The Pondering of a Warspeaker

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The Pondering of a Warspeaker

Post by Nathaira on Mon Mar 25, 2013 5:50 am

((OOC: I am not sure where to post this so have posted it in Events and In Character, feel free to delete as appropriate))

Deep within the dark, cold and dank training rooms of the College, its wall littered and adorned with fine examples of crafted weapons, the Warspeaker sits at her claw-footed bureau and ponders.

The cold blue eyes of the dead Quel'dorei scan once again over the many military reports and charted maps she received from her stationed comrades.

"No this will not do." She grunts. "Our humiliating defeat in the Arthai...the on-going threats from both Pandaria and the Horde... Our military forces in a state of disarray.....So many captured. How many more prisoners of war must be freed from the clutches of Pandaria and Thunder Isle? The Sunreavers have gone in....unprepared."

"So much waste...such lack of efficiency and wit."

She twists her lips into a smile and pours herself another dram of whiskey from the decanter. Swirling the now filled glass, the Warspeaker paces as she calculates.

Glancing back to the collection of papers and maps, she reaches to her colleagues as her thinking alters.

"Students, report! All experienced cartographers and other well-traveled individuals are to report to the War Quarters with immediate haste. This overrides all other directives that do not come from the Fellows themselves. Similarly any Professors available, who believe they could contribute, would be most welcome. Apart from our core armies and scouts all other troops are to be recalled to the College for temporary reassignment."

The Warspaker waits, with calm eagerness and judgement, finishing her whiskey just as the first of the students enter. They one by one line up silently and stand to attention, in respect and protocol of their commander. Only when the last of the students arrive does the Warspeaker salute signalling the beginning of her address.

"Students and Professors of the College present. I have read and reviewed the submitted military reports with keen interest. Forces succumbing to the depressive effects of the Sha, an abundance of scout capture, the Horde seeming to be as stagnant as the Alliance in gaining ground, an internal war within our own forces hampering our efforts and the blind directives from our Warcheif.

I say, this............this will not do.

Some will say that to stem the flow of forces into Pandaria now is utter lunacy. I submit to you that it is not. More like leading lambs away from slaughter.

I believe ultimately the best offence will be substantiate our defense, our military prowess, and only once assured should we bring the full glory of the Horde to victory. I fear a greater war, a greater threat is coming....and we are unprepared.

To this end, I call for all non-essential forces to be recalled and a census to be done. I want all organisations both military and civilian to be noted and mapped to charter all known bases of their operation."

A twisted smile once again forms on her face as she continues.

"Once completed, I propose a "friendly" tactical exercise. One which will test our might. For one shows the best examples of courage, bravery, tenacity and wit when one is threatened....on a personal and patriotic level.

I wish to pit organisations against each other. See how they work together to reclaim that which we shall steal from them. I want to see the tactics employed. The thirst and the will for preventing this acquisition of their commander or comrades. Test their ability to track their own. To scout for clues, and to interrogate captives of the opposing team.

Therefore, while compiling this census, you are to go and address the leaders of each organisation. Question them and report as to who would be willing to participate and of them which commanders must be captured by ourselves to achieve such purpose.

For this is a matter which will affect us the end. Only through practice and experience can we achieve perfection.

For the Horde! For the Dark Lady and for the College!"

*the last statements are echoed by the students, as their new orders are outlined to them*

The Warspeaker stamps to full attention and gives a formal salute.

"Students dismissed. Together we shall conquer all...."

((OOC message: I have been running a few GMed events now in the College of Revenants and with a few other guilds and would love the opportunity to do this on a multi-guild scale. This event is meant to be something fun that all can engage in. It would basically involve specific members of guilds being "captured" and "imprisoned" at secret locations, guarded by another guild. The objective would be to reclaim your guildmates via any means you see fit (apart from killing or permanently harming/maiming the other guild). There will also be obstacles, and all actions and outcomes will be decided via means of rolling. You would also be able to obtain information of where your guildmates are via interrogation of the captive you have been assigned, and by other clues. There will be prizes for the quickest time to recapture your guildmate, the best guild working together and the most original tactics used. I wish to pair participating guilds up as soon as possible, so that I can start writing and planning! As it is College of Revenants policy, I will be trying to pick locations which are accessible to the majority of levels, so being high level is not required. I really hope you like this concept and even if we can only get a few guilds involved I hope I can run something amazing for you. Also if you are a lone RPer and interested in the concept I would love to hear from you. Very best))

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Re: The Pondering of a Warspeaker

Post by Feltrand on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:55 am

(( Mmm sounds maiming. Ta-haahaha Very Happy ))

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