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Rhannoch Muir

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Character Name: Rhannoch Archibald Muir
Alias: Captain Rhan of the Daelin’s Talon, ‘Sea Eagle’ (Codename), “That Guard Prick”
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-to-late forties
Race: Human.
Class: Marine.
Birth Region: At sea in the North.
Family: Robert Muir and Eileen Muir (nee Arnes).
Known Friends: Various Naval Contacts. The Regiment.
Known Enemies: Half of Stormwind. Multiple rivals in Naval politics. Captain Sheriffmuir/Larissa Sheriffson (Deceased). Ambassador James Hawick (Status Unknown). Counselor Talbot (Deceased)
Known Frenemies: The Regiment. First Mate Fran’cala Lomonde (aka “That damn spoony elf”)

Description: A fairly average height and build hides lean yet strong muscles formed of sea-salt, knotted tendons and pure grit kept in check by fine-tuned (or paranoid) instincts. His grizzled face is scarred and weather-beaten from years of sea-storms and hard service in the Alliance Navy. While content to allow his brown, greying hair to grow long, he keeps it bound in a short tail and his moustache (or beard, depending on length of voyage) reasonably tidy. His brow is fixed in a permanently inquisitive frown which is all too quick to furrow into a steely glare from his dark brown eyes.
Muir’s earliest possession is a signature naval headband worn across his forehead, (once a neckerchief in his youth) which traditionally kept hair and salt-spray off his eyes. He wears a firm leather sash across his front which carries all manner of pouches, tools and navigational equipment. Wherever he goes, he is prepared.

Personality: Life on the perilous high seas has a way of making a man. They made Muir a gruff, no-nonsense survivor who has had little reason to laugh following a lifetime of vicious warfare. Not to say he’s devoid of any sense of humour, but he is among the more serious breed of veterans.
Muir is fiercely loyal to those he respects, and will always be among the first to defend the Alliance when called upon. Never a politician, he is shrewd enough to do his best to ensure that he sets a good example as a guardsman to civilians, seeing Stormwind as a different kind of battlefield to suit his tactical mindset.
Being well-travelled and having dealt with many other cultures in his past career, he is open-minded towards other races, particularly more so than others towards the Kaldorei after his experiences across the sea. As for the Orcs of the Horde, his once blind Kul-Tiran hatred has merely shifted to cautious, yet grudging respect of his dire enemy. He does however bear a mild resentment towards the people of Gilneas for their actions following the Second War, and shows little sympathy to the ‘tragedy’ of their Kingdom.
As a guardsman, he acts in a brisk, curt professional manner towards his fellows, and while seemingly irritable, it is more military-brashness borne out of habit than any genuine emotion (if he was really angry, you’d probably not want to be anywhere nearby). While ever ready to carry out orders instantly, Muir will be hesitant to act without understanding the motives behind them. Having seen plenty of violence, he is always willing to resolve a situation peacefully first – with or without the occasional bluff – and has very strong principles of justice and morality. To his detriment, his argumentative, thorough methods have put him at odds with his superiors out of sheer exasperation.

“Quit yer whining. Ye were lucky tae get arrested by me. Cooperate an’ yer jailtime will simply fly by...”

History: Born into a respectable merchant family, he began his nautical career working as a deck hand on board one of his father’s trading ships. If any youthful memory were to stick out and have an impact on his future, it would be witnessing Stormwind City ablaze from the desolation of the Old Horde, and aiding in the evacuation of survivors.
In spite of developing a knack for numbers and logistics, Muir felt drawn towards serving in the War Fleet, which at the time was mostly tasked with protecting Kul Tiran trading vessels from pirates and raiders. Finishing his training just after the Second War began, he took the chance strike back against the vile Horde as part of the Great Alliance Armada.

Throughout the Second and Third Wars Muir proved to be an effective naval tactician, if a marginally less efficient leader. He was successful enough rise swiftly and earn his own command of a newly-built corvette Daelin’s Talon, of which he was extremely proud of. It was at this point that Muir was called upon by the High Admiral’s daughter to accompany her sudden urgent expedition across the western sea. While suspicious of the current state of affairs taking place over the mainland, he nevertheless respected his own family’s longstanding support of the Proudmoore name and obeyed his Ladyship’s summons. Thus Muir was embroiled in the events leading up to the Battle for Mount Hyjal and the establishing of Theramore Isle.
As it was for Jaina and her fellow officers, it was not an easy decision for Muir when High Admiral Daelin Proudmoore arrived on their doorstep demanding a new onslaught against the Orcs. In the end Muir agreed that the Horde were still accountable for their past misdeeds upon the Kingdoms, yet he recognised that the Alliance was in no fit condition to launch another major campaign. Although he chose to fight against his King and Commander, to this day he will ferociously defend Daelin’s name against any who would dare to insult or tarnish the Admiral’s memory.
He was soon after called upon to make a return trip. Saddened to leave Theramore, upon returning to the Eastern Kingdoms he was overjoyed to find survivors from the North already building New Stormwind, and a burgeoning Alliance Navy built upon the foundations of the old Kul Tiran fleet. He found no shortage of duties in the intervening years leading to the most recent Northrend campaign-

