10. Sharyssa "Skytalon": An Eagle with her son

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10. Sharyssa "Skytalon": An Eagle with her son

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:52 pm

A cloudy sky spread over the hills and plains of Arathi, indicating that soon the grass would be muddy and the view grey and darkened. Meanwhile however a woman was running over the fields of green behind a laughing and blackhaired child. The pair not tiring of their game, chasing one another turn by turn. Each time the boy would be caught in the hands of his mother he would scream out and flail himself back to freedom. And whenever he was capable of flooring the cooperative woman he would shout a victorious cheer that drew a loving and affectionate smile upon Sharyssa's features in adoration towards her son.

They playfull duo finally came to a halt, sitting themselves upon a prepared blanket on one of the smaller hills where she kept a small satchel of milk and cookies for him to feast upon. The leather doublet Raynar wore was quickly soiled by his eager devouring of the treats brought along by his mother. The darkened fabric of his garb was stained in grass and dirt as it were and gave the toddler a smudged appearance. The black hair a tangled and tousled mess that adorned his head looked much like the rebellious locks upon Skytalon herself. His energy was endless, cherishing the time outside together his attention was drawn towards the miniature bow that lay discarded by Sharyssa's side. A handfull of wooden arrows sprawled out that had fallen out of the tiny quiver that was accurately made in soft leather.

“Kh-aaa-reeeh” He shouted, grabbing one of the toy arrows and his little bow and sitting down on his mother's lap. Swinging them around wildly in his eagerness. She had carefully crafted the items herself and wouldn't allow him to play with them without her watchfull gaze to not risk an accident occuring by the clumsy coordination of the young child.

“Ah 'll 'elp ye midor, c'mon let's go tae th'side ey?”

A wide smile was presented on the woman's features, guiding the boy by his hand towards the side of the hill where she kneeled behind him. Letting her hands guide his own to adjust the toys properly so they could be put to use. Straightening out the bow Sky helped him to knock the tiny arrow in place. Watching the bright smile of her son as he stood tall and proud as if he deemed himself a real archer this way.

Of course it was her own help that would make him capable of firing his miniature arrow but nothing of that was important to Raynar himself. Tiny fists clutching the bowstring and the carved wood they pulled back together to send the wooden projectile flying forward. Even before it touched the ground the boy howled out in laughter, the sound none different than from any child yet Sharyssa could hear the power he had in his lungs already. Distinquishing that deep booming strength in the toddler's voice that made her laugh along. Recognising that one day as he grew older the laugh would resemble that of his father. A strong and powerfull roaring one that already could be noted right now.

“Wanna do 'nother do ye?”

The question was pointless, but she relished in the eager nodding of her son as she picked up the next arrow and helped him to notch it against the bow.

“There ye go midor, now let's try 'n fire this one further aye?!”

She encouraged him and he nodded again, giving her a fairly incoherent and childish bubbling response in which actual words were mainly lacking. Together they shot the second arrow. This time he released less clumsily, causing the arrow to be projected in a straighter line and thus reach further. His joy of the achievement made Raynar raise the bow high up in victory and turn towards his mother. Leaping into her already awaiting arms he started a rant in which he expressed himself colourfully yet without any sensical phrases.
“Aye yer a big lad ye are! Tha' was a fine an' perfect shot! 'm proud o' ye!”

Sharyssa laughed, leaning her head closer to press a kiss into the tangled mess of black hair on Raynar's head. Getting rewarded by an affectionate gesture as the boy hugged her back and pressed his cookiecrumb-lips messily onto her cheeks for a wet and sloppy kiss.

“Khaaa-reeeeeh!” He cried out laughing again, flailing his arms to nearly shove the bow into her face uncontrollably. Identical eyes to her own staring at her with a lively sparkle of joy as the next word followed suit. An indication and request from the squirming child she now held lifted in her arms upon rising to her feet.

“Duuuu-reh! Duuureh!”

Sky chuckled at him, nodding once and turning around to get back to the blanket she brought along.

“Aye we'll go back tae Dureh, jus' let me grab o-...” Raynar had started running the very second he had been put down by his mother. Laughing and shouting “Duuureeeh” with the bow swinging in his small clutched fist.

“Oi ye lil' rascal!”

She couldn't help but laugh and race after him. Leaning her torso downwards her hands reached into the boy's direction, shouting at him in playful warning. “Am gonna grab ye! Aye ye better run!”
Shrieking and speeding up to avoid the clucthes of his mother Raynar nearly went sprawling facefirst into the grass. Being caught however in the swift reflexes of Sharyssa he instead was hurled into the air and hooked under one of her arms. “Aye see! Got ye now!”

Together they ran back to the farm, the blanket forgotten and Raynar wildly trashing to be allowed to run on his own. A request Skytalon could not deny him so she walked in large striding steps to keep up with his waddling slow run. Smiling as his shouting grew louder the closer they came to the house.

“Duuu-REEEEEEEEEEEH! Duuuuu-reeeeeeeeeeh!”

She stayed behind, finally coming to a halt to merely observe as Raynar crashed into the awaiting form of Faralan in the door. Swinging his bow around as he started to tell his tale of which no sense could be made. She'd explain later herself but for the time being she kept her distance and watched her son and his father happily together. No matter how happy the picture before her was, she knew it was not complete. And that knowledge she carried with her heavily, a burden she was reminded of every time in moments like this one. She felt lost and clueless, staring at the pair on the treshold and simply sighed to herself.


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Re: 10. Sharyssa "Skytalon": An Eagle with her son

Post by Rmuffn on Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:14 pm

I love you


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