I am coming home.

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I am coming home.

Post by Emrys on Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:37 pm

((Been a while since I wrote anything... Here's a little something about the events just before I wish to return to the RP scene with Emrys ^^"))


The evening slowly enveloped the Scryer’s quarters in Shattrath. Emrys held her quill lightly, coming to the conclusion she was no good at writing inspirational letters to the home front as she ruined yet another piece of parchment by crumbling it into a ball. She straightened her thin satin robe absent-mindedly and found her soft sigh somehow echoed through the silent room. She closed her eyes briefly, taking in the sounds and smells around her. Ermys’ long Elven ears perked up at the soft yet present sound of footsteps, the subtle yet clearly noticeable sound of leather soles touching the stone floor. She would have thought no differently of it if it were not so very quiet, the sounds of wildlife could usually be heard well within her chambers, but all seemed eerily silent this evening. Besides for those footsteps, that is.

“Can I help you with anything?”

The intruder paused, the somewhat deep, heavy breaths did not seem to indicate this was Siluen, whom was usually so very silent, it was as if she did not have to breathe at all. Emrys turned around on her stool, one of her arms resting on her desk as her eyes scanned the now lowly lit room. Her Elven vision being well adapted to these conditions, managed to find the shadowy figure without much delay, hunkering in the shadows, on edge for being caught. It was a broad, muscular figure, twice as broad as any of the Scryers present in this part of the city. Emrys stared at him, trying to meet the man’s eyes, smiling as she saw that familiar flicker.

“Why so hesitant…? Come closer, I insist.”

She kept her gaze fixed upon the irises of the Orc. He seemed to have no other choice but to move closer to the frail Elven woman, rising from her stool and picking up the golden staff that was resting against the desk beside her, never once lifting her eyes of him. Emrys’ slim fingers wrapped themselves around the cool metal, a faint smirk remaining on her lips, her free hand placed upon her hip.

“You realize now, that if you had acted swiftly… I would not have stood a chance against those razor sharp daggers of yours…” she paused, raising an eyebrow, “but alas… you chose to… hesitate.”

She stepped closer to the Orc, he appeared to be clad in dark leather, his entire head, besides his eyes, covered by wrappings. It was all very roughly stitched together, obviously not crafted by delicate hands alike her own robes. Emrys’ smile broadened, her light green eyes piercing through the dark and the Orc’s mind. It was an unlikely turn of events for the small, Elven priestess to hold power over the much larger Orc, equipped with weapons that could have caused the death of her with a swift slit of her neck. A situation Emrys seemed to relish, her kind, soft smile now having a menacing quality to it.

“Do not look into a priestess’ eyes, mister Orc, no matter how alluring she may seem... For the fact remains… She can be a cruel mistress.”

Emrys gripped the golden stave tightly, mumbled a swift spell and swung her arm around for the metal to hit the Orc in the temple with divinely enhanced strength and speed, enough for the bulky creature to drop to the floor at the priestess’ feet. Usually renowned for her gentle demeanor, Emrys’ eyes flared up as she gazed down upon the dead Orc’s body, which she confirmed to be truly dead afterwards, by kneeling down and checking the intruder’s pulse. Siluen entered the room as Emrys rose to her feet, the rogue’s small, pale face covered with stains of blood. She paused as soon as she noticed the other Elf had apparently felled an Orc on her own.

“Those Kor’kron are shit assassins, I heard them coming from a mile away. If only those hairless apes would listen to the Forsaken a bit more often … did yours kick the bucket as well?”

Emrys nodded, still holding on to her staff. Siluen grinned lightly and muttered something along the lines of ‘didn’t know you had it in you, madam.’ Emrys on the other hand, looked up at another Elven female entering the chambers.

“Miss Sunwing, there are Orc corpse- oh! By the Sunwell!”

The Elf grasped her mouth, as her jaw had dropped in amazement, with both of her hands, struggling to maintain her composure. Emrys looked at her and smiled, which by means not really visible to Siluen, appeared to have a soothing effect upon the Scryer. The rogue ran her fingers through her wild, white hair and shrugged her shoulders, looking in another direction herself not wanting to involve herself with anything that could potentially mess with her awareness.

“C-could you explain to me… What happened, miss Sunwing..?”
“Some Kor’kron Orcs up to no good… Awfully unwise of Orcs to venture so very near a settlement full of Draenei, would you not agree?”

It did not take very long for the female Elf to understand what Emrys had meant to say, it became especially clear with the impish grin Siluen was sporting in the background upon hearing Emrys’ words. Others came to help swiftly after the Elven female had left, the atmosphere was grim, but resolute as the young priestess overviewed the situation of other Elves removing the Orcish corpses from the premises. Her silence somehow unnerved the rogue, whom rested with her back against the wall, lighting a cigarette.

Emrys took a deep, somewhat quivering breath, running her fingers down her slim neckline. She wandered outside her chambers, looking up at the oddly colored skies the Outlands provided. Pondering to herself what would have happened had she not noticed those footsteps in time. Life was a fragile thing, even for those that are able to last for centuries, far too precious to spend in hiding. But there was so little hope at this point. For her people, for the Horde… it was all going to unfold, but she could not tell how and when. All she knew for certain was where she wished to be when the inevitable happened.

The priestess returned to her chambers and sat down upon the stool, picking up a new piece of parchment and dipping the quill she had left on the desk into the black ink.

I am coming home.



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Re: I am coming home.

Post by Solanum on Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:20 pm

((I left her with Siluen for 2 weeks, and my charming priestess has taken to clobbering down orcs with her staff!
Nicely written, and looking forward to your return <3))

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Re: I am coming home.

Post by Xen-tau on Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:46 pm

((Enjoyed the story! Good to see Emmy is whooping ass! Will she brag about it in SMC? ;D))

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Idea borrowed from: Nilda Meyrick and Monrena

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Re: I am coming home.

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