Ishap Balancer

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Ishap Balancer

Post by Ishap/Virock on Fri Mar 22, 2013 4:15 am

Character Name: Ishap Balancer
Alias Dependant on rank usually
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Race: Human
Class Mercenary Warrior

Birthplace: Raven Hill
Family Father - Darac Balancer (deceased), Mother - Nessa Balancer (deceased), Sister - Ruthia Balancer (deceased)
Known Friends or Enemies
Friends -Some Disciples of light
Stormwind Regiment
Enemies - Cultists


Ishap is a shade taller than 5'6" with a thin but muscular build, she has dark hair with light blue eyes and her skin is marked with countless scars, the most prominent of these being the three deep scars running across her face.  Almost always seen in full plate armour with two swords strapped to her sides either one emitting light energy and one emitting shadow energy or one emitting fire energy and one emitting ice energy, she also usually carries a large number of knives hidden in various places on her armour.  She bears the brand of the Dark Sphere on her upper left arm and a traitors brand on the back of her right hand.


Ishap is extremely quick tempered and will not suffer fools gladly, when threatened she tends to attack violently to ensure the safety of herself and her people. She is a highly experienced military commander with training and combat experience with all common weapons and many uncommon ones, she earned Swordmaster status after beating three Orc Blademasters in one on one combat.   To those she cares about she can be very open and friendly but she tends to seem closed off to those she doesn't know.  By this point she has been fighting for more than 25 years.

Joined the Crimson Ravens Mercenary company at age 14
Took part in the purging of Stratholme, left the company
Joined Shattered Swords mercenary company
Left Shattered Swords, formed her own mercenary company the White Wolves
Left the White Wolves, joined the Disciples of Light
Alternate between Disciples duties and mercenary work
Achieved Chaplain rank in the Disciples
Arrested for attempted murder of a magistrate, leaves Disciples and works as a mercenary for the Alliance
Arrested, declared a traitor and was branded, joined the Stormwind regiment.

Things you might know about this character

Often fights for money
Almost constantly angry
Dislikes most city officials
Skilled fighter
Uses powerfully enchanted swords

Things you might not know about this character

Donates a lot of her money to the orphanage
Has magical skill though has not developed it (last attempt set half the mage quarter on fire)

Criminal Record

Various disciplinary actions within the Disciples
Currently there is an arrest warrant on her for attempted murder of a magistrate

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