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Belserden Bastonne

Post by Anivitas on Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:28 am

Character name: Belserden Bastonne
Alias: "Belse" or "Pelican"
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty Two
Race: Human
Class: Pirate/Rogue

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Tirisfal Glades
Family: None that remain knowingly alive.
Known friends or enemies: Close friends with Humphry and Kittrina Beaumont.

Description: From first glance it is obvious Belserden carries himself with an air of confidence, a sheepish grin often on his face and a light behind his eyes.

He has a lean but muscular body and his hair and clothes are unkempt and messy, but his beard very well trimmed and maintained, a belt hangs around his waist carrying all sorts of items, a large black pouch, a compass, a long and elegant looking telescope, a leather hip flask, a long odd looking set piece pistol, a length of rope and two long swords, along with a knife attached to each hip.

His fingers are covered in rings, at least one on each finger sparkling with rare gems and metals. A small silver locket hangs around his neck above what looks like a large raptor tattoo rising out of the top of his shirt with the letters RR emblazoned above it. A golden pocket watch is often seen hanging out his front pocket.

You also notice tattoos coming out from under the sleeves of his shirt a mixture of words, women, places and things all delicately inked to the point where it is almost artistic.

Personality: Over confident and bon voyant, almost constantly coming across as relaxed and laid back with an extremely crude sense of humor.


- Brought up within a noble family, his mother died in child birth and he ran away from home at the age of ten due to his abusive father.

- Was picked up by a pirate crew captained by a Tiberus Crag. Saved as he was laying dehydrated and unconcious on the beach.

- Joined the crew as a scrubber boy, known as the "Royal Ravagers" continued to remain with them for eight years where he slowly worked his way upwards and became the First Mate. Met a woman named Elira at a port and fell in love, continued in the pirate bussiness despite her insistance on him leaving.

- Betrayed at the age of twenty, many of his crew, Captain Crag and Elira were all killed, Belserden then became Captain and with a cold heart set out on a vengence campaign against those that had betrayed him, and those that had killed the people he loved, slowly becomes emotionally dead.

- Eight years later at the age of twenty eight, his ship is wrecked by a Regiment ambush, finds himself washed up on the banks of Westfall, goes into the city and finds out about a group of Assassins called the Ravenholdt Sanctuary, joins them so as to learn the skills required to get his revenge.

- Remains within the Ravenholdt for two years rising to the rank of spymaster before the leader is killed off, he then leaves to complete his unfinished business, killing the man who betrayed him shortly before the cataclysm.

- Suddenly lost and without purpose, decides to dedicate himself to protecting the two people he is close two, and with the thing he lost, Humphry and Kittrina Beaumont, forms the Blades for Hire with Kittrina and Humphry Beaumont, despite it being very much against his general principles.

- Remains within the Blades as a Captain,  gets slightly washed up.

- Realising the city is changing Belse, Humphry and Kitt take him away on a boat, they are all currently traveling once more, with Belse being his old self.

Things you may know about this character: Very secretive, Professed pirate captain , Ex-Captain of the Blades. possess a natural charisma.

Things you may not know about this character: Lots and lots of stuff. Ex-Captain of the Ravenholdt Sanctuary. His sir name is known by nobody on the server ICly.

Possible crime record: Would appear in the Stormwind Regiment and Chapter of Holy Anethion records under many different aliases.

Other information: (Will put down here if anything comes to mind)



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