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Riomore Falanore

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:21 am

The forsaken are a formidable fighting force; with no need to sleep and little need to eat, if sustenance is required then the fallen enemy will suffice - meal breaks and the need to transport large stores of rations for the armies are just not required. The Vile Thorn are loyal to the Undercity and serve the Dark Lady so if a group of trained and disciplined scouts and assassins are needed to further her cause, they are the first to be called upon. It is therefore unfortunate indeed, if you are one of the living within the Vile Thorn and called to provide support to a forsaken military unit.

"...and Sunblade will take a scouting party north of Refuge Point" said the forsaken military leader as he tapped the map. Arli jolted slightly on hearing his name, fel he was tired. He'd been here since Monday morning and now as Friday evening was drawing in, a week of little sleep, little food, relentless scouting and small-scale combat was taking its toll. The Alliance seemed to be making a concerted effort to push north with Stromgarde clearly in their sights as a strategic location to acquire.

"General" replied Arli "I'm due to take leave of the battlefield shortly"

"We need to know numbers at Refuge Point and an indication of the state of alertness of the post" continued the General regardlessly.


"Then I suggest you don't dawdle, elf" cut in the General.

"A group of hunters with tracking beasts will...." continued the General.

His orders issued, Arli slipped from the meeting and called together the Thorns present over comms, the General was right, the sooner he got this done then the sooner he could slip away. The weekend ahead had been planned a few weeks previously, before the conflict in Arathi had escalated. He'd spend the weekend at Robi's place in Gilneas, they'd have some time together for the first time since Dalaran. As the week had gone by, his thoughts had turned more and more to the coming weekend and each time that small knot in the pit of his stomach, nervousness? Anticipation? Fear? He wasn't sure, but the weekend ahead had given him something to focus on other than how tired, cold and hungry he was.

The scouting mission took longer than planned, the group had encountered a similarly stealthed patrol on the edges of Refuge Point but one of the sharp-eyed forsaken had spotted them before they saw his patrol and although able to open the encounter, the fight was tough with the Thorns only just getting away before the guards from Refuge Point had reached them to join in the fight. Slipping some distance away, the Thorns regrouped and replanned their approach. The Alliance base would be on alert now so their best chance was to split up and go solo, each Thorn allocated an area to scout and given an hour to complete their mission then regroup at the abandoned farmstead. A silence on comms was enforced. As the Thorns slipped away and back to Refuge Point, Arli cursed under his breath - he was going to be late for his date. "A date...with one of the that they are looking forward to as much as I am" he smiled at the thought then after a pause spoke quietly "Hopefully..". All plans of returning to the Spire, washing the grime of battle away, getting dressed up and grabbing a couple of bottles of decent wine from Lord Sunwings cellar had been forgotten. His priority now was to complete his mission, make sure his Thorns all returned and then back to Stromgarde to give his report to the General. He'd be late, very late but could hopefully make amends on the following two days he'd be with her.


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Re: Riomore Falanore

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:07 am

Robi placed the sparkling glass on the carefully laid table and stood back to appraise her efforts. "Not bad at all " she thought with more than a touch of triumphant self satisfaction. She leaned across and lit the three elegant tapered candles in the centrepiece, then dimming the oil lamps that hung on the walls she went lightly up the stairs to her bedroom to change. He would be here soon, butterflies fluttered momentarily in her stomach, she laughed at herself. "What on earth are you worried about stupid girl?" she admonished lightly. For lights sake this was Arli she was entertaining not the king of Stormwind, not that she'd want the king of Stormwind "Mad git..." she thought as she pulled a sleek black dress over her head and smoothed it down over her frame. She brushed her until it shone, no make up.."why gild the lily...." she laughed and descended the stairs, a last check of the light but fancy meal she'd prepared, opened the fine wine and set it to breathe then sat by the fire in the old deep armchair to await Arli's arrival. She remembered the last time they had spent the night in each others company, a night that had been years coming, the two enemies that finally set aside their differences and admitted to themselves if not to each other that they were more than just "other faction contacts". She smiled slightly to herself, remembering how she'd slid into his arms, how she'd expected him to redden but didn't, she'd certainly seen a different side of Arli in those two nights, and tonight she'd probably see it again. And where was he? she sighed impatiently "typical Sunblade" she huffed silently, "Can't be like most males and come early...oh no" she laughed quietly.

