Aka'hiah Da Wretched

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Aka'hiah Da Wretched

Post by Gesh on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:30 pm


Character name: Akahiah
Alias: Aka'hiah Da Wretched, Da Burnin' Witch, Aka. Akie.
Gender: Female
Age: Venerable.
Race: Sandfury Troll
Class: Warlock

Birth region: Tanaris
Specific area/town: The scorching desert
Family: Murdered or enslaved during Sandfury clan conflicts.
Known friends or enemies: Exiled by The Sandfury Clan, Member of The Horde therefore enemy of The Alliance, particularly hated by a band of Night Elven Sentinels native to Southern Kalimdor, disliked amongst Warlock Covens in The Horde.
Unforgiving looks that have only worsened with age, Aka'iah holds the frame of a starved Sandfury, her tusks are crooked and her mouth is maw of sharpened teeth, her skin is a burn't and bloodied ash colour that shows clear signs of her heritage, she is considerably smaller then the average female but this may be down to her bad posture or age, her hands and fingers are noticeably thin, with the tips seemingly blackened due to her reckless use of Fel magic.

Her white hair is a clumped mane of that slithers down her back, various small rat and bird skulls can be found within and no doubt deeper within the tangled mess, her eyes are often ablaze with inner-thought that gives off the impression she is somewhat detached from reality, her sharpened fangs often chatter and her split tongue enjoys dancing around her parched lips.

Personality: Selfish but independent, Guarded but experienced, Cunning but disloyal. Aka'iah grew up amongst murder and sacrifice, this has made her incredibly jaded and her exile from her ' people ' has only made this character flaw worse, although she has been known to enjoy the company of simpler folk, she may often come across far more bitter then she actually intends, to a Sandfury flinging curses and insult can sometimes be considered an expression of affection.

Although undeniably wicked and as the title serves, wretched, Aka'hiah does have redeemable qualities she is fond of tutoring and reconises strength in many forms, she would gladly follow a cruel but strong leader who acted with purpose, over a ' thoughtful ' but ultimately fickle one.

The Hordes no mercy mentality towards their enemies drew Aka'hiah in and even despite her age and
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Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)

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Re: Aka'hiah Da Wretched

Post by Fyffe on Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:47 pm

Nice! I like how you've gone for a Kalimdor native from the Sandfury tribe Very Happy

Although somehow she reminds me of this character. If perhaps slightly less crone-ey?

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