The Prophecies of Royalty

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The Prophecies of Royalty

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:51 pm

Anaei walked along the darkened hallways of Stromgarde Keep, gazing now and then at the portraits on the wall, great scenes of battle. Humans and Dwarves. Brothers-in-arms. She continued in the darkness, her lilac gown dragging along the cold marble of the audience hall. Slumping down into the enormous throne, the resting spot for many Arathi Kings she closed her eyes, the world around her melted away, a purple haze shrouded her..

She entered her dreams..

Trumpets sounded loudly throughout the city, a mournful tune. Three well armoured men marched up the slope to the keep, the commoners surrounding the square separated as they strode further into the stone stronghold. Within the audience room Anaei opened her eyes, standing she looked downwards; her lilac dress was now blood red with golden lining, atop her head was a dazzling solid gold, ruby encrusted tiara. Touching her face, the delicate skin of youth seemed to bear the beginnings of age. Perplexed she opened her mouth to question the situation when the three men entered the room, a court announder bellowed, "Presenting Dank'thar of the Arathi Kingdom, Lord Dawnweaver." Elegost Dawnweaver, husband of the Princess and father of the nation. A true hero amongst his people walked to the throne where Anaei now stood, more confused. The handsome charm she knew of her fiancé was now more matured and rugged. He knelt upon his knee and held up a ruby ring, edging forward Anaei looked to him, "El-" Before she could utter the words Elegost himself shouted, "The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen." The room spun, the haze set down again..

Anaei fell further.. (To be continued)

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Re: The Prophecies of Royalty

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:32 pm

((Interesting! *awaits more eagerly.*))


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