As the fire burned lower and the elegant candles melted and distorted she rose from the chair, half angry half disappointed that there was no sign of Arli. As she was halfway upstairs she heard the door slowly open, she turned cautiously and slunk quietly into the shadows afforded by the dim lights.
Possibly Arli, but always on the side of caution, she took no chances, could be some still out there hankering for Shay's blood.
"Robi?" Arli's voice
For a split second she was tempted to reply "I'm out..." still miffed at the no show..but hell, he was here now. She smiled and stepped sideways out of the shadows and into his line of sight, pausing for a second before walking downstairs again...well old habits died hard."You can take the girl out of seduction...." she thought.
Looking at Arli she was slightly surprised, he was dishevelled, almost blue with cold and looked incredibly weary. Her hissy mood forgotten she smiled and led him into the warm room. She gestured to the large chair and Arli gratefully slumped into it.
"Sorry Robi..." he started "Got held up, y'know..."
"Thorn Business..." she replied with a light laugh, Thorn business.. Arli's age old excuse for everything.
He laughed with her and shrugged in mock defeat, no fooling Robi, she saw through him from a distance and then some, only this time it had been true but the last thing he needed right now was an argument however friendly.
He sighed with relief as the warmth of the fire crept through him, Robi sunk to her knees at his feet and removed his boots, glancing up at him with a smile.
"Oh fel" he thought "Too feckin tired to raise a smile right now let alone anything else..hope she's not expectin..."
Robi rose and put the boots by the hearth, light he looked shattered, she pushed a footstool towards him with her foot. "Put your feet up..take the tabard off and rest up a bit. Arli smiled across at her and she smiled back.
"Want something to drink?" she asked
Arli nodded in reply and his stomach growled hungrily.
He reddened slightly at his lack of manners "Sorry..aint ate since yesterday"
She handed him a bourbon. "Drink that and Ill fix you something to eat"
As she went to the kitchen she thought of the fancy food she'd prepared, oysters and good for a hungry elf, ah sod it she thought, he'll eat like a Zaoldyeck. She chewed her lip as she cooked up a bowl of hearty stew, true was all made from quality ingredients but it was simple fare, not at all what the noble Sunblade was used to. She wondered idly if he'd see her in a different light after he'd seen it.

She gave him a large steaming bowl of the food and a spoon, he raised a brow and smiled his thanks, Hitching her dress up slightly Robi sat on the rug by the fire and tucked in to her own bowl. She smiled to herself as she surreptitiously watched Arli look with interest at the contents and poked the large fluffy dumpling with the spoon. "It's not poisoned" she laughed "Unlike some fish I ate once..."
Arli laughed and awkwardly threw a cushion at her one handed."Never let me forget that will you?"
Robi laughed "Not a chance..."

Their meal finished, they sat in companionable silence while they sipped rich strong coffee, Robi enjoyed coffee and as a result never scrimped on the quality of coffee she bought.Robi had moved across and was now half sitting half kneeling on the rug by Arlis feet, her head resting on his knee, his hand resting lightly on her head.
"Was nice that stuff y'know.." said Arli quietly as he absently wound a finger in her now slightly dishevelled hair.
"Soul in a bowl, dad used to call it" she replied with a soft contented sigh.
"Never knew your dad..."
"No, you never would either..he'd have killed you" she replied with a sad sigh.
"S'up?" asked Arli at the sigh. He for one was full, warm and contented and hoped Robi felt the same ease as him, the sigh said obviously not.
She shook her head and laughed dryly. "Don't matter" then laughed amused at how like Arli she sounded with that.
Arli raised a brow and tilted his head "Out with it" he replied, he too laughing when he realised how like Robi he sounded.
She tipped her head back and looked up at him, their eyes met and a warm intimate smile was exchanged.
"So?" he repeated "S'up"
She sighed again but this time it was a resigned sigh rather than sad. "Well..." she started uncertainly and for her awkwardly. "It will really never be like this" she gestured vaguely. "You, me, together, we'll never be able to stop looking over our shoulders, always sneaking around...we could never be Arli and Robi, just a couple..." Arli was silent, she glanced up and smiled to herself, his eyes were closed and his chest rose and fell rhythmically, fast asleep having not heard a word she suspected. Shame to disturb him he was exhausted, she rose quietly and once she had locked the door and banked the fire for the night she covered Arli with a thick Winterspring fur blanket, placed a light kiss on his forehead and went upstairs to bed extinguishing the lamps as she went.

"Wakey wakey sleepy elf" she said softly the following day as she leaned over him wafting a cup of coffee under his nose. She had wondered if she should let him sleep but it was close to midday and she didnt think he'd thank her for leaving him longer. His eyes flickered open, a brief look of early morning confusion on his face until he woke fully. He took the proffered cup and took a welcome sip. "Thanks.." he looked up at her and smiled. "Er sorry about last night I guess..." he said between mouthfuls of coffee. She shook her head in a "forget it" manner. "I was kinda tir.." Did she have to wear that? his thoughts wandered as he looked at her wearing a pair of old leather trousers and a baggy shapeless sweater that hung off one smooth shoulder, she looked shook his head and took a deliberate drink of coffee. She saw him look "Er yeah sorry about the gear..Ive been moving hay into the stables, I fed and brushed Wilbur..."
"Wilbur? I thought his name was Derek?" said Arli, as usual the word "Derek" heavily accented, so alien to his tongue.
"Wilbur is your Windrider, he's a little cutie...." she rambled on as she refilled Arli's cup then pottered into the kitchen. "Thought we'd do a little fishing or something later..lovely day outside.." she called through.
"Sounds good..."

