Ariana 'Emberheart" Haidren

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Ariana 'Emberheart" Haidren

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:04 am

Character name: Ariana Verthas - Haidren
Alias: Emberheart, Ari
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Arathorian Human
Class: Scout-Rogue
Birth region: The snowy mountains of Arathi
Specific area/town: A small village named "Krom"
Family: A deceased father, An uncaring mother, "Adoptive" brother Eodan Haidren.
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Melan "Lionsclaw" Aetherel, Jarren "Stormclaw" Goldheart, Eodan "Steedsmane" Haidren, The Arathorians. Enemies: The forsaken, trolls, anything attacking Arathi and Fenryx.

Has a hat on her head that sinks infront of her eyes almost constantly.

Wearing a Lionsclaw necklace aswel as a boartusk on a string inscribed with "Do Khla"

Several badges adorn her tabard.

Currently sports a more prominent muscular appearance, not benefitting her already boyish looks and bodytype.

Carries throwingknives on her thighs and an extra pair of daggers is sheathed in her shoulderguards.

Several places over her body carry thick, ugly scars in the form of savage clawmarks; On her upper arm, the side of her torso and across her stomach. Three crude lines run across the left side of her face, from the side towards the middle over her cheeks. As if an animal of sorts clawed at her.

Short and skinny looking girl, more bones than curves and not well-kept. Quite boy-ish in appearance.
Her near rubyred hair is cropped quite short, reaching under her ears in a haphazard manner. Ruffled into several direction as it doesn't seem to be modelled properly, more carelessly brushed out of her face.

Is mostly seen wearing leather armour that is strapped firmly into place to grant her ultimate movement and agility. Has several weapons and blades hidden upon herself and usually wears a large oversized hat on her head.

She seems to be overly hyper at most times, speaking in a fast manner of speech and nearly constantly in a loud, yelling voice. Putting a lot of expression into her words by moving her hands. Displaying a rather agressive nature at first glance aswell, with a whole array of crude and foul words.

Ari's eyes are a vivid shade of sapphire green and a few freckles adorn her nose and when she smiles small dimples appear upon her face.
However a frown is more often then not apparent seeing she seems to have a short-tempered and explosive character.

Not a very socially comfortable person as she may say the wrong things easily. Acting before she thinks. She is a kindhearted and joking person, trying her best to be lighthearted and pleasant but her short fuse and temper often get in the way. Very protective of her loved ones and values the "family" she has above everything else. Very low self-esteem which makes her often behave insecurely and think the worst of herself, thinking others wouldn't see her as anything valuable.

Ariana was born as the daughter of a brewer in the small and poor village of Krom in the Arathi mountains, she lived through a childhood of physical abuse of the drunken father and a mother who didn't dare to interfere. Always being told she was worthless and good for nothing she started to believe that she was indeed never going to be loved. The Goldheart family -mainly Jarren- took to looking after her in the worst moments, which resulted in Ariana befriending Jarren and eventually developping a major crush upon the young man. Other children in the village usually took to taunting and bullying Ari, causing the girl to become an agressive and brawling teenager to defend herself and get rid of the pent up hurt always carried with her.

When Jarren left she did so soon after herself, trying to hide that she wanted to be away from the village she pretended she would try and bring Jarren back. Once arrived in Stromgarde Ari was met with the news that Jarren had found himself a woman he loves to which Ari found it her duty to make his life living hell to repeatedly shun Adenah and call her a witch. Not fitting in and feeling like an outsider she immediatly fell into her old habit of yelling and agression towards everything and everyone. Struggling to make other friends than Jarren she slowly learned how to fight a little.

Within a very short period Ari found herself chosen to infiltrate the Ravenholdt Sanctuary, a mission of which she knew nothing about in detail when she left together with Erahn to Hillsbrad. Becoming part of the merry band of assassins wasn't an easy feat for the young, untrained and clueless girl. Often the target of sharp words and punishments she was caught eventually due to a visit of Jarren and Melan. Vincent Whitecastle - Vulture- intended on killing the girl and maimed her viciously before she could crack the device that would teleport her to safety crafted by Michael Dellore.

Surviving this left Ariana with a severe feeling of self-hatred, believing she had failed her task. Not neccesarily helped by the leading officers of Stromgarde who she always ended up clashing with. Recklessly she fled the city and trecked South to Stormwind, deciding she had enough of the people always picking on her and making her feel miserable.

Once in Stormwind Ariana ran into Fenryx who became the main source of the girl's changes, going through a traumatising event she got brought to Gilneas by the help of Corvus. Hiding away and drawn into herself for a long period of time, having no intention to return home nor to Stromgarde.
There she started to feel lonely and asked to be escorted back to the city of Stormwind a few weeks later. Staying in the orphanage in exchange for her help with the children Ariana found solace and peace with the young ones who helped her opening up a little again.

Jarren and Melan found her there, slowly trying to convince her to return back to Stromgarde. Thanks to the push (and booze) from Jarren, Ari and Melan grew closer and eventually fell in love. Seeking support from the young man Ariana felt happy again. Disbelieving of her incredible luck to have found someone as special and perfect as Melan (in her eyes) she came out of her shell to become who she is today. Returning to be with her people she did (and does) her best to give her best efforts, having found family in Eodan as her brother who's name she now uses instead of the deceased father who never wanted her to begin with. Ariana being the product of his unfaithfull wife, resulting in the years of abuse and harted Ariana had to endure.

Ariana did her rite of passage/adulthood and became known as Emberheart, her rite-animal a fox to which she could easily relate.

Things you may know about this character: A soldier of Kingdom of Stromgarde, Engaged to Melan "Lionsclaw"

Things you may not know about this character: Nothing specific springs to mind

Possible crime record: None

Other information:

Picture of Ariana

Stories and more pictures:


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Re: Ariana 'Emberheart" Haidren

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Lurve the picture.
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