The culling of Stratholme, let Dusk be born.

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The culling of Stratholme, let Dusk be born.

Post by Littlepip on Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:52 am

Martha Silverlight

Martha Silverlight was a normal child born in the lost town of Stratholme, she was fortune enough to be born of the Silverlight family which was a strong family devoted to the light.
Her mother, Maria, was a mage and married to the paladin, Thorvald Silverlight. Her father was a tall man with golden hair and a bright and happy face, he loved his family more than anything in the world and was willing to give his life for it.
All thought her family was small now, it was once a great family tree which spread across Lordaeron.
But back to Martha again, she was a calm child ever since she was born, she smiled and laughed like any other child, but she mostly preferred the company of her mother. Nothing really interesting happened to her during the first four years, she lived a happy, yet isolated life with her mother, she was not allowed outside unless her mother was with her and was given a specially made food that came from the south. When the fourth year came and prince Arthas came to the city of Stratholme for what is now known as the culling of Stratholme.
This day Martha was out with her mother to do some shopping and look at the weather, for the sun was shining down at the people in Stratholme and there was not a single cloud covering the sky yet. Many of the people in the city did not know what fate had in store for them thus did not even attempt to run for their life when they saw Arthas coming towards them, and when Arthas raised his mace and started to strike down every one in his path this came as a shook and they started to panic.
Martha and Maria was at the gate at that time when it started, Maria started to run as she saw the first man get his head smashed in by Arthas mace, she ran with Martha in her right hand. Martha, being only a child was asking her mother what was wrong and why they were running.
Maria just looked down at her daughter looking sad and even crying, she feared for the life of her daughter and thinking deeply on what to do.
Thorvald had not married Maria for her money or fame, he had loved her for being a nice, caring women. Not only that but she was brave and intelligent, not to mention very stubborn and pride.
She loved her daughter and refused to let her die at any cost, even if she had to take her own life.
“Mom!” Martha’s voice brought her back to the real world again and she had taken her choice, for she knew that about the family secret, on how the family had grown to power in the first place.
All thought hating the idea of doing it she was willing to draw the shadow into her soul and using it to escape the city, she went down to the cellar and looked on the sigil that was painted on the floor, it was old an much of it had to be repainted, words had been scraped away and had to be rewritten. Eventually it had been done, the sigil was once again complete, and as soon as Maria stepped away from the rune she noticed it had started glowing black once again just as she remembered it used to do when she was a small kid.
In the dark room only light up with a few torches that was hanging on the walls she looked on her child that had patiently been waiting for her mother to get done with the sigil. She looked her into the eyes crying, for she knew what would happen once she stepped into the circle, her soul would belong to the shadow, serving it for all eternity even after death.
Maria dried away her tears with her right hand and started smiling faintly.
“Martha, I will get you out of here I promise, but you will have to listen to me, is that alright honey?”
Martha looked up her mother and smiled brightly. “Okay mommy”.
Maria smiled one last time before walking into the rune, little did she know that there was a second one, for to open a gate to the Shadow it needs a soul to start it all. Martha looked behind her and saw the second rune glowing slightly red and walked into it, for she did not know that walking into it meant that she just had domed her mother into the shadow.
Screaming could be heard behind her as the sigil was activated, she looked and watched as her mother’s soul was ripped out and a portal for the shadow was opened.
Her mother’s soul was swallowed whole and only her body was left behind only to rot away a second later. Runes light up on the walls as the sigil was made bigger allowing the shadow to reach Martha, but the rune around her served as a ward to, thus absorbing the magic coming from the Shadow and forced it into Martha’s soul, allowing her to use what is known as the Shadow form.
This created an immense amount of pain, but not nearly as much as seeing her mother’s soul get eaten by the Shadow, so the shadow started to feed on both of them making her forget about her loved mother after a short time. The portal slowly began to close because of all the energy being taken from it and forced into Martha. She started to smirk, even if she is a kid doesn’t make her unable to feel the power of the shadow in her. The ward started too closed down as the Shadow portal was closed and slowly allowed the four year old girl walk out of it and see the world in a new perspective. The torches had gone out and the only thing lighting up the cellar now was the light from the door to outside, it used to be protected with a rune but it turned off during the Shadow portals opening. She opened the door and looked out, the sky was red and smoke covered the sky making it impossible to see it. She took her first step into this new world where death roamed and the dead walked the streets, this scared her at first yet she overcame it quickly because of the shadow absorbing most of her feelings and emotions. She walked out of the door and looked at her left arm, it was covered in a blazing fury of black and purple, shadow moved around not only her arm but her whole body, making her untouchable by the undead, they would rot away before they even came close to her, for the shadow almost had a will of its own and that was to protect the husk at any cost. Her shadow consumed countless people that day, most people she knew from the few times she had gone out in her life. But she kept on going until she got out of the living hell, outside she found her uncle waiting for her, a mage that had served prince Arthas but left him when he found out what he was about to do. The only reason he was there now was because he had searched through the city after Maria and Martha so you can imagine the look on his face when he saw Martha in Shadow form.

But what happens after this is for another time.
Written by Dusk.

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