They spent the balmy afternoon on the beach, splashing like children in the waves, having a "wave jumping competition" which Arli won quite easily.
"Only cos I let you" grumped Robi.
"Yeah right"
"Sh'rup" she retorted splashing him with a large armful of water, before dive bombing him, knocking him flying into a large roller where in turn he was carried along by it hitting Robi and knocking her off her feet. They both howled with laughter as they were washed up on the shore in an inelegant heap. "Let's fish instead, I can beat you easily there..." she said looking at him with a playful defiance.
"That last fish was mine..." grinned Arli
"Yeah right"
Draping towels around their necks they walked, hands lightly linked, back to their stuff to bait their rods. The day passed happily as the two chatted, played and picnicked in the sun. His arm around her shoulders and hers around his waist they stood and watched the moonrise, she rested her head on his shoulder and shivered. "Chilly" she muttered "Home?"
Arli nodded and holding her snugly against his side the walked the short distance back.
They prepared a meal together and sat dressed in the robes snaffled from the dalaran hotel on the porch to eat, amusing themselves by looking at the stars and making up silly names for imaginary constellations. "And that one is Anethrax" said Robi pointing at two pale yellow stars close together "Just like her horrible undead eyes..."
Arli laughed lightly and agreed as they both shivered in the night air and went back inside, still argiung playfully over whether the brightest star was to be called Arli or Robi...

They were still wrapped in each others arms as they awoke the following morning. She opened her eyes to find his green ones looking at her which were quickly averted as she caught their gaze. "Copper for them?" she murmured still in the throes of waking.
"Er don't matter..." he laughed softly.
She nodded and shifted her position to give Arli a nudge "Your turn to make breakfast" she poked his side.
They breakfasted in bed, Arli had rummaged in the kitchen and brought back a miniature feast of breads, preserves and fruit. She smiled at him this seemed like the most natural thing in the world, there was no tension, no awkward silence no embarrassment after their night of love making. There had been no awkwardness the night before either, they had come indoors and gone to bed, as simple as that, as if they had been together like this for years.
The morning was spent with Robi doing the stables and outbuilding chores that needed to be done while Arli fixed a loose tile on the roof, surprising both her and himself with the act. The afternoon they spent at leisure, walking through the woods and hillside. A lone house stood close to a cliff top, Arli looked around warily for the occupants, he was wearing just a shirt and trousers and carried only a throwing knife in his boot.
"It's empty.." reassured Robi, Arli relaxed and the pair went inside to snoop.
"Make a nice little place to come back to and relax..." mused Arli. "Quite near Arathi and Undercity..."
"Nice neighbour too..." Robi smirked.
They looked at each other grinning and exchanged a soft kiss.
"" Arli reddened as he spoke. "Na, don't matter.. aint got the money anyways...."
They said no more much to Arli's relief and Robi's disappointment. This weekend was wonderful, she didnt want it to end, but she knew Arli would be leaving to head back for "Thorn stuff" and she had SI:7 bleating at her to finish her contract in Pandaria. How good would it be to have a place that they could both return to, to make these moments longer?

After dinner they prepared to go their separate ways, Arli fastened his tabard back in place, he was a Thorn again. Wrapping their arms around each other their lips met for the last time. There were no long protracted goodbyes, they both knew it had to be this way.
"See you soon" she said as she drew back slightly. "Here..take a key in case I'm out" she offered a silvered key which he took with a smile and a nod.
"See you later" he replied.

Both soared their mounts into the air and wheeled in opposite directions, simultaneously raising their hands in farewell and blowing a kiss. They laughed as they parted. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she patted Derek. "Come on boy..lets go straighten Matt's face...Arli will come back home soon enough"
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Re: Riomore Falanore

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:22 pm

The faint light from the curtained windows of the small settlement of Stormglen shone to Arli as brightly as a welcoming beacon on a stormy night. Picking up his pace, he made his way through the rough moorland, slowing as he reached the edge of the village and slipping quietly to the doorway of Robi’s cottage. Opening the door just wide enough to slip through, he entered the dimly lit but empty room and closed the door behind him as he pulled down his mask. Arli’s heart sank as he quickly took in the room; the table was laid perfectly for two but the candles were burned down and extinguished and the fire was low. He’d let her down, totally out of his control but that would sound like just another excuse. “Robi?” said Arli hesitantly, hoping she hadn’t returned to Stormwind thinking he had made an empty promise to be there this weekend. The briefest of moments and there she was, standing on the stairway dressed for the dinner he had caused to be cancelled. Arli smiled at seeing her, so pleased that she hadn't left and willing to accept any angry words she might throw his way at her spoiled evening.

"Real sorry...." said Arli apologetically as Robi returned his smile and led him into the warm room and towards a large comfortable chair close to the fire. "I got held up..y'know..."

