Jans Biornson

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Jans Biornson

Post by Jans Biornson on Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:04 am

Character name: Jans
Alias: Carl* Jans Biornson
Gender: Male
Age: 18 Winters old
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

*Title, not name. Carl meaning 'Man'.

Birth region:
Specific area/town:
Unkown to himself
Little is known about his family. His parents left Stromgarde together with several other emmigrants, in order to establish a new life on Kalimdor. At this time, Jans was at the age of around four years. They died during the battles against the orcs under the command of one of Jaina Proudmoore's Lieutenants, thus only leaving their names and only child behind. Their names was 'Biorn Ashenyew' and 'Sigrid Amund'.
Known friends or enemies:
Having only recently returned to the Eastern Kingdoms, he have yet to establish any contacts, whether they be friendly or not.

A fitting picture of Jans chopping wood. I want to point out that the person on the picture is myself during one my reenactment trips.

Physical: Jans is a young man, who have yet to grow a beard. Even though he is 18years old, he still lacks the natural strength of his Arathorian ancestors. He is a little higher than the average, but very plain of build.
Clothing: Jans strives to be stylish. The life as a bard have made him dependent on fabrics such as soft wool, and sometimes even silk. He prefers his clothes not to be too tight, since he often needs a quick escape..
Jans is somewhat complex. He's a dreamer, wanting nothing else but to be as his ancestors, that he knows so little about. He enjoys a good story, aswell as a good song, and is oftenly more than willing to sing a few himself. He is no coward, but still feels uneasy at the sound of battle.
Jans' parents left their homes when he was but a child. This means that he knows almost nothing of his homeland, his ancestors or even his own parents. They fell, as many other, during the Orcish Onslaught at the Battle of Mount Hyjal.
In the following years, Jans learned the trade of a fletcher. He lived of making all kinds of bows of all kinds of fitting tree. Yew, ash and elm, only to mention a few. He never was much of a huntsman, or marksman, though. He felt somehow, that archering was a cowardly way of figting. In the evenings he began, as many other men and women, to spend his time at the local inn. Here his interrests for tales and songs, began to nourish.
At the age 16 he served at Theramore as a fully trained Master Fletcher during the day, while entertaining the crowd at night. It all stopped though, when he was assigned to military duty. Solder, you're off to Northwatch.
After he was drafted, there is not much more to tell, which is not allready known. He served faithfully as a soldier for a year and a half, protecting and aiding in the construction of Northwatch Keep, untill the day where Kalimdor stood still. Theramore was destroyed.
After this, he did not want to stay. He began to save up his payment for a few months, before leaving the military and setting sails to Stormwind - And thus a new life begins.

Things you may know about this character:
- He was a bard and Fletcher in Theramore before the destruction
- He spent his first night in Stormwind, on getting drunk and being robbed.

Things you may not know about this character:
- He lost his only physical memory of his parents to a thug in Stormwind (Damn Cartel!)
- In the beginning, Thoras Trollbane was the only Arathorian he knew due to the stories he heard as a child. Thoras was therefore the first person Jans went looking for when he came to Stormwind, unkowing that King Trollbane died many, many years ago.
Possible crime record:
- Singing songs that disrespects the authority of His Majesty, King Varian Wrynn, son of Llane, High King of the Alliance, Monarch of Stormwind.

Other information:
Owns an old horse named 'Eohtei', derived from the two names 'Eohwaz (Mount, horse)' and 'Teiwaz (Strong, warrior) thus meaning 'Strong Mount'
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