[Magic] The pursuit of cosmic truth. (Article 4)

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Re: [Magic] The pursuit of cosmic truth. (Article 4)

Post by Kristeas Sunbinder on Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:50 am

((You mean like this?))

To: Alph'el Bloodwrath

Bal'a dash,

After reading your 4th article I'd like to ask how you view the differences in the "Center" when comparing life forms that do not require magic to operate, and those that do.

Running out of magic wasnt an option for us, and isn't strictly speaking one for us anymore. I suppose one could argue that instead of a personal center, we have a reservoir and a communal center from where we can fill our reservoir.

I can however inform you about several times that physiological stress has been observed when an individuals recommended limit of channeling magic has been crossed (commonly known as mana burn).

Kristeas Sunbinder
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Re: [Magic] The pursuit of cosmic truth. (Article 4)

Post by erwtenpeller on Wed Mar 06, 2013 4:28 am

(( Yes, exactly like that! ))


From: Alph'el Bloodwrath.
To: Sir Kristeas Sunbinder.

Esteemed Knight,

First I thank you for your interest in my publications. Your own publications have no eluded my eye, and I have the greatest respect for any fellow scholar.

On the subject of choosing the Individual as the center.

I chose to place the individual at the center of the model and structure the model around the individual because that is how the world is perceived. Though each individual might experience the cosmos and magisphere around them differently, that does not mean the magisphere itself is different, only the perception of it.

An individual that does not channel magic (or: mana), like an animal or a warrior, does not experience the magical (or: etherial) aspects of the magisphere, but they still experience it through the physical expressions of the cosmos around them.

I would reason that individuals that experience the full range of magical materials of the magi-sphere are unfathomably rare. Individuals usually only experience a portion of it, if anything at all. That does not mean the other materials do not exist.

I have compiled this model to reflect the full spectrum of the magisphere.

On the subject of a communal center.

You mention a personal reservoir. This reservoir is what I refer to as Mana. Mana is a personal magical (or: spiritual) energy that the individual draws from to craft spells. Mana is most commonly replenished simply by rest and the consumption of nourishment.

In the case of High- and Blood Elves, however, we also have the Sunwell to consider. This is the "communal center" that you mention, from which the High- and Blood Elf people can replenish their personal Mana.

I only refer to it as "Mana" once it has entered the individual, and has become a personal energy.

I have made this distinction because the model is to reflect the nature of spell-casting on a cosmic level. On the grande scale, the individual Mana-replenishment biology of the Elven races is a trivial detail.

I intend to write in greater detail about the relation of Mana to the Magisphere, and different observed interactions between the personal and the cosmic, in a later article. This article will also handle phenomena like Mana Burn, Feedback, and Mana-transferal techniques.

I hope this has given you complete and appropriate answers to your questions, and has put any concerns you may have to rest.

Sun's Rest,
Alph'el Bloodwrath.

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