Knight Clydas of the Ebon Blade

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Knight Clydas of the Ebon Blade

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:30 pm

Birth region: Eastern Plaguelands.
Specific area/town: Light's Hope.
Known friends or enemies: Known to be loyal to the Ebon Blade to a fault, and similiarly displeased by rogue death knights. Has been seen in the company of the Freelancers on occasions.

Clydas is not one of the Death Knights who maintain their looks, on the contrary, his skin has a sickishly green tint to it, he lacks a good few teeth, only little remains of his hair. He is tall of build, but not particularly broad or muscular, even though the armour he'll wear at most times adds some.

Like many death knights, Clydas seems incapable of positive emotions. Since his reanimation he has only been known to smile as he causes pain, satisfying the blood curse, and even that has grown rarer.
Unlike many other ebon knigths however, Clydas rarely displays any negative emotions either, the vast majority of the time being entirely void of emotions at all, acting calm and calculating, with no real discernible intent beyond what his words yield.

After regaining his free will, Clydas has been a knight of the ebon blade to the fullest, fighting alongside his brothers in arms wherever the knights upheld a prescence for the entirity of the Northrend Campaign. Has since then held allegiances to the Ebon Shroud and the Wardens of the Blade, but never was a very prominent member of either.

Was seen on expeditions with the Freelancers during Jonah Dwyburn's days as director, and would check by the former director's offices regularly during that period of time. May still be working with the Freelancers. Has lately been spending his time in Elwynn forest.

Things you may know about this character:
- Clydas is an alias this character took up upon returning to society, not to bring shame to his family and friends of old. He only shares his personal history with those he trusts.
- Clydas' abilites with rune magic are limited, in combat situation he'll often assume the role of an undead warrior with armed with a runeblade, rather than the true death knigth's spellcasting combat style.

Possible crime record:
Fought relentlessly for the Lich King in the short time between his re-animation and the battle for Light's Hope, can be assumed to have killed good men, women and children.
Held alliegiances to the Ebon Shroud as well as the Wardens of the Blade in the past, but is not known to have commited any crimes since regaining free will.


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