Lazzarian Decant

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Lazzarian Decant

Post by Anivitas on Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:50 am

Character name: Lord Ser Lazzarian Decant

Alias: Lazzarian, or Decant.

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Birth region: Lordaeron

Specific area/town: Silverpine Forest

Family: Most were wiped out during the invasion of the scourge, still has a brother.

Known friends or enemies: A member of the disciples.

Description: Built like an Ox and on the wrong side of forty, Lazzarian has a big bushy beard and long hair to match.

He almost always has an Anethionian cross around his neck, and will usually be carrying his helmet under the crook of his arm.

He walks with a straight and well disciplined posture. Hinting at a past military life.

As well as the great sword across his back, Lazzarian has a long sword at each hip.

Personality: Lazzarian would come across as stern but kind, he would seem lacking in social skills as most of what he would say would come across as preaching, but it is obvious their is convicition and belief behind his words, as well as his belief that all are equal under the light.

History: - Brought up a lord within within Lordaeron, his father was a devout follower of Anethion and Lazzarian followed in his footsteps, with the fall of his household with the invasion of the scourge, Lazzarian was evacutated and took up residence within Stormwind for some time, devoting himself to the light and its teachings.

- Sets himself on a pilgrimage across the Eastern Kingdoms, spreading the lights truth and justice. Returns to Stormwind after six years.

- Continued to serve and devote himself to the lights teaching, stops a cultist plot with the Chapter of Holy Anethion to poison the wells within the city. Is named a paladin by the church and knighted by the council.

- Joins up with the Chapter of Holy Anethion for two years, believing their path is correct until he is hit by an epiphany and ordered to do something he deems unworthy of a follower of the light, believing the Chapter have fallen from the lights path he leaves once more on a pilgrimage of redemption, he scours across Kalimador bringing the light to where it is darkest.

- Retains his faith in Anethion, keeping his Shadowbreaker gear on despite all hardship as a lesson to all that it is a mans soul not his garments or title that make him who he is. After a further two year pilgrimage across Kalimador he returns to the city to find it has changed.

- Joins up with the Disciples of Light and continues his service in the name of the light.

Things you may know about this character: He is a member of the Disciples of Light, but still wears his Shadowbreaker Gear at times.

Things you may not know about this character: Nothing comes to mind, as he will answer any question he is given.

Possible crime record: None in existence.

Other information: (Will write here if anything comes to mind)

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