Arkadii Irondawn

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Arkadii Irondawn

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:39 am

Character name: Arkadii Irondawn
Alias: The Iron Thane
Gender: Male
Age: 276
Race: Bronzebeard Dwarf
Class: Alcoholic

Birth region: Ironforge
Specific area/town: Somewhere close to the Forge.
Mentor Gogol Irondawn - Deceased
Yuri Irondawn - Deceased
Eugene Irondawn - Deceased
Vesilij Irondawn - Alive

Known friends or enemies: Every race that does not have a beard, drink tremendous amounts of ale, smoke cigars and insult Arathorians. As Gogol called them, the draenei or "alien space demons" are a personal point of dislike for Arkadii.
Friends: He took a liking to Sullee Swiftspeech

Description: This dwarf has a titan gifted beard which goes all the way down to his enormous belly. Arkadii Irondawn is a large dwarf due to his career as a soldier from the past, well taken care of appearance in order to re-affirm the dwarven aristocratic look. The traditional Irondawn hat crowns his head.

Personality: A Bronzebeard extremist with a penchant for fine cigars inherited from his late cousin Gogol. An extreme hatred for all things un-dwarven. Politically speaking Arkadii is pragmatic and actively practises "dwarfpolitik" which can be ascribed as a doctrine focused exclusively upon empowering the nation of Khaz Modan.

History: Arkadii Irondawn was the second in-line for Thaneship after Gogol Irondawn, he had received a similiar education and during Gogol's career as Senator-Marshall had been mentored personally by his ailing cousin. Arkadii aspired to become Senator of Trade and Treasury but after a crisis within the Irondawn Clan he departed. He is known for turning the economy around during his short stay through his ruthless methods of the SIA.

Things you may know about this character:
He is extremely handsome.
He enjoys cigars much akin to his dead cousin.
He is the new face of the Irondawn Clan.
He enjoys the odd game of chess.

Things you may not know about this character:
He orchestrated mass purges in Khaz Modan of senior industrialists and economists.
He used the SIA to remove Senator Spyre Stouthammer with falsified information that has been destroyed.
He used the SIA to imprison and capture Adenah ambassador of Stromgarde in order to write propaganda.

Possible crime record:
You're not going to prove anything.

Other information:
Something is brewing in the Irondawn Clan.


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Re: Arkadii Irondawn

Post by Gogol on Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:08 pm

Vangrel Lansire wrote:
Possible crime record:
You're not going to prove anything.

Isn't that border-lining to meta gaming, or something similar naughty just like it?

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