"Thorn business" added Robi with a small laugh as Arli slumped gratefully into the chair. He smiled and shrugged in defeat, just grateful she had taken it so well, no energy to even explain that for once, it really wasn't his fault. Robi knelt down and unfasted his boots, smiling up at him then placing them by the hearth. The last time they had spent together had been mainly in bed but fel he was so tired, she had gone to the effort of dressing up for him and here he was, not even had a change to change out of his leathers and so tired it was struggle enough to string a few words together let alone make up for his lateness between the sheets. Arli smiled hesitently at Robi, he'd looked forward to this weekend so much, he didn't want anything to sour between them.

"Put your feet up.." she replied with a warm smile as she pushed the footstool towards him, "Take your tabard off and rest up a bit...get you a drink?".

Arli nodded gratefully, reddening as his stomach protested at the lack of food. "uh..sorry...aint eaten since yesterday, forsaken don't go much for the luxuries of food and stuff."

"Drink this...I'll fix us something to eat" said Robi as she handed him a glass of bourbon, disappearing into the kitchen with a warm smile.

Arli sipped on the bourbon and looked around what part of the room he could see from the comfort of the armchair. It was well furnished, simple and elegantly styled but clearly of Stormwind quality rather than locally produced. To Arli, evidence of this home having been shared by Shay were still visible around the room and he surprised himself by how accepting he was, the usual jealous twinges at momentos of someones ex-partner were curiously lacking. Too tired to analyse anything, he concentrated on keeping himself awake as the warmth of the room permeated his leathers and the chair seemed to envelope his tired and heavy limbs. Arli's stomach rumbled again in protest at the smell of cooking from the kitchen, although the rest of him refused to leave the comfort of the chair to go investigate further.

Before long, Robi presented Arli with a steaming bowl of food and heavy silver spoon. Arli's brow furrowed as he looked at the contents of the bowl and he carefully prodded the large fluffy ball of...of..."something"..floating in the midst of meat and a rich gravy. He wasn't quite sure what it was but fel did it smell good.

"It's not poisoned" laughed Robi "..unlike some fish I once ate"

Arli reddened, hiding his embarrassment by grabbing a small cushion and throwing it clumsily in her direction; "Won't let me forget that will you?" he laughed, "Not a chance" came the grinned reply.

The bowl of stew was swiftly consumed and the two slipped into a companiable silence as Robi sat on the floor, her head resting against his knee. Arli absent mindedly wound a finger through her hair, fel this was so nice, it crossed his mind that this must be the life that most enjoyed that had taken a different path. Not for the first time he wondered had he himself wandered too far from a path of contentment in the name of duty to others. His thoughts slow and heavy he tried to start a coversation, keep himself awake at least.

"That was good, y'know..the food, whatever it was"

"Soul in a bowl, dad used to call it" she replied with a soft contented sigh.

"Never knew your Dad.."

" never would either, he would have killed you" Robi replied with a sad sigh.

"S'up?" asked Arli with concern, struggling through a slow mind to interpret the unspoken words.

"Don't matter" she replied, shaking her head with a dry laugh.

Automatically, Arli replied "Out with it" then laughed lightly, realising how the roles had been reversed.

Robi tipped back her head and looked at him, their eyes met as they exchanged an intimate smile. Robi turned back and hesitated before continuing " will never really be like this...". Arli leaned back further into the chair, he'd rest his eyes a moment as he listened and they would sort this out; "...together....looking over shoulders..just a..." the intermittent words drifted lazily through his mind as he struggled to make sense of them before sleep finally got the better of him.


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Re: Riomore Falanore

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:02 am

The early Sunday morning sun filtered through the curtained windows and bathed the room in a faint glow.   Arli lay still and contented with his arm around Robi as she lay at his side; her arm draped possessively, he liked to think, across his chest.   He smiled to himself as he replayed the Saturday events through his head, the weight of responsibility gone off his shoulders for a day and he'd been able to be the young elf he was supposed to be - doing stupid stuff just for the sake of it and just to see her laugh.  Arli looked down at Robi and imagined for a moment that this was how he would start every day from now on...if only.  His head told him how foolish he was being and the risks he was taking.  If Dia found out she would go mental at him, Shiv would disapprove but he doubted either would tell the Undercity Authorities.  If Squad found out, well...he would deal with it in his own way; Robi stirred slightly as Arli held her a little closer, he couldn't let that happen.  He'd listened to his head before, choosing Antel over Chey because she was the Mistresses daughter, he missed his chance with Chey but Kel hadn't been so foolish.   Everything with Robi just felt right, he knew he was in love with her and was going to do his utmost not to lose this chance to be with her.  The Thorns didn't need to know, he still belonged to the Vile Thorn in all but heart. Did she feel the same?  

"Copper for them?" murmured Robi sleepily as she looked up at him.

"Just.." said Arli as the thought of rejection stabbed his chest, he'd rather live in ignorance for now.  "..nah don't matter" he finished as he looked away with a forced laugh.

"Your turn to make breakfast" nudged Robi.  Arli smiled and kissed her lightly as he rolled from the bed, grabbing the discarded bathrobe and headed to the kitchen, glad of a reason to escape any further questions from her or himself. 

