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Sullee Swiftspeech

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Mon Mar 25, 2013 8:43 am

Character name: Sullee Swiftspeech
Alias: Fatty, Boss, Swifty, Ben Dover
Gender: Male
Age: 78
Race: Gnome
Class: Rogue

Birth region: Khaz Modan
Specific area/town: Anvilmar
Family: Only one he speaks of is his uncle, Pollee Swiftspeech
Known friends enemies: Befriended with the family Figgins. Next to this, various 'labourers' of the Dwarven District can be considered friends.

Description: A gnome unlike any other. Sullee is slightly shorter than most gnomes, but weighs far more. His belly is extremely rotund rather than rolls of fat. His head is somewhat inflated too, but not necessarily excessively. His bald head, which he shaves on daily basis, stands in stark contrast to his large, pale grey beard that hangs over his chest. The beard itself seems well kept and conditioned and brushed regularly.
Sullee always wears the finest clothes, displaying he has good taste in fashion. His belt is a ornate, hand-crafted piece that is made to hold fourteen throwing knives in custom sheathes. On the belt's right side, he usually carries a large black coin pouch that always seems to be well-filled.
Personality & History: Sullee once was an insecure and clumsy gnome, but he always managed to hide this well with his quick way with words. After a certain knife-throwing incident, Sullee became depressed and suicidal. He started to drink and eat even more, and overall didn't care where his feet would take him. After a while of wandering the streets, after having been fired by the Circus-Manager of the circus he was then travelling with, he found the Dwarven District.
He discovered that in this place, past nor future matters. It's about what you are, and what you want to be. He soon got involved with, what others would call, 'bad' influences. Twiggle Figgens, leader of the city's largest criminal organization at the time, tricked Sullee into gambling. After a hour of playing poker, Sullee owed 'Greenbeard' fourty gold coins. He decided to pay it off by working for the gnome mastermind. After some months of absence, Don Zinkle Figgins of the Dwarven District returned from a business trip. Zinkle saw potential in the fat gnome, and hired him as his personal bookkeeper. Sullee slowly began to learn from his mentors, finding out more and more about the criminal organization each day.

When the brothers Figgins left the District for unknown reasons, Sullee became purposeless. The humans that stepped up and claimed the Dwarven District didn't value Sullee as the Figginses had. Not too long after the departure of his mentors, Sullee began to suffer from health issues. He decided to take a break from the stress, and go on a spiritual voyage to Pandaria to calm his nerves. After a three-month absence from the District, Sullee returned to the remains of the once glorious organization. He pilfered the remains, and was begged by the acting leaders to step up, and lead the District to glory and wealth once more. Ever since he became the Kingpin of the largest criminal organization in the Eastern Kingdoms, Sullee's personality changed. While he remained friendly and generous to those who respected his position, he also punished those who defied his rule. Since he became the boss, the Dwarven District seemed more structured. The amount of random killings in the street decreased, and the amount well-planned undertakings increased.
Things you may know about this character:
- He is one of the world's finest knife-throwers;
- He is extremely fat for gnome-standards;
- He doesn't speak gnomish;
- He is said to be a good boss, as long as you serve him well;

Things you may not know about this character:
- He refuses to 'punish' children or pregnant women;
- He can be extremely emotional at times, doing rash and dangerous things;
- He has many talents, such as painting, poetry and oratory.

Possible crime record: Whilst he is rumoured to be involved in just about every criminal activity that goes on in the city of Stormwind, he always seems to be one step ahead of those who would see him locked up. He was never caught committing any crimes, and the few times the authorities starting building a case, crucial pieces of evidence went missing.

Other information: He presents himself to the authorities as 'A patron of the Dwarven Disrict, who sees it as his purpose in life to bring the labourers of the District the recognition they deserve.' According to himself, he makes money by investing in various institutions and factories. Next to this, he is a charity benefactor and makes weekly donations to the Orphanage of Stormwind.
Sullee Swiftspeech

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Re: Sullee Swiftspeech

Post by Seranita on Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:14 pm

i loved the rivaly these two had! gona miss being able to do more assasination attempts on you

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Re: Sullee Swiftspeech

Post by Bradley on Sat Jun 14, 2014 10:22 pm

Rip we miss you Sullee

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Re: Sullee Swiftspeech

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