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Alorah Starwhisper

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Character name: Alorah Starwhisper
Titles: Archmagistrix, Master of Illusionism, Ambassador of Dalaran, Crystalweaver
Alias: Illusionist, Lory, Ally
Gender: Female
Age: 203
Race: High Elf
Class: Mage/Illusionist

Birth region: Quel'thalas
Specific area/town: Quel'danas

  • Rhomlyn Starwhisper (Father)
  • Rin'elle Starwhisper (Mother)
  • Sariella Starwhisper (Twin sister)
  • Twilion Starwhisper (Younger brother)
  • Lori√© Starwhisper (Bastard Sister)
  • Larnira Darkmist (First cousin)
  • Iriel Silversong (Second cousin)

Alorah has several other (unplayed) siblings since elves live a long time and get bored in between.

Known friends or enemies:

Usually most magi in the Kirin Tor are befriend to Alorah, those whom she is seen with most are regarded as her closer friends, one such being Arenfel Serpentine whom she has known for centuries, similarly Vaell Silvine, and Kazbo Frostgear.
Alorah opposes all who break magical law or delve in forbidden magics.
And those who insult her hair.


"Alorah Starwhisper has a heart of gold. Well, figuratively... her heart is clearly made up of blood and flesh and- Oh, what was I saying again? Ah yes, Alorah Starwhisper is an angelic beauty. When I used to read books on Queen Azshara as a boy, the details of her appearance always navigated my imagination to picture Alorah. She is the kind of head turner to break a man's neck. She is a strong motivator to my young self discovering masturbation. Though, do not let her cover be judged by its book. Her passion for magic, teaching and hosting such prestigious and renowned events are all a few reasons as to why she is possibly one of the greatest Archmagi Dalaran has ever had the pleasure of posessing." - Vaell Silvine.

Alorah's appearance is remarkably typical of the high elf sterotypes; her features are very sharp and symmetrical without being gaunt or elongated. She sports impossibly long golden hair that ends at the back of her knees, wide untainted blue eyes that take up most of her face, surrounded by an array of feathery lashes, and milky white skin that lacks flaw. She seems to favor all the colours baby-blue, lilac or pink and is often seen clad in such, however she always bears some kind of symbol of her noble house or a Kirin Tor signet.
There has been speculations that Alorah's beautiful appearances are illusive, such as her breasts changing in size depending on what she's wearing, or her hair varying in length - being short one day and long the next, however these seem to be the only things she is prone to configure.

Like all other Starwhispers, Alorah has a forehead signet in the centre of her brow. It looks like a simple blue rhombus shaped gem but is stuck fast to her skin, flesh and skull - it's removal would kill her. It signifies the Starwhisper ability to manipulate crystals.


"Alorah is a good person. She is serious if needed and open to people and friendships. She does react like a child to sweets though. Keep her away from those." - Larnira Darkmist

When Alorah was a child, she was exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality or social standings. Now she's just more attentive.
Known as the hyper-active archmagistrix, Alorah is very sunny and positive, and always looks for the silver-lining in bad situations. She inherited her catch-phrase/verbal tic 'KORA!' from a morph of the Thalassian and Common language, which is an obscure version of 'Courage' and she usually loudly proclaims this when excited or frustrated and/or uses it as a mantra to boost moral of her students, peers or even herself. Alorah, for years, has been isolated by her colleagues for her odd personality. She has a number of childish traits; like being a very picky eater, she almost exclusively eats sweet things and is a frequent customer at cake shops (Alorah has joked that her appearance is actually an illusion and she's really a fat mess beneath due to her diet), and being afraid of ghosts. She is also fond of making inappropriate jokes, or jokes at inappropriate times. However, whenever someone dear to her is in trouble or the situation calls for it, Alorah can be very serious, and will instantly try to come to their aid.

Alorah learns through her body, as she can be relatively naive, and being slow to understand a principle or situation, which often requires an oversimplified analogy in order to grasp what is being explained to her. Overall, Alorah responds best to competition and has a great deal of self-confidence, loudly proclaiming that she will master whatever technique she is learning or cream what ever opponent she faces, which is a coping method she inherited after growing up in the shadow of her sisters' talent, though she doesn't hesitate to ask for help if she needs it. Despite her relative simplicity, Alorah's IQ scores high, and the fact that others regularly underestimate her is usually their un-doing. Being an illusionist, Alorah has a very keen eye for detail, and often finds loopholes with spells or situations that allow her to understand and act quickly, however this can sometimes go completely haywire and Alorah assumes wrongly, like mistaking a hug for an on-coming attack.

