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Krelk Manslayer

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'Lower your weapon or be prepared to feel mine in your gut, Human.'

Character name: Krelk
Alias: Manslayer, The Mok'Nathal, The Half-Ogre
Gender: Female
Age: 53 (Mature.)
Race: Mok'Nathal, more commonly known as Half-Ogre.
Class: Death Knight
Birth region: Nagrand
Specific area: Amidst The Warmaul Ogre Compound
Family: Ogre Father (presumed deceased.) and Orc Mother deceased.
Known friends or enemies: Connections with The Ebon Blade and has served amongst Ogre warbands and Orcish battalions.

Description: Tall and formidably built, Krelks halfbreed blood is obvious to many familiar with orcs, she stands out amongst most greenskins.

She has ashen greenskin that has dulled and darkened since her death, her eyes are white and gazeless akin to that of a blind seer or a begger, although she makes no effort to hide her undeath, given her race, non-orcs have found it difficult to place her has anything other then a slightly larger discoloured female orc.

Not particularly pretty nor handsome, she carries her scarred flesh with a silent pride and makes little effort to keep her features presentable, although perhaps one of her own kind would notice a beastial beauty once witnessing her unholy strength on the battlefield.

Personality: Ogres are mostly characterised as being witless and shortsighted (often rightfully so.) and although she isn't known for her intelligence or social charisma, Krelk has a clean grasp of perception, decades of growing up amidst two warring cultures has made her guarded but slow to anger: Conflict is common amongst both her heritages and yet it is always the strong of character and discipline who seem to survive the longest. An observantion she is keen to remember.

She is however no saint and even before her dark rebirth Manslayer has had a destructive rage that has resulted in the death of a few unfortunate sparring partners, given a murderous temper is considered a curse and blessing grant to The Risen, she frequently tries to combat it for the sake of rebellion against her former Lich King enslaver.

Overall Krelk is quiet and reflective, but with a haste to act when her mind has been made up, or a clear order has been given. She values morality and honour and sees it as the code which will in turn help her master her bloodlust, she sees the perfection of her combat skill as a path to inner-peace, but also relishes in the glory of victory. She is the cursed veteran attempting to rediscover the simple joys of warband life, whilst coming to terms with this new Horde.

History: Krelk was born into captivity, her mother was a slaved kept by a gluttonous Ogre Warlord, her early life was spent amidst a Ogre Compond where very little food or water was avaliable, espicially to the likes of a halfbreed born into chains, it was a difficult life that required strength and brutality if either Krelk or her mother had any hopes of survival.

As a child she witnessed her mother driving a dagger through the belly of her Ogre father, although she held no love for Grusgul The Bloated (As he was titled.) the consequences of his death were chaotic and deadly. Krelks mother died amidst the infighting which soon erupted once The Warlord fell and since then The Halfbreed fended solely for herself, she fled to the wilderness and spent her young adult years stealing from passing Draenei and Orcish caravans, joining in with various bandit raids and hunting the wildlife that roamed Nagrand.

When she came of maturity and was of impressive height, she ventured into the arena and proved her strength with kill after kill, she returned to The Warmaul Compound and beat a young upandcoming Ogre for his right as second in command for many years she ran with The Warmauls and various other Half-ogres and Orcs who choose the life of pillaging and looting.

When The Dark Portal opened and ripped apart the planet, Krelk was amongst the many scared and frantic orcs who pledged there loyality to The Legion for the sake of survival, she was amongst the marauders and berserker who were flung against Alliance forces and spent the various wars spilling human blood, it was in these fatal years she earned the title ' Manslayer ', to this day she carries the mantle with a nostalgic pride.

Upon the freeing of the orcish people and the pilgrimage to Durator, she spent her time venturing amidst neutral port and earning mercenary work, it was only by chance that she found herself amidst The Horde and initially found the sense of kinship and honour somewhat belittling it was only having witnessed the possibility of a better future for The Orcs and inturn her kind, did she then began to warm to the idea.

When the Kor'kron took to Northrend and The Lich King began to tighten his icy grip upon Azeroth, Manslayer was once amongst the shock troopers, it was upon the battlefields of Dragonblight where she fell and it was in the labyrinth of Naxxramas that she was raised and trained in Arthas's army of bloodied knights and hungering psychopaths.

She was use to slaughter, and found the detatchment of thought and soul that came with it comforting it but it was itching guilt and the drowning voice of The Lich King that made her realise how futile The Scourges intentions were, what would come of undeath? what glory would there be in a world turned to bone and ashes? her mind flickered back to the promises of Durator, the words of Thrall and the chance of redemption that a new home could bring, when the final assault upon Ice Crown Citadel came Krelk found her free will returned and enlisted within The Ebon Blade she slew Cultists in The Cathedral of Shadow, brought down packs of ghouls and fought side by side with The Human Paladins she once flayed in wars past.

Now, with The Ebon Blades growing less and less useful and in turn The Alliance and Horde drawing lines of war, Krelk Manslayer now finds herself pledging allegiance once again to The Horde, although her feet have began to wander and the need for purpose to quell her growing blood lust has risen once again.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Born to an Orcish Mother and a Ogre Father, Manslayer is a Half-Ogre, amongst certain orcs, Mok'Nathal are considered flithly mixed bloods who have no place amongst clans or even in The Horde.

  • Risen by The Scourge and freed by The Ebon Blades, She is a Death Knight who wields her martial strength and also practical application of unholy magic within combat.

  • Given her time amongst neutral towns and ports as well as her mercenary work, Krelk speaks orcish and low common.

  • Although fueled by unholy magic and capable of channeling such dark energies, Krelk is a warrior at heart and is incapable of complex rising rituals or more intrigue uses of magic. Her most impressive feats of such things have mostly been the eruption of necromancy to turn the tide of battle, raising an army of fallen allies and foes in a brief but destructive wave of frenzying ghouls.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • Has passed her orcish coming of age trial (although at a considerably older age given her childhood was spent amongst ogres and bandits.) she slew a Clefthood and bathed in it's blood within a ritual to gain it's fortitude and strength.

  • Has enjoyed wrestling and brawling since a young age as a fun and social past time.

  • Shunned and exiled from Clan Mag'har within Nagrand, given their deep connection with the spirits and Krelks obvious lack of spiritual capacity due to her ' condition '.

Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)

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