Fran'cala "Frank" Lomonde

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Fran'cala "Frank" Lomonde

Post by Fyffe on Wed Mar 20, 2013 4:46 am

Character name: Fran’cala Lomonde
Alias: “Frank”, Silver Fox (codename) Pest, “B@$*ard”, “That Spoony elf”. (Usually with more expletives)
Gender: Male
Age: 432
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Bard / Swashbuckler
Birth region: Feralas
Specific area/town: Feathermoon Stronghold
Family: Emmel Farshore (Mother) Fran’cole Lomonde (Father),
Known friends or enemies: Everyone yet Anyone!

Description: Curiously short for a male Kaldorei, he stands only slightly taller than the average human, yet is no less nimble of foot. His long and silvery white hair his tied off in a tail which seems to twitch with his lively movements. The Kaldorei tends to wear dark clothing and springy leather boots, a burgundy cloak and a dark red bandana around his neck. A slender, expertly crafted lute made from Ashenvale wood is generally slung over his shoulder, so that he is always ready to perform. When on the road, he typically wields a rapier on his belt with all manner of ‘trade tools’ and interesting items concealed about his person.

Personality: What he lacks in stature he makes up for in boundless enthusiasm. Audacious, shameless and always with a smile on his face, Lomonde is a hearty believer in the "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you look cool doing it.” school of thought, though at the same time always enjoys himself.
As such, he takes pride an entertainer – be it in song, dance, banter or dare-devilling, he does what he can to please an audience (even if it’s only himself). Ego aside, he is always the first to criticise himself and does show some kindly traits. Unfortunately, these are generally overshadowed by his casually criminal misdeeds. in spite of his penchant for lawlessness and mischief, he rarely hesitates to rush to the aid of another person in need – be it civilian, officer or scum (Unless an arrest is taking place, in which case he will not be there at all).

Should you meet him, you will have nothing to fear from the harmless elf…though keep an eye on your coinpurse all the same.

He showed little interest for druidism or the spirit of the hunt, and was found to be too much of a daydreamer to serve effectively as a scribe or soldier. In fact all he seemed good for was singing and causing trouble: Traits that were not quite so appreciated on the island stronghold he grew up in. He spent much of his youth on scouting duty in the jungle, as it not only got him away from mischief to something useful, but he would find peace and quiet to spend his limitless energy tracking, couriering and composing.
It was not that his family and neighbours disliked him. Kind and eager as he was, the young Fran’cala was just too…frivolous for the rest of the Isle to cope with at times. He himself felt restrained and was itching to go off and see the rest of the continent. Thus everyone agreed whole-heartedly when after reaching adulthood Lomonde revealed his intentions to leave and sail the seas, and were all too enthusiastic in helping him pack and arranging him to get on board the next supply vessel traveling from Ashenvale.
Over the next century he would come to captain his own vessel, providing safe passage for his people and transporting trade up and down the coast. While the responsibility and experience did well in taming him, Fran’cala had accepted that this was to be his life, mildly interesting as it was.

That is until the settlers from the Eastern Kingdoms arrived. Soon after the events in Hyjal, he was assisting the Kaldorei’s new allies in the establishing of Theramore Isle, offering knowledge of the coastline and shipping supplies and resources for the new settlement. The elf greatly enjoyed the mixed company of this ‘Alliance’ and leapt at the chance to see their homeland across the sea. Since then he has never looked back.
During his navy career, Lomonde (somehow) became a trusted advisor and loyal friend to a sea-faring northerner. Captain Sheriffmuir was known within fleet circles for her unpredictable, callous and at times near-piratical methods. Being a Privateer however, any questions upon her conduct were usually kept quiet by her lucrative results. Lomonde - being non-judgemental yet not quite as ruthless - often served as a voice of reason and had a strange knack for finding additional profit in place of bloodshed. Ultimately he was a positive (for lack of a better word) influence upon his fair captain, at least until her unlawful and (later discovered to be undeserved) execution at sea off the Northern Kingdoms’ coast during the latest war in Northrend.
After her passing, he resigned his First Mate post and after a brief stint on board a sky vessel (his head was constantly in the clouds) has returned to his true vocation: Entertaining and trouble-making, with a touch of mercenary and spy work on the side.