[What happened during this period is known in only certain naval circles, yet the outrage that it caused was significant enough to easily sentence Muir through court-martial had certain information not have come to light. See File: Investigation: Captains Rhannoch/Sheriffmuir ]

After the debacle, he was approached by his usual Intelligence contacts with a special assignment which could still save his career. Their reports indicated that recent yet-unexplained seismic activity had-

[As with the above, the outcome of this assignment is currently classified for the purposes of this document. See File: Operation Dismantled Wall ]

Unable to find long-term naval contract work, Rhannoch has been serving the last two years in The First Stormwind Regiment, currently stationed as the main Guardsman body in the Kingdom’s capital. He continues as ever to make the best he can of a poor (personal) situation, though is not quite tolerant or trustful of his ‘fellow’ people as he once was.

Things you may know about this character:

• Speaks in the typical clipped tone of a Kul-Tiran seaman. The more frustrated he becomes, the more his sailor accent is pronounced.
• In spite of his accent and coarse manner, he can be rather eloquent.
• Is an honest (albeit self-righteous at times) hard-worker who will always find a job that needs doing.
• Hates traitors, pirates and...well, appears to hate most things apparently.
• Can be a right dour old bastard at times.
• Is reluctant to wear helms when on duty, judging the lack of peripheral vision a greater disadvantage, and also prefers to feel the wind (and occasionally scent) in his face.
• Interestingly, a recent regimental aerial exercise revealed Muir’s ah, ‘extreme discomfort’ with flying.
• Is partial to quality tobacco, particularly of the Siabi quality, which is becoming an increasingly rare and highly prized commodity.
• There does not appear to be any sign of alcoholism issues in his character yet.

“Sir. I am a sailor at heart. I’ve never had any trouble wi’ drink”

Things you may not know about this character:

•Is cursed with lycanthropy, but doesn’t publicize it. He finds it completely irrelevant to his ability to serve his fellow people, and considers himself a human first (In the same way that a Leper is no less human). As far as he is concerned, the only difference his ‘condition’ had made was improving his sense of smell, which he considers a great advantage – hence his full support for the new, overdue acceptance of worgen in the Regiment. (What policing force wouldn’t want a strong, loyal and reasonably intelligent blood-hound in the ranks?).
• After the collapse of his naval career, Rhan was so desperate to find dutiful work that he managed to join the Regiment while under its “Humans Only rule”. (The late Officer Cassel recruited him, ‘neglecting’ to pose the question after Muir saved the Command Centre from catching fire.) If he had ever been asked or tested, he would have freely admitted it.
• For all his lawful or moral tendencies, when it comes to fighting, he throws any such ideals out the window. He has learned over many years that when it comes to fighting to the death, there’s no point being gentlemanly about it. He will head butt, kick, spit in the eye, knee-groin, punch and trash talk (but not necessarily kill) his way to victory.
• When Rhan appears to be enraged, it is either an occupational abruptness when dealing with his fellow Guardsmen, or an intimidation outlet against his foes. However, under extreme circumstances he can go outright beserk. When this occurs, his usually focused and precise fighting style is exceeded by sheer terrifying ferocity against foe, friend, or hapless twit who gets in his blinded way. Fortunately this is incredibly rare as his disciplined mentality and well-practiced methods of controlling his aggression have kept such incidents to a minimum throughout his lifetime. In fact Muir believes it is this that allows him to have such strong control over his (recently acquired) feral instincts.
• Upon returning to the Eastern Kingdoms, he proved a reliable Naval contact for the newly established Intelligence service. Occasionally he would be tasked with transporting agents and messages (no questions asked) overseas, with the rare assignment that only a lower officer could perform. Thus he is no stranger to the process, but would quite frankly have preferred to be left to his normal duties.

Criminal record: Numerous counts of being Drunk and Disorderly in Alliance Ports.

Other information: Is still trying to adjust years of Naval thinking and training to suit the methods and urban politics of Regimental procedure. Hence some awkwardness at times, yet he is harsh because he cares.

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