Sharyssa "Skytalon" Leyson

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Sharyssa "Skytalon" Leyson

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:30 pm

Character name: Sharyssa "Skytalon" Leyson
Alias: Skytalon
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: "Arathorian" human
Class: Ranger, Silver Raven

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Stratholme
Family: Raynar Thorgint (son)
Known friends or enemies: Faralan "Bearclaw" Thorgint, Melan "Aetherel", Timna "Prowleye" Thorgint (Rayne Lieuth), Eodan "Steedsmane" Haidren (?), Fellow Arathorians. Enemies: Earlious Titanious, Voidsworn, Etain "Swiftclaw" Highwind (Ravenholdt)


Sharyssa or also known as Skytalon, short Sky stands at an average height with a lean and agile frame. Her muscles seem to be well trained and rather pronounced which is mostly visible in her strong built legs in which she has gained well trained muscles from her years of running and keeping herself in shape.
Another rather noticeable feature of her is possibly her large bossom which she often puts to display with her low cut tunics, clearly having no shame and enough confidence to not care about any opinion by showing the flesh so openly.

Sky's raven black hair is held short and it frames her face in a rather wild mess, the strands of hair hanging or standing in several directions. Upon her back a large black tattoo covers her skin in the pattern of eaglewings spread over her shoulderblades with the name "Skytalon" inbetween

In the way she moves and talks one can easily notice that this woman does not allow someone to mess with her, or possibly just won't care if one would try depending on the situation. Not easily taking things at heart and having a certain joking way of dealing and handling things this woman can be seen as strongminded and not easily played with.
In her movements also lies a certain catlike grace, moving in lithe and agile ways she makes barely any sound, used to remain hidden from sight and remain unnoticed as such is highly needed in her profession as ranger.

She normally dresses in rather rugged leathers or any other light armor that wraps around her body in a tight manner so it would not hinder her movements while running around.
When she speaks her words are quick and with a clear tone, radiating a certain careless manner in her way of speech with a noticeable hint of self-confidence.

Over her shoulder and onto her back you can nearly always see a bow accompanied with a full quiver. Depending on her location or situation this can be a common yet strong compact bow or a larger one clearly designed for greater combat and war, spikes adorning the strong wooden frame of the bow.
At her belt she carries a second quiver with spare arrows when not in Stromgarde. Inbetween her bow and the quiver upon her back she carries a large and crude sword, strapped in place with a leather band keeping it firmly against her body so it does not hinder her yet remains easily accesible.

On her right hand the ringfinger appear to be always motionless. It's still there but Sharyssa is no longer capable of moving it properly. Something that makes the trained archer struggle with a task that came far easier in the past.


Skytalon is a free-spirit, a woman who's bond lies with nature and the wild. Such is very apparent in her general demeanour and behaviour. Being easy-going and joking with most people she appears to show little of her emotions. Masking them rather expertly so others are usually left in the dark of her actual feelings. There's a select few or rare moments that it's more apparent as is always dependant on situation.
She has the common traits of what she sees as "real" Arathorians, Fierce and strong-willed she is loyal to her nation and people. Very devoted to the Ancestors.

Her rite-animal is the Eagle, something that is a great and important part of her personality. She likes the freedom of running and crossing the plains of Arathi as if "flying". It's also her means of escape when feeling hurt or wronged. She'll isolate herself as a deeply rooted instict of leaving everything behind and keep running from it. Something that only over the last months has changed by founding a family and birthing a son.


The woman was born in Stratholme but with the happenings in Lordaeron has been send away by her (deceased) parents. She has lived in Stromgarde for several months and became one of the Arathorians at age fifteen she has taken her Rite but after her return has never stayed in Stromgarde longer then needed untill Deerpelt had passed away. This was due to her teenager crush upon one of the boys her age in the city. Her first lover which was only a very short-lived (and to her belief a one-sided romance)
For many more years Sharyssa ran from land to land, gathering knowledge of nature and wild. In those times she has perfected her skill with her bow. Only just before her return to the Stromgarde nation she was still a messenger and runner to sever several purposes, running was what she had always done.

Against better judgement she returned home and from there started changing her lifestyle to adapt once more in society. From there many things in her life changed. Leaving behind what she had frown accustomed to in the past and her usual habits she finally opened up to allow someone in. A vulnerability very uncomfortable to the woman grew into a strongly bonded love with Eodan Haidren. A love that suffered a great betrayal unexpectedly. Broken and cast aside she left her "newly found" home to run as she had done in the past. Run away from what had hurt her to escape the suffering her heart was enduring.
Once she returned she was still in conflict, lacking the ability to close herself off entirelly like she had done as a young adult she forged a new love instead. Marrying Faralan Thorgint and conceiving a son of their marriage she thought she had finally found peace and happiness.

Yet her confusing and easily disturbed emotions surfaced upon the return of Eodan, showing her remorse of his deeds which ignited the memory of what they once had. Upon impulse due to her believes of Eodan being the soulmate she was meant to be with she abandonned her husband to return to the arms of her old lover. They grew together again yet the Arathorians and the woman weren't without hardships. A lingering gloom and doubt festered inside her, questioning her every decision and has now come to the point in where she has decided to remain alone. Breaking ties once again with Eodan to go find herself which she believes she needs.

Over the course of time with the Arathorians Sharyssa has been the Dyrtola (Beastmistress) and Ranger-General. She is also one of the presumed "Elite" of Arathor that go by the name of Silver Ravens.

Things you may know about this character:

- Was married to Faralan Thorgint
- They have a son
- Was a former commanding officer of the Arathorian army
- Is a Silver Raven
- Is flirtatious and crude
- Loves ale
- Believes herself to be a "real" woman and a true Arathorian (wether she is or not is in the eye of the beholder)

Things you may not know about this character:

- Her real name "Sharyssa Leyson" which she sees often as the equivalent as her "old and weak" self.
- Not born an Arathorian but a Lordaeronian
- Survived the culling of Stratholme
- Her first love was Nygarth Thorgint, however back then she didn't know his name.
- Hopes that perhaps some of her family survived and she will find them one day. (highly unlikely)

Possible crime record: None

Other information:

Stories and gathered information:

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