[A] On Vindication and the most Blessed Mercy of the Naaru.

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[A] On Vindication and the most Blessed Mercy of the Naaru.

Post by Thelos on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:27 am

On Vindication and the most Blessed Mercy of the Naaru.
The following pamphlet is printed in humble ammounts and spread amongst Azerothian houses of worship, chiefly the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and the Vault of Lights in the Exodar.

There are many who believe that the Naaru preach pacifism and shun all forms of violence. This is a common misconception for those ill familiar with their brilliant Light. The Naaru are martial creatures who have lead many a-blessed races into war against the foul forces of Darkness that befuddle the many words that span the cosmos. Why, then, does the everyman believe that the Naaru's Light is one who preaches pacifism?

The answer, albeit simple, is one that would red the hearts of the blessed and the pure.

The befuddled mind has come to mistake violence and anger to be one and the same. Yes, it is true, when our spirits entertain great anger our bodies often lash out in violence; but tell me, brothers and sisters, is this enough to think of them as one and the same? Is it not possible to enact violence without prior feelings of rage, hatred or anger?

What to think then of the hunter who, when he encounters a poor young and hapless doe in the forest stuck in a trap, left to die a slow and agonizing death, kills her out of the mercy of his soul? Was the hunter angry at the doe? Nay! He loved the doe dearly and laid his violent hands upon her out of mercy.

It is, then, possible for there to be violence without prior feelings of hatred and anger; on the contrary: it is even possible for there to be violence stemming from the purest sources of love and mercy.

When the Naaru bid us to shun anger and hatred, surely They can not mean for us to let our families starve? To let the doe die an agonizingly slow death? Nay! They simply mean as they say; that hatred and anger befuddle and confound the mind, bringing us farther from the most blessed Light to drag us further into the deep Dark. But Violence, my brothers and sisters, Violence is a tool of the Light in the hands of a loving soul, when it employed out of mercy.

Brothers and sisters, I ask of you, what is a poor corrupted creature, so far removed from the Light as to be blind to its benefactor's boundless Love trough which It he can only be redeemed – so starved for affection, alone in the dark, frightened and forlorn; what is this creature if not a hapless doe trapped in the maws of the void?

Of course I speak not of does, but of Orcs and Forsaken; and all the unwitting children they have suffered to drag with them into their descent.

It is true, yes, that the Song of the Naaru teaches us chiefly to love our fellow creatures and to be kind and merciful to them. Yet, mercy does not always take the form of forgiveness. Would it have been merciful for the hunter to release the doe from the trap? Nay! The doe could not even move! To release the doe would be a cruel joke played by those who have power over those that don't. The only merciful course of action is to relieve her suffering and to release her to the Light's warm embrace, who is ever-waiting for her, anxious in Its patience.

It is the same with the poor does of the Horde.

My dear brothers and sisters of the Light, the Orcs, the Forsaken and many other races are lost beyond mortal guidance. Yet, not all hope for redemption is lost. Ah! I can hear your lamentations and cries: “How can the Light have abandoned these poor hapless creatures? Where is It to guide them away from the Darkenss? Does the Light not love all Her children equally?”

It does, it does. That is why it has send us to relieve Its suffering children from their mortal shackles; for without their wounded bodies and maimed spirits, they will ascend pure to be forgiven by the endlessly merciful Light. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven when it is absolved by a pure and loving heart. Pray profusely for the lost souls of the world; for if there is but a single soul who prays for the redemption of the lost, the Light will answer and grant them absolution trough the benevolent blow of the Vindicator's mace. Trough our faith in the Light all things are made possible.

For that is the Vindicator's task in this world: to assert, defend and justify the Light's will in this world. Trough the Vindicator, the Light's Will, so enthralled by the rapt prayer of Its faithful, will be made manifest in a dark and uncaring world.

That is why the Naaru call for us to pick up arms.

Not out of some material gain or the glory of conquering,

Not to enact vengeance on those who have slighted us,

Not even to defend our homes and loved ones:

But to liberate our poor fallen brothers and sisters, absolve them from their sins trough breaking their mortal shackles and send them to everlasting harmonic unity with the Light.

Mercy, not vengeance, must be what moves the Champion of Light to take up arms.

So when the Naaru bid us to be kind, loving and merciful; not only do they mean us to be caring to our friends and family, but also to liberate our fallen fellows from their pitiful predicament. Take up your arms, loving fathers and grateful sons, take up your arms to spread the warmth you feel in your chestto those the Darkness of this world is deigned you to hate. Rise above your petty hatred and embrace the Love of the Light, trough which you can only ascend to become greater than yourself. After all, in front of the terrible judgment of the Light, we are all sinful and unworthy creatures, unfit to scrub Its temple steps: but as Vindicators of the Light's Will, we partake in Its glory and are as beautiful and radiant as stars that light up the void themselves.

O Divine Light,
our hearts are filled with darkness.
Please make this darkness distant from us
and promote illumination within us.

By the Naaru, may it be so.

-Vindicator Soleth


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Re: [A] On Vindication and the most Blessed Mercy of the Naaru.

Post by erwtenpeller on Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:53 am

(( Unfortunately Scuzy's got her hands tied for now, An IC response will have to follow later. Good read! ))

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