Erahn Slither Thorgint

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Erahn Slither Thorgint

Post by Rmuffn on Sun Jan 27, 2013 7:09 am

Character name: Erahn Thorgint.
Alias: "Slither" / Edwarde Quinzel.
Gender: Male.
Age: Thirty-Nine (39).
Race: Human; Formerly. Voidsworn; Currently.
Class: Blood Mage (Warlock).

Birth region: Kingdom of Stormwind.
Specific area/town: Stormwind City.
Family: The Thorgint family and associates.
Known friends or enemies: He's nemesis of all arathorians, but enemy to all mankind.
Affiliation: Loyalty to the Ancestor Phelgas the Uncaring.

Description: Erahn currently has a corrupt and malformed body, the mutation has given him a horrid beak-like face and the rest of his body has been taken by shadow. He's usually in an illusion of a fourtyish year old human mage.

Personality: N/A.

History: Erahn was born in Stormwind to a semi-poor mother, his father unknown to him. When he reached his teens his magical affinity became apparent, unfortunately his mother couldn't afford sending him to the Mage Tower. However there were some who accepted him; The Defias Brotherhood took him in and taught him basic magic, he would later come to master pyromancy and take a liking to hemomancy. He was sent on a mission up north, but were attacked by guardsmen of Lordaeron, in self-defense Erahn unleashed his hemomancy to his fullest capacity, his fellow Defias criminals were all slain, but Erahn got arrested and sent to Tol Barad. When Deathwing wrought havoc onto the world, the Tol Barad prison was caught in chaos, and Erahn managed to flee. He joined the Kingdom of Stromgarde to find his family on his father's side, he quickly got into the arathorian culture.

Erahn was sent in an undercover mission to the Ravenholdt together with the girl Ariana, whom he ever since felt forced to protect. Recently he's joined the Voidsworn in belief he's saving her life.

Things you may know about this character: He's evil, he's the son of Orthur.
Things you may not know about this character: That more than often he's in a disguise as another man.
Possible crime record: Plenty, in both Stormwind and Stromgarde.

Other information: N/A.

This is how I imagine Erahn before he was corrupt physicly. The perfect vision of him.


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