 It was late morning before Robi had finished her chores and keen to be useful, Arli had clambered onto the roof to fix a loose tile, surprising himself at his handiwork.  The neighbours showed little interest in the elf deftly clambering across the roof top. A few muttered words and rolling of eyes were exchanged amongst the neighbours about the out of town poser in his expensive-looking sunglasses, with not one realising he was sin'dorei and not high elf - the glasses obscuring the fel-green tint of his eyes.  

Arli loved being outside.  Eversong in it's eternal spring state was as as beautiful a place as any but Gilneas held a similar beauty with its rugged moorlands and rolling hills dropping to sheer cliffs at the edge of the sea.  Hand in hand the two walked along the cliff edges, laughing at old stories and chatting about everything and nothing.  Close to one of the hilltops stood a lone house and although it had an air of abandonment about it, Arli hesitated as they got closer.  He felt uncomfortably vulnerable without his daggers.

"It's empty.." said Robi and grabbing Arli's hand pulled him towards the house with a laughed "Come on then!"

The lock was easily picked and the two slipped inside.  The house had a musty un-aired smell and it looked like it had been locked up along while although the simple furnishings were still in place.  Arli turned slowly on the spot as Robi explored the upstairs.  Imagine having a place here on Gilneas that none but he and Robi knew of.  A place to retreat to and be Arli, not Deathmaster Sunblade.  Close enough to Robi's place for her to stay over and with no immediate neighbours to notice the fel-green eyes that gave away his faction allegiance.

"Make a nice place to come back to.." voiced Arli almost to himself.  "As close to Undercity as Sunwing Spire, no one need know I'm here...".

"Nice neighbour too..." said Robi as she slipped her arms around him from behind. Arli turned to face her, his arms encircling her as they exchanged a soft kiss.

"" started Arli then felt himself redden..too soon...too fast.. he laughed lightly "nah....don't matter, got no gold anyways" he added with a smile, taking Robi's hand and leading her outside.  Locking the door, the two slowly made their way back towards Stormglen.

It was early evening when Arli fastened his tabard back on and carefully poisoned his daggers, resheathing them with a small satisfied nod.  He'd stayed as long as he dared and it was already likely that he'd be late for the Thorn Meet at Brill.  He shrugged slightly to himself, what did it matter, he was always late and with a grin, went to find Robi for a final embrace and to sink into the depths of those deep brown eyes for one last time.


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Re: Riomore Falanore

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 12, 2013 5:41 am

It was, Arli decided, a faultless plan.  He wanted to do something special for Robi for Valentine's day and flowers alone would be too, well human, he decided for where their relationship now stood and he'd already given her some jewellry at Winter Veil.  No, this had to be something unexpected.

Apart from last Winter Veil, Arli couldn't remember when Sunwing Spire had been home to more than one or two guests at a time, certainly during his residency of the past six months.  In fact, he certainly didn't even recall staying over when he was growing up as a part of the Dawnrunner family.  The suite of guest rooms was therefore largely unoccupied although of course furnished to the highest quality, each fully sin'dorei in style and decor.  So, taking a few items from each would be unlikely to be missed by anyone giving the room a cursory dusting.  Besides, he was borrowing and not stealing, all would be returned within a week or so.  Each night Arli made his way silently to the suite of guest rooms and loaded-up his bags with soft furnishings such as cushions, drapes plus heavily scented candles and other small items that when put together would make a completely furnished room in the sin'dorei style.  The bags and rolled rugs were loaded onto his Wind Rider, who would growl at the extra weight and bulk as it took off into the night sky.  Under cover of darkness, Arli made his way to Gilneas, unloaded his bags and returned home to grab a few hours sleep. After four nights, he had taken taken enough to start on his 'project'.

The project was a risk of course, but even Arli could admit to himself that it only added to the excitement of it all.  He was on enemy territory to start with and had no idea if the building was visited at all.  It seemed to be unused but it would be pretty damned embarrassing if the owners came for their occasional visit to a holiday home to find him in it.  The shuttered windows were covered on the inside by long, flowing drapes of velvet and silk, smaller wall hangings of embroidered silk were used to cover the grim paintings of long-dead people and overcast Gilneas landscapes.  The basic wooden furniture was moved upstairs, leaving just a cosy settee, dining table and two chairs which themselves were draped in silken covers, a pristine white tablecloth covering the table itself.  The bare wooden floors were overlaid with rugs of autumnal golds and reds, with larger cushions around the edge and against the walls of the small room.  Large heavily scented candles were placed in small arrangements on each level surface and with a final drape covering the open stairwell, Arli stood back and admired his handiwork with a grin.  Yes.  Perfect.

