Josef Grant, Undead Rogue.

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Josef Grant, Undead Rogue.

Post by Swan Emperor Arenfel on Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:33 am

Character name: Josef Grant (Ingame: Jósef)
Alias: "Jester", "Zombini", "North Wind".
Gender: Androgynous Masculine
Age: Undisclosed
Race: Human(Undead)
Class: Shadow Thief(Rogue)

Birth region: Central Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Undisclosed
Family: Unknown Father; Unknown Mother. Jessika Grant(sister).
Known friends or enemies: Josef has remained under the radar since his resurrection almost a year ago, but the raising process has polarized many of his former affiliations. The former Lordaeronian priest-to-be has developed a deep hatred for those who still live and worship the Holy Light, giving him an insatiable hunger to seek and destroy both the religions servitors and structures.
In contrast, he has found much companionship in other creatures of undeath who still retain their sentience and free will. Though not technically a Forsaken, the Shadow Thief tends not to correct anybody naming him as such when it serves his needs.
The Shatterskull Marauders seem to be free of his frequent periods of violent madness, which one could take for gratefulness of loyalty.

As a human: Josef was a young brunette male, on the cusp of adulthood and on the verge of becoming a man. His frame was slim and devoid of muscularity, a result of being prone to serial illnesses and fits of sickness.

As a product of necromancy: The time of his death and impeccable care of his corpse has left Josef an androgynous creature with some traits of masculinity to hint at his former sex in life, left in a perpetual state of youth and setting him apart from several other members of the Forsaken faction.

Personality: Being brought back into the world through necromancy has given Josef a new lease on (un)life, flipping his submissive and apologetic nature on its head and smashing it to pieces.
Once a kindly and generous man, the creature that replaced him is selfish, destructive and nihilistic. Some would consider him mildly psychotic and a prominent sociopath; treating murder and assassination with the same guile as one would making a sandwich or baking a cake.
Offsetting these traits are his jokes, the shadowy rogue would consider himself humorous. Though his humour often comes at the expense of others, sometimes at lethal expense. A sardonic jester, a measure of his remaining sanity can be glimpsed through the subject of his jokes.

History: (Under development, will fill this in later!)

Things you may know about this character:
- Josef is presumed to be a member of the Shatterskull Marauders, often seen in their colours.
- Josef is often seen reading from a little black pocket book, kept with him at all times.
- An eerie trait is that he seems to appear from nowhere, and simply "disappears" when he goes off to "sleep".
- A skilled archer, the lack of an internal limit on physical strength found in living humans lets him use a much more powerful bow-string. Capable of an incredible level of torque.
- Josef is suspected to have an affinity for shadow magic, his own shadow tends to face the wrong direction or disappear entirely.

Things you may not know about this character:
- Josef harbours several individuals in his spirit, or "soul". Himself, part of his sisters psyche; and a shadowy entity.
- Josef does not consider himself a Forsaken, and internally despises the label. His sister raised him; he is loyal only to her in truth.
- The "shadow" often takes control of his psyche, though there is minimal difference as the two have synergized over the year to an almost symbiotic level.

Possible crime record:
Horde Criminal Records: Kept on suspicion, not listed as an initial member of the Forsaken in the apothecarium's records.

Alliance Criminal Records: Undead, hostile, kill on sight.

Other information: Has fabulous fashion sense in armour.
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