Falarth Thorgint

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Falarth Thorgint

Post by Zhakiri on Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:44 am

Character name: Falarth Thorgint
Alias: "Moonlight"
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Race: Arathorian Human
Class: Battlemage

Birth region: Arathi Highlands
Specific area/town: Stromgarde
Family: Mother and Father: Arran and Cecillia Thorgint, Brothers: Faralan Thorgint, Nygarth Thorgint. Sister: Lynette Thorgint. Uncle: Orthur Thorgint. (All other Thorgints)
Known friends or enemies: None.

Description: Soft auburn hair and a typical Mage's bodytype. His young face looks tainted with Arcane use, for example minor wrinkles on his gaunt distant face.

Personality: Falarth is naturally a joker and a flirt, like all male Thorgints, however growing up away from them has left a serious impact on his personality. His entire life has been spent under study and service to the Kirin Tor, hence Falarth is rather disciplined and serious when required. Having been taught his Arathorian Heritage by his Uncle since Birth, Falarth has a rather similar view towards Arathorian Lore as Orthur, taking a unusual Ritename for example- "Moonlight", and obviously holds Faith in his Ancestors and the Light rather than typical Foalian Church of Holy Light Theology.

History: Falarth is the youngest of Arran's and Cecilia's Children, and the only direct Child to become a Mage. He was born after his oldest Brother Faralan departed, and was rather a surprise birth with Cecilia only finding out she was pregnant mere months before Falarth was due. It was Orthur who delivered the Child, and immediately bonded with him. Naturally, Falarth was only young when Strom was besieged; luckily for the child, Falarth was under the care of his Uncle Orthur mere miles away from Strom upon the Thorgint Farmstead. His Parents dead, and siblings believed dead, Orthur scurried Falarth to the City of Dalaran funding his childhood there in an Orphanage for the Magically Gifted.

The years went by, Falarth spent all of them in Dalaran studying with frequent visits from his estranged Uncle. Eventually it was told that He had to undertake a Rite of Adulthood, supervised by his Uncle, Falarth travelled into the dangerous wilds of Tirisfal and bonded under the moonlight with a Vasg, (Worg), eventually slaying the Beast with a well placed Ice Lance. Returning with a necklace of it's teeth, he took the name Moonlight as a compliment to his nature, both magical and spiritual.

Before long, Orthur told Falarth that he wasn't alone, that his Brothers and Sisters still lived, ignorant of his survival. Nygarth, along with Faralan, served the Seikenid Linage of Trollbanes and Lynette lived in Shattrath, working with the Aldor. Whilst this made him itch to return to his Homeland, it was a foul time, the Kirin Tor were working on traversing Dalaran into the North to aid in the Campaign against the Blue Dragonflight and more importantly, the Scourge. As a oathbound Battlemage of the Kirin Tor, it was Falarth's duty to work with them, and so he did, completely in his element in the cold harsh frosty North. He figured that whilst he was happy in the knowledge of his Family being alive, why reveal himself to them, with the very real chance of dying in the North. In order to save them mourning for him, again, Falarth decided to make his Uncle promise not to reveal his existance until he chose.

With the Northrend Campaign complete, however, the Kirin Tor's work was not done. It took until Falarth's 25th birthday before He found himself at peace, on that day, he swore to return to the Hills of Arathi and reveal himself to his people.

Things you may know about this character:
Falarth looks remarkably like a Thorgint, it's a pretty recognisable heritage.
Falarth is Ancient Arathorian for Heroic, a name he tries to live up too.
Things you may not know about this character:
As a Battlemage, Falarth specialises in Frost Magic; he has many defensive and offensive techniques mastered, including Spellbreaking. Transmutation is his secondary speciality, giving him flare in Battle and strong skills with Portal Magic.



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