Binty Blackthorn

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Binty Blackthorn

Post by Calisar on Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:31 am

Character name: Binty Blackthorn

Alias: …the Brute
Gender: Female
Age: mid 40s
Race: Wildhammer Dwarf
Class: Paladin

Birth region: Hinterlands
Specific area/town: The mountain city of Aerie Peak
Family: Most of her (numerous) kin reside in Aerie Peak, the Blackthorn clan is led by her Grandfather. An experienced Shaman, brewer and storyteller.

Description: Fiery red hair dressed with gryphon feathers and beads, wears a streak of blue Wildhammer war paint down the left side of her face with pride. Stocky, temperamental and sure footed, a solid little determined fighter.

Personality: As fiery as her hair, likely to be the one starting a fight. If she asks “if yeh wanna dance” she doesn’t mean a waltz. Takes pride in being able to step in to fight for those less able, but this spills into her personal life. Will get involved and 'in people's faces' where it really isn't called for and will only escalate an argument by doing so. Doesn't have an understanding of when to let things slide. Takes her Wildhammer heritage seriously and is as feral and wild as any true Aerie dwarf should be.

Forges her own armour with craft and almost zealous passion, her life depends upon how good she is as a smithy. Knows she is likely to fail the ideals of becoming a true Paladin, and has admitted as much to the Holy Lightbringers that she currently serves with. Hopes to find a way to temper her inner riot and improve her patience with “tha way o’ tha ‘din!"

"Don’t think I mark you a coward lad, if I step before you in a fight
I’m simply doing my duty son, the role I see as right
My body has been trained, each muscle to the bone
To step forth when others retreat, to be up in front alone

Don’t think I call you weak, when I shout at you to step back
It’s not that I think bravery and skill are virtues that you lack.
I fight a just cause and I know my strength and light within
So give me room and watch me swing at them with a grin

Should you find me of an evening with a sour look on my face
Standing lonesome at the bar with little airs or grace
Look closer at my knuckles and the bruises on my skin
Know that I’ve been working hard to protect my beloved kin

I’ll stand before any beastie and take each terrible blow
This is my place, my duty and damn near only thing I know
For never will this Wildhammer lass fall back from a fight in fear
So maybe next time you see me lad... consider buying me a beer".

History: Raised by her Grandfather in Aerie Peak, full story here

Things you may know about this character:
* Will respect those who can fight well and bravely, especially those that can best her in a fair fight
* Loyal as a dog to those who have earned it from her
* Unpredictable and gobby, will stand no percieved slight to those she cares for
* Enjoys the wilderness, despises those tainting the land.
* Woe betide anyone abusing Gryphons in her presence.

Things you may not know about this character:
* Finds solace and delight in soaring high into the sky, with her Gryphon Grimclaw ("Grimmy!")
* Slightly claustrophobic, her way is the open sky and the forested lands of home, not the dark enclosed tunnels of Ironforge.
* Has her eye on training as a Gryphon Master eventually
* Owns a well worn copy of this book and girlishly doodles in some of the fine specimens she sees on the Stormwind dwarves encountered in her travels. not something it would be wise to tease her about.

Possible crime record: Spent many a night in jail to sleep off/calm down from brawling in the street/tavern. No serious offences

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Re: Binty Blackthorn

Post by Maelmoor on Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:26 am

Fantastic drawing, very Bintyish!Love it! Very Happy

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