Letter to Corporal John Ralegh.

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Letter to Corporal John Ralegh.

Post by Finnabhair on Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:45 pm

This letter arrives on the morning of Wednesday, February 5th. A young page seeks out the Corporal and requests to read it to him.

Dear John,

It's very likely that if you're reading this, I'm very much dead and my brothers and sisters in Faith will be persecuted from this day on. I understand this and I accept it. I write to you on this last day of my life to tell you that my purpose in living has been destroyed and I will not continue to live without the open ability to practice my faith with those who share it.

Gwendelyn, the woman known as the Chairlady, has done the unthinkable. Our order has been dissolved and, through her command, the Chapter has merged with the Church of Holy Light. All that Holy Anethion, our Prophet, has struggled to teach us was ruthlessly tossed aside by an ambitious woman we suspect ordered the death of our beloved Abbot Waldemar II. My brother and sister Shadowbreakers and I will not suffer this heretic to live any longer. We have met and agreed that this is the end...it is our Sacred Duty to rid the world of this heretic, that all may know she had not succeeded in weakening my order.

Such is the strength of our faith and devotion to Holy Anethion's teachings. A Shadowbreaker's beliefs are stalwart and unwavering. May the Light grant us victory as we fight in the Light's name or death, to be liberated from this world where our purpose has been abolished.

I'm very sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye. You were a good friend to the Chapter and myself. I abused my parents' kindness and asked their page to bring this letter and read it to you, or else this would all be pointless, wouldn't it? Keep this letter anyway, and learn to read it on your own. That's my final request, my friend. At all costs, educate yourself and learn to read: it will open doors for you that you never knew existed!

On this, my Day of Judgement, I ask that all my sins be forgiven and that I be embraced by the Light in the afterlife.

Faith shall overcome, my friend. Goodbye.


p.s. I wish you all the best with your lady-love. Make an honest woman of her, if that's where it's headed! And take care of Brother Avery. I worry about him.

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