Art'lon, who was head of the Lord Sunwing household staff, didn't even raise an eyebrow at the request for a 3-course dinner to be prepared and packaged for transport for the coming Thursday.  The request for fine china, cut-glass drinkware and silver cutlery was also taken without comment and a time for collection was agreed.  A trip to the Sunwing Wine Cellar provided both a nice vintage Champagne and a couple of bottles of matured Bourbon.  The Head Gardener gave Arli a conspirital nudge and wink at the request for a few bouquets of flowers from the Sunwing gardens to be prepared for collection on Thursday late afternoon, the importance of the day to the young elf wasn't lost on the elderly gardener.

Preparations complete, Arli returned his focus once again to 'Thorn Business' although there were more requests than usual from the forsaken of Undercity to "wipe that smirk" off his face.


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Re: Riomore Falanore

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:43 pm

Robi wandered almost aimlessly around the assorted stalls and barrows of the goblin organised Wyvern Saddlebag Sale. Why she'd come she really didn't know, she'd seen the flyer in Stormwind and decided on a whim to go, anything was better than seeing the same old faces doing the same old things, Stormwind, she decided was turning into a hub that housed the dregs of society and..ummm, a kind phrase...she wracked her brains for something suitable that summarised the population, but other than not allowing them to pollute the gene pool further she was stumped for description. So she had ended up here looking at the myriad of trinkets and junk that people had accumulated on their travels and were now trying to offload. She found she was quite enjoying herself.

Nothing really took her eye as a must have, although several articles caught her eye and had made a few small purchases. A stall ahead caught her eye, "Antique Sin'Dorei Silver", she made her way to it and cast an eye over the jumble of silver bowls, cups and broken jewellry. "Well thats Nelf..." she muttered as she picked up and then discarded a heavy pendant depicting..well something...

The goblin stall holder, seeing her interest and always quick to seize the opportunity for money, homed in on her and gabbled quickly at her, offering her "Quality stuff really cheap..." "More like over priced junk" she retorted "Hardly anything of value here at all" she shook her head and made to move away.
"Ah I see youre a lady of taste..." the goblin spiel started. Goods were shown, all of which Robi rejected with a laugh or growing impatience.
"I dont want any of your tat..." she sighed impatiently, breaking off mid sentence as a small red velvet box caught her eye, the hinged lid was open, displaying a pair of high quality cufflinks. Obviously valuable and antique by the looks of it.
"Tat?!!" the goblin feigned indigence and started a tirade of speech at her offensive manner.
"Ok..Ok..." she said smiling apologetically "I'm's not tat, tell you what just to prove it I'll take these off your hands..." and lifted the cuff-links and box.

As she expected the goblin haggled and she held her ground, raising her offer slightly as was custom. Eventually a deal was struck, Robi bought the cuff-links for more than she wanted but considerably less than their worth. Obviously Sin'Dorei made they were exquisite in their quality. Her thoughts flashed to Arli, just the thing for a love festival gift for him. She lowered her head and bit her lip as she flushed slightly at the thought of him.
"Pull yourself together girl" she silently chided herself as she hurried home to wrap the box and arrange for the transportation hordeside. She fretted slightly, would he think it too intimate a gift? Would he get the wrong idea about them..or right idea perhaps...? Would he decide she was getting to close too soon and it wasn't worth the risk? She wanted them to have them though, so to offset the nature of the gift she wrote a quirky card. "Roses are blue, violets are red, Im lousy with colours but wicked in bed" and before she could change her mind handed it to the goblin courier.

"Who writes this crap?" she thought as she chuckled her way through a few pages of the latest Steamy Romance. She was curled up in her big armchair in front of the fire spending her first love festival in a few years alone. The crappy novel being her token touch of romance and a ploy to stop her mind wandering back to "happier" times. Shay..Ivery Cal...the three men that had shared parts of her life at some point..she smiled as she thought of them, yet her thoughts came back to the one constant that linked them all..Arli...all three had sought to protect her and keep her safe from Arli, yet used her to manipulate him into wonder he didn't trust her. She shrugged the thoughts away and tried to return to the book she was reading. "Who writes this crap...?"
A knock on the door...she looked up wondering who it could be, not Arli he would have said..none of her neighbours called, their wariness of Shay had always kept them away. She rose from the chair and padded to the door, the luxurious rug soft on her bare feet.
A knock again..a little louder, this time with a rhythm that reminded her of castanets. She opened the door to a swirl of a cape and Arli Sunblade dropped to one knee, a red rose between his grinning teeth.
She laughed lightly with delight and surprise. He rose and with a flourish presented her with the rose.
"C'mon" he said "Thought we'd go out..festival time an all that y'know...."
Robi looked down at her clothes
"Im hardly dressed for it...gimme a sec to change?"
"Nah" he shook his head "You look lovely" he reddened then added quickly "for a human".
"But...." she started
"I got some stuff you can have" he grinned
She couldn't help but laugh a little at his sudden exuberance. "Ok..." she replied as she slipped on a pair of soft shoes by the door.

A short ride later, Arli reined in by the old cliff top house and headed to the door. Robi followed burning with curiosity.
As he opened the door she caught the soft glow of either a fire or a lamp, he came to stand behind her and placing his hands over her eyes guided her into the house.

