Intelligence report in the Arathi highlands.

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Intelligence report in the Arathi highlands.

Post by Amaryl on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:58 am

A letter is send by courier to following commanders of the units preparing for northern campaign:

The greyford company - Commander Raenmar
Kingdom of stromgarde - Head-archer Melan
The three hammers - Marshal Steelfist


The 157th company has been spending its time, gathering intelligence and trying to disrupt the horde activities in arathi, in preparation of the campaign.
In accordance with the agreement made in the northern council, as well as to improve our chances for the coming campaign, these our current findings:

I shall keep this concise and leave out most details in case the courier is intercepted - if you wish elaboration, during the strategy meeting i will be able to provide:

Intelligence of our oponents:

  • There is heavy patrolling from Forsaken between the wall, and Stromgarde.
  • The Red-blades are really anxious for a fight, mad even.
  • The Forsaken and the orcs will probably not form a united front.
  • The Orcs will likely not abide by their current treaties in their lust for blood.
  • Their is dissension amongst the Orcs ranks.

Tactical information:

  • the 157th, bombarded Hammerfall we destroyed one guard-tower and there is damage to the observation deck.
  • It is clear that once we clear the thandol span our flank is vulnerable from attack, from Hammerfall, take that under advisement when forming our strategy.


Captain Amaryl
157th -Wild Tempest- company


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