Things you may know about this character:

• A rumour says he has recently acquired a One-Man-Band kit, although you will have probably heard it already.
• Is a kleptomaniac.
• He loves getting into trouble, then nonsense-talking his way out of (or further into) it.
• Occasionally helps himself to the ration-spread laid out in the Stormwind Regiment Command Centre. He has yet to be apprehended for stealing the Commanding Officer’s Ham.
• Has gotten into the habit of smashing at least one window of the Shady Lady’s backhouse whenever he “drops by”.
• While he is prepared to slay another in self-defence or survival, he is unwilling to take on assassination contracts specifically, even upon Alliance enemies. After all, the target might very well provide for his next meal in the future, not to mention that there’s always the likelihood that a grieving family member or close friend would crop up at a difficult moment to enact vengeance upon him.

“You would not believe how often that can happen. Here’s a tip, take care to never have any naturally distinguishing features, like say, spiked hair or six fingers...”

• Unfortunately, he has himself a signature ‘tail’ of silver hair (hence his code-name) that is usually the last most people see of him as it darts behind a corner.

Things you may not know about this character

• While he has embraced the Alliance culture and what it stands for, it is only when he encounters his fellow Kaldorei that he becomes aware of how young and inexperienced he is, and can even feel even a sense of awe towards his own people, who he so rarely sees nowadays.
• As a result of his close contact, he has picked up on numerous Human mannerisms and traits – both positive and negative – which he finds helps him work with the Alliance better. The flipside however is that he may risk losing his identity as a Kaldorei.
• Is packing heat with a single shot hand-crossbow hidden on his person! Though is more likely to release a witty comment or an egg at your face.
• Currently serves under contract as a scout for The Lordaeron Alliance. As incredibly unusual a choice of career this is, he reasons that nobody would suspect a Kaldorei to have any interest or affiliation with the Northern group, which gives him an instant advantage. Personally he has little belief that TLA will ever achieve their goal, but the pay is decent, the opportunities for treasure are fruitful, and he can keep an eye out for a certain someone…
• Aspires to becoming a Spymaster for the Alliances SI:7 Agency, and has so far only managed to acquire courier and report duties between Stormwind and the Northern Kingdom remnants, which serves as another reason for his associations with the forces within the Plaguelands.
• Although possessed with no magical ability, he is in possession of an enchanted lute (The instrument itself is under a Resilience charm) which when used correctly can have rather unusual and sometimes devastating effects…
• After a series of cat-and-mouse excursions while scouting within the forested Western Plaguelands, he decided to openly approach the rogue caster Lilian Voss. It did not end well for him.
• Is the reason for why the rum is always gone.

Possible crime record: Crimes far too numerous to recite in full. Certain single or repeated charges include the following;
Larceny, burglary, breaking and entering, pilfering, theft, poaching, brigandage, looting, depredation, smuggling, embezzlement, arson, false imprisonment, importing exotic beasts without a licence, minor-kidnapping, evading arrest, Impersonating nobility, impersonating an officer of the Alliance Military, impersonating an officer of the Alliance Navy long after being discharged, impersonating a priest of Elune., impersonating a high druid of the Cenarion Circle, GTA (Grand Theft Ale), forgery, minor fraud, identity theft, busking without permit, escaping detention, slander, disturbing the peace, defamation and general lawlessness.

“Hmph. Is that all? You’re only encouraging me now.”

Other information:

I won’t lie, I love playing a character that gets a kick out of breaking the rules ICly. I apologise in advance if his antics irritate you or seem OTT. Please feel free to drop a whisper any time if you have an OOC concern with him.

Although should you ever wonder about Lomonde’s genuine motivations, I believe it was said best by a certain huntard pre-Catacalysm…

“…while conversely, if we reject both the Utilarian position and the Wittgensteinian critique, we can construe a radically non-rational basis for actualization which places the reality of the self outside the spectrum of causa and consequentia.

To paraphrase for the benefit of any rogues in the audience, “We do it for the lulz”

-Targe, AFR


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