief of her tribe.

Things you may not know about this character: Eventough she's blind, she can still see aura's/energies/magical residue.--She has a weakness for dragons.--She extends her life once every 50 years.--She was once imprisoned in ice for 80 years.--She once was part of a tribal sect called "the Keeper of Secrets", they were guardians of the Titans secrets by collecting titan technology or magical artifacts not ment for the human race and placing them inside Titan cities across Azeroth.--She was once part of the "Cult of the Damned".--She sometimes sells illegal things and does some smuggling.

Possible crime record: doesn't have one

Other information: Chief of the Snow-Born, she is currenly trying to rebuild her tribe and return to the north.

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Re: Elsa

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I hate reading those that are a bit longer. Buuut, it was a good one though.

I think you might want to have a look at this one.

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