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Character name: Dijie sa'Tol'ron
Alias: Sometimes called "The Secret Empress" or "The Scorned Empress." (Not by me! Can't remember who said it though...)
Gender: Female
Age: 21 (?)
Race: 3/4 Revantusk, 1/4 Drakkari
Class: Mage, Spirit Talker

Birth region: The Hinterlands
Specific area/town: Revantusk Village
Family: Tol'ron (father, deceased), Najie (mother, deceased).
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Unathi, Roj'ir, Kamoho (mate), Chakuyah, most of the Darkspear Tribe.
Enemies: Shro'gan Kao'ze, the Gurubashi Empire.

Description: Taller than most females due to her Drakkari heritage, she also has a sturdier build than most females as well, surprising for a mage. She has long, dark blue hair that she prefers to wear loose. Her eyes are the color of flames. Males find her beautiful, she even got hit on by a Forsaken. Dijie has a jagged scar on her chest, over her heart, and tattoos on her skin, hidden from sight by the usual skirt and top she prefers wearing.
Personality: Haughty, stubborn, arrogant.
History: Incensed that Primal Torntusk agreed to a neutral position with the Horde--specifically the elves--Dijie lost her temper and was punished for speaking her mind. She chose to leave the Hinterlands and head to Kalimdor, where she heard rumors of an Empire that would never tolerate such an alliance. She went to the Vale and was recruited by the then-High Priest Shro'gan. Married at the time, Shro'gan still took her under his tutelage and even once announced she was his apprentice. Dijie learned about the Loa, the Hexxer's craft and Spirit Talking from Shro'gan. She also learned the intricacies a follower of Shadra would practice, eventually becoming Shadra's Champion under Shro'gan's guidance.

When the call to Northrend came, Dijie answered it, venturing into the land that was part of her Drakkari heritage. She met Shro'gan along the way and they journeyed to Zul'Drak together. At one point, they had to return to the Vale and it was during this time that Dijie was tested by Emperor Tziak and became an Advisor to the Emperor. During this return to the Vale, Shro'gan's mate was confronted by members of the Council and killed. After Shro'gan's grieving came to an end, he and Dijie continued through Northrend and other campaigns. One night, before a ceremony meant to bless the Empire's efforts to attack Zul'Drak, Shro'gan and Dijie agreed to become a mated pair.

Eventually, Dijie was sent to Orgrimmar to be an Ambassador to Shro'gan's army, the Mad Grin Legion. At one point, their leader Cut broke their ties with the Empire, sending Dijie's felfire-burned body back to the Vale as a sign that the bridge between the Mad Grin Legion and the Empire had been burned.

While recovering on the Zandalari island, Dijie was visited by Shro'gan, who revealed that he'd ascended to Emperor. After healing her injuries, Shro'gan spent the night on the island, making small plans with his mate, and returned to the Empire the next day. Dijie lingered on the island for some time before receiving news that Cut was now a criminal on the run. Leaving the Vale, she hunted him down and fought him near Thunder Bluff but received a fatal injury, causing the scar over her heart. In her fury, she was able to wield fire and blasted Cut with it, leaving nothing of him but ashes. Praying to the Loa, she was able to venture through the Spirit World in order to reach the Vale. However, the first troll she encountered was an enemy. He dragged Dijie into the ocean and managed to drown her, as she was too weak to fight him off.

When Dijie's spirit entered the Spirit World, it alerted Chakuya, a troll she had befriended some time ago. Chakuya gathered Dijie's spirt and returned it to the living world. Dijie's assailant saw a creature walking across the water, leaving frost in its wake, and fled. Chakuya forced Dijie's spirit back into its body, using an air spirit to force the water from her lungs to allow her to breathe. Dijie had escaped death.

Chakuya and Dijie travelled away from the Vale, back to Revantusk Village to allow Dijie to recover properly. Najie, her mother, greeted them both warmly. Najie had been told the secret of Dijie's mate's identity and congratulated Dijie that their mating had been made public. To Dijie's horror, she learned that Shro'gan had chosen another mate, naming her the new Empress. Devastated, it took months for Dijie to recover from that betrayal and her hatred for the Empire festered until she returned to Orgrimmar and encountered an old troll named Ro'jir, a Darkspear. He invited her to the village, where she met Unathi and an awkward, timid hunter named Kamoho. Eventually, she earned their trust and offered them as much information about Shro'gan and the Empire as she could, proving her loyalty to her new allies.

And although she fought against it, she became intrigued by Kamoho, surprised that a male could be so kind. Stubbornly, she refused to give him a kind word but eventually gave in. With Unathi's blessing, Dijie finally chose another mate, bonding with Kamoho. They spent some time apart when she decided to go to Dalaran and study for a year, but their relationship remained strong and they even share a hut on the Echo Isles. But Kamoho's duty to his tribe was often brought into question and the young hunter became torn with indecision when the new warlord voiced his doubt on the fact he'd chosen a mate with a questionable heritage and allegiance to the Horde.

Kamoho has gone on a soul-searching journey and Dijie remains on the Echo Isles, waiting for her mate to return.

Things you may know about this character: Dijie is very religious and knowledgeable of the Loa. She's led several religious ceremonies to honor the Loa and ask for their blessings. She loves the water and has a high tolerance for cold thanks to her Drakkari heritage. She's very skilled at wielding fire.
Things you may not know about this character: Knowing that his granddaughter would have a difficult life for being part Drakkari, Dijie's grandfather (a full-blooded Drakkari) and father made an agreement with a Loa, binding a Fire Lord to Dijie's spirit. This "contract" was revealed to her by Shadra during Dijie's stay in Shadra'Alor.

Also, due to her actually dying, her blood bond to the Vale, the Gurubashi and any voodoo-influenced holds (referring to something with Tziak, which he agreed to) on her have been broken.

Possible crime record: Most likely branded a traitor by the Gurubashi Empire.

Other information: Dijie's story--which includes a few other players, like ex-Mad Grin Legion members--was written in a series called Burning Bridges. I have some of the stories posted here.

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