She took a sharp intake of breath as his hands fell from her eyes. The room was decorated in all manner of Sin'Dorei silks and drapes, exotically scented candles burned from every surface, it was sumptuous in every sense and the spectacle of it took her breath away.
"Oh Arli..." she breathed "Its gorgeous...." she tilted her head back to smile up at him. Her eyes scanned the room...a table for two was set in the centre, covered silver dishes adorning the crisp white table cloth.
"I brought you a robe...." he said pointing at a gown of red and gold silk. "Thought you might like to be sin'dorei for a night"
She wrapped her arms around him and brushed her lips over his. "You did this for me?"
He nodded as his arms encircled her waist. "See anyone else here?" he grinned.

Once changed they dined, Robi marvelled at the food, dishes she had never seen before, all superbly cooked. She was almost ashamed of how much she managed to eat. She glanced at Arli, his fel green eyes glinting in the candlelight. He caught her eye and smiled.
"I love your eyes..." she found herself saying, she saw him blush slightly in response.
" I like yours too" he replied rising and offering her his hand and led her to a stack of cushions by the fire. They sat and Arli cracked open a bottle of wine.
"To Lord Sunwing" he toasted as he handed her a glass. "Long may his wine cellar be pickable"
"To the shady Sin'dorei of The Spire" echoed Robi and they both drained their glasses.
Arli sprawled on the cushions and Robi nestled into him, his arm draped round her shoulders as they chatted about everything and nothing. Just two people enjoying the night.
"So you like my eyes then?" he smirked
Robi looked up at him "Yes..the shape and the colour...I'd love eyes like that"
"I like yours too y'know..the colour has always fascinated me..never seen eyes that brown before..theyre" he paused, brow furrowed as he searched for a simile. "...almost as dark as the tar-pits in Un'Goro..." he closed his eyes and cringed inside, slapping himself mentally for the stupidity of the analogy.
Robi laughed, "Thanks..I least theyre not the colour of undercity sewers..."
"Yep..more like Stormwind ones..." he retorted.
"Right...thats it..." she laughed and launched at him, tickling under his arms and sides. He retaliated and for a few minutes the two rolled and laughed as they battled for victory.
"" gasped Robi helpless with laughter
"Surrender to Sunblade" he laughed still wriggling under her onslaught.
"Never...." she looked at him with mock defiance.
Their gazes locked and their laughter died, heads moving slowly together then their lips met in a kiss that surprised them both with it's tenderness. They parted for the briefest of moments to smile at each other with the same tenderness and as their lips met again sunk as one into the pile of cushions.
Their joined shadows danced on the wall and the candles flickered from their gentle sighs, soft murmurings in thalassian and common were lost in the crackling of the fire. So lost in each other, neither saw or heard the door close or felt the brief draught.
Outside the worgen male grinned to himself.
"Belf and our local SI:7 neighbour...very interesting to the right people, or very me" he thought as he dropped to all fours and bounded back to the village.
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Re: Riomore Falanore

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"Soon as I can, I'm off to Stormwind" said Jack as he trudged through the wet grass, hunching his shoulders against the constant drizzle of rain. His friend Calder just laughed and shook his head, drops of water spraying from the tips of his blonde hair; "Not me mate, I'm Gilnean and Gilneas is where I belong". "Huh" grunted Jack, "Alright for you, you got more than just the family Croft to look forward to as your inheritence." Calder smiled and shrugged "Not much more, sure my Dad said I can have Grandad's place when I get me a wife but that's going to be years yet". "Yeah good point, who's gonna marry an ugly git like you" replied Jack swiftly, laughing as he dodged the expected punch to his ribs.

Voices...two...male, possibly young...approaching the house...extinguish candles...all but one...

"Anyways, I'm gonna go Stormwind when I leave school, join the military, get to see the world. Won't catch me tied down with a wife and screaming kids" added Jack. Calder just shrugged; Grandad's place would be his one day but for now, it was a great den for him and Jack to hide out in when they had managed to slip a few bottles of cider out of the pantry.  With each set of parents thinking their son was staying at the other's house, they got a night to drink and smoke without fear of parental disapproval. The two boys stopped in front of the heavy wooden door, Calder handing Jack his two bottles as he patted his pockets.

The faintest sound of metal on leather as two daggers are carefully drawn from their sheaths.

"Cal.." complained Jack, "Don't tell me you forgot the key?" Calder patted his jacket pockets, looking perplexed. "No, sure I picked it up just which pocket did I put it it" he finished with a grin as the key was produced from the top pocket of his jacket with a flourish. Calder felt a twinge of annoyance at himself as he turned the key in the lock, only to find the door wasn't locked - thinking that he must have forgotten to lock it after their last visit. With a shove, the door was pushed open and the two boys stepped gratefully out of the rain and into the shelter of the house; two sets of confused eyes were drawn immediately to a single candle flame flickering on a small table in the middle of the darkened room, not that they would have noticed the shadowy figure behind them anyway.