In retrospect to Alorah's bright demeanor, she can become very lowly when reminded of her faults or current mistakes, and often comes down too hard on herself, particularly for the defection of her first student Naz'aya Serpentine - Arenfel's daughter. So much so it caused her to refuse taking on any students for a number of years, and blaming herself for Naz'aya's turncloak.


"Alorah is an Ilusionist, this means that her expertise in the arcane lays in weaving images out of mana to deceive or disillusion others. Some call users of this craft deceivers, and manipulators through imagery.
However, I would like to think Alorah puts a different spin on her magic. Our world can so often be dull and dreary, but Starwhisper manages to see the good in people; and envisions a world much more colourful than ours.
Her spells outside of the fray reflect that, she is a dreamer and a positive example for ilusionists. Positivity and optimism projected, not just deception."

Alorah's skills with illusion are unmatched, which is theoretically dependent on her skills with art, when with free time Alorah takes up painting and drawing, and usually carries a sketch book around with her. Her attention to detail with art shows in her illusions as they are almost always without a single flaw or eye-catching oddity - this is through intense study of everything. From apples to suits of armor, animals, different races - Alorah dedicated a lot of her life to travelling and seeing these things to improve her skill, and it has by far paid off.
Alorah's second ability is Divination, which she became more solely in touch with when training her first student - who wished to master in the school. She also learned greatly from her peers, her fiance Khazard taught her a lot of enchantment and her best friend Arenfel provided knowledge of Abjuration.

Alorah maintains her families crystal manipualtion ability, and has created many techniques from it. This ranges from making needles as long as knitting pins out of crystal, to making an armor against melee attacks.

"Her level of skill would be impressive if elves were not known for use of magic, she does however possess the quality of only annoying me to a slight degree..." - Kazbo Frostgear


"Don't kick a dog when it's just a pup, 'cause you're gonna regret it when the pup grows up." -Young Alorah.

Born into noble house Starwhisper, she was named by her grandfather after the flower Starblossom and lived a sheltered life. Alorah came into the world holding her twin sisters' foot, and this soon came to be a symbol of Alorah always achieving beneath her twin, Sariella. Her father, whom was also her teacher began to favor her sister over Alorah, due to her being an easy learner and quick to pick things up, Alorah on the other hand being slower and needing an over-simplified analogy of whatever was being explained to her before she would be able to grasp its concept, she was eventually more or less isolated.
Due to the prejudice and loneliness she suffered in her childhood, Alorah developed a craving for acknowledgement. In order to achieve this, Alorah would often resort to acting out, such as vandalizing Dalarini property, or giving the illustrations in books sexual organs on their foreheads. Such behaviour did not any favors from her father, but it did however attract the attention of a certain Khazard Courcelle, who became friends with her. She later found a friend in Arenfel Serpentine and Catherine Tyrell whom she met in classes - she was maid of honor at Catherine's wedding to Arenfel and later became a teacher to their daughter Naz'aya Serpentine and taught her divination for years.
Alorah eventually became betrothed to the equally highborn Courcelle man later in life, however the Courcelle's and Starwhispers were never friendly Houses. She finally became an Archmage and everything was going well for her, until Dalaran fell.
Multiple people perished, Khazard included, the proud Courcelle's blamed Alorah for his death and a feud occurred between the two houses. Alorah lost a lot in the Dalaran disaster, including her student Naz'aya who was imprisoned for divinating with demons blood. She had escaped when the walls of her cell were broken, leaving a surprisingly naked Vaell Silvine behind.
The depression the loss of Khazard, Naz'aya and the great numbers of her people still effects her to this day. SOme speculate it's why Alorah is always so happy, because it is actually a mask for the sorrow she illudes.
Alorah became greatly involved within the Alliance after Dalaran declared itself neutral, a prospect Alorah never liked at all. She began to spend more time in Eastern Kingdoms instead of Northrend, and eventually when Drustai the Necromancer performed a raising in Dalaran Alorah hosted a man-hunt for her, bringing troops of Dalarini professionals to help, such as Vaell Silvine, Kazbo and Olivier Frostgear and her own mage hunter sister, Sariella. Alorah later became an ambassador to Dalaran.
She still partakes in Alliance investigations to magic abusers.

Things you may know about this character:

  • Alorah has a sweet tooth.
  • She is the archmagi lecturer of illusionism.
  • She is unmarried.
  • She acts as ambassador to Dalaran.

Things you may not know about this character:

  • She lost her fianc√© in the Dalaran disaster.

Possible crime record:

  • Several chagres of vandalism.

Other information:
Alorah's battle theme.

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