Clan Irondawn

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Clan Irondawn

Post by Gogol on Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:02 am

Name of the Clan

Ruling Thane
Arkadii Irondawn.

Crest description
A crossed hammer and a dagger.

Clan Hall

Is it based somewhere? Where?
Dun Morogh.

Does the Clan Hall exists In-Game? Where
Amberstill Ranch.

Notable Members
Yuri Irondawn(dead), close friend and advisor to Madoran Bronzebeard.
Eugene Irondawn, former High Judge of Ironforge Senate.
Gogól Irondawn(dead), Senator-Marshal.
Arkadii Irondawn, Senator of Trade

Clan's History and Background
A clan shaped by politics, noticeable for it's undoubted patriotism, and belief in dwarven supremacy.
It roots back to the early days of High King Anvilmar, and has always showed a keen habit of being mentioned in the books of history. In the background, it's members have done what they can for a Kingdom they seem to treasure above all.
Unclear today exactly who it's founding members where, but the Irondawns them selves proudly and stubbornly boasts that they where of those walking out of Uldaman all those many years ago.

Clan Irondawn is today economical stable, having a steady income from it's successful ram breeding. Being one of the mayor supporters to Khaz Modans mounted regiments.

Additional Notes
This is a Clan for the political interested.

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