As the door slammed shut behind them, the boys didn't even have time to register what hit them. Daggers driven forcefully into unprotected backs, gasps of pain silenced swiftly by a hand over a mouth and a sharp blade drawn across a bare throat. Barely a sound as in turn, the two young males slumped to the floor, their life force slipping swiftly away.

Arli crouched down and wiped the blood from his blades on the jacket of the young human closest before swiftly sheathing his daggers and standing up, an annoyed look on his face.

"Feckin' kids.." he muttered as he pulled down two of the drapes used to hide the bare walls. "Now I gotta clean up this mess and move all the stuff out tonight just in case someone comes lookin' for the little feckers". Crouching down, Arli swiftly wrapped each body in a gold and orange silk drape, purposefully so as to reduce the amount of blood he would need to clean up as he moved the bodies upstairs and out of the way. With muttered curses in thalassian, Arli again returned to packing up the belongings of Sunwing Spire to be  loaded onto his Wind Rider, circling high above the house, for the first of the many flights he would make that night back to the Spire.  The task of packing away and moving out of the empty Gilneas house was done with a heavy heart, no more pretending it was his place and that Robi could drop by whenever she wished.

The night sky was starting to lighten with the approach of dawn as Arli carried two silk wrapped bundles to the cliff edge and threw them as far out as his now tired arms could manage, not even bothering to look and see if they landed on the rocks or into the sea below. With a final check that the house had been left as it was when he arrived a few days ago, Arli climbed aboard his heavily-laden and now very snappy Wind Rider and started his final flight home to the Spire. 

The Sunwing Spire housemaids were perplexed next morning to find the guest rooms in a state, as if someone had broken in and just shuffled things around  rather than stolen anything. The contents of each guest room seemed random, and it took most of the morning to sort out what went where. Of course the Head of House, Art'lon, was informed but in a house so deeply soaked in magic, it wasn't too much of a surprise to find that items within the residence may mysteriously have moved from room to room of their own accord.


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Re: Riomore Falanore

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:56 pm

Robi sat by the shore of crystal lake enjoying the unseasonable warmth of the day, her arms around her legs, with her chin resting on her knees she wiggled her bare feet in the ripples of the lake. A trip back to Elwynn was a rare thing, but she had suddenly had the urge to go back, oh not to live or anything- light forbid- but she wanted to visit, perhaps see if old friends were still around..and maybe, just maybe lay some ghosts to rest. She saw no-one she recognised and strangers she tried to greet with a smile or a word looked at her blankly with vacant looks on their faces. She shrugged dismissively, she couldn't even pretend she cared. Skimming a final stone across the lake she rose to her feet, took a last and not longing look round then turned to head back to the stables to collect Derek and fly home. She was glad she came, if only to prove she wasn't missing anything at all.

A black leather gloved hand clamped over her nose and mouth from behind, the cold steel of a blade pressed to her neck. She squirmed in the grasp, trying to turn to face her attacker. The hand held her firm and she was dragged to the cover of nearby bushes.
"What the -FEL- are you doing here?" Arli's hushed but annoyed voice whispered harshly in her ear as the hand was released from her mouth. " You know Thorns hunt here.."
She turned and looked at Arli, she blinked, half of her relieved her "attacker" was Arli. "What?"
"You know what I mean Robi...this puts me in an awkward position...I should kill you...Thorns will.." he said, his eyes flashing with annoyance.
"I have more right than you and your cronies to be here..." she spat back. "I should call for the guards..."
Arli's eyes held faint amusement, "But you won't..."
She smiled slightly. "Only if you try to kill me..."

A terrified scream, raised voices calling to arms, forsaken laughter from the shadows.
"It's ok Miss, hang on in there I'm coming..." she turned and saw a young man sprinting towards her and Arli, brandishing a weapon.
"Go..." she hissed to Arli.
The young man skidded to a halt a puzzled look on his youthful face as he noticed their close proximity to each other, the look of uncertainty and confusion as he realised.
"You brought them...?." he stammered. Robi shook her head. "Traitor...GUARDS!"

Robi stepped towards him "Shush..." she smiled "You got it all wrong..."
The youth paused unsure what to do, she smiled again and held his eyes. "I was just bartering for my saved me..."
"It looked more than that..."
Robi laughed lightly and shook her head, her eyes never leaving his, he relaxed slightly and smiled uncertainly.
He was young thought Robi, easily taken under her spell..seemed almost a shame....
"Let's go hero..." she smiled and took his arm. "I'm really sorry..." her voice held a note of mock sympathy,
The youth looked at her "What fo...?" his voice broke off as a blade rasped across his windpipe, a look of fear and horror on his face as he sunk to the floor at her feet.
Arli bent down and wiped his blade on the dead boys shirt.
"Go!" he whispered to her. She nodded once and smiled as he winked at her over his mask. Quickly and quietly she blew Arli a kiss and slipped into the shadows of the forest.
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Re: Riomore Falanore

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