[IC] Im Memoriam : Supreme Lector & Vicar Waldemar II

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[IC] Im Memoriam : Supreme Lector & Vicar Waldemar II

Post by Melnerag on Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:32 pm

Brothers and sisters under the Light,

On this sad day, the 31st of January in the 28th year of the Anethionean Era the soul of the whole Tyrrean Community died a martyr at the hands of misotheists while saying mass in the Residency of Skypond.

Supreme Lector Waldemar II, Holy Abbot of Tyr's Hand and Fifth Vicar of the prophet Anethion stood firm with our blessed prophet and the Tyrrean Order from the beginning, and has endured the hardships of post-plague Lordaeron and the full heat of the prosecution in Stormwind.

Vicar Waldemar wished for a quiet burrial in the company of his closest friends, the ceremony will take place at dusk on sunday and all Anethioneans under the Light are called to prayer at this hour in their local churches and residencies to say last words for the great man.

All lectors of the Tyrrean Order are summoned to the Great Ecclesiastical Court in Northshire Abbey at sunday midnight to choose the new Supreme Lector and beseech the Light with their pious and pure prayer to pass onto the elect the burden of Prophecy, so that the Living Revelation that began with Anethion may endure until the end of time.

In sign of respect for Waldemar and seventeen others who have been martyred with him no sacraments will be held until the dusk on sunday, all merriment is forbidden and no food or drinks may be consumed from sunrise to sunset. The faithful are encouraged to spend their time in solemn prayer for the recovery for the sixty-nine wounded at the incident who may yet survive, Light Willingly.

May justice that was denied on this sinful earth be done in heaven!

Brother-prefect Gilbrandt,
Ecclesiarch and Secretary of Waldemar the Second

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Re: [IC] Im Memoriam : Supreme Lector & Vicar Waldemar II

Post by Finnabhair on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:29 am

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