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Character name: Kashou ( Elven name remains unknown as she has never used it since moving to Stormwind. )
Alias: "Kash", "Elf", "Ears".
Gender: Female
Age: Roughly 1000
Race: Night Elf
Class: Warrior / Mercenary

Birth region: Winterspring
Specific area/town: Lesser settlement
Family: Parents, Several older siblings, Daughter.
Known friends: Doesn't admit to having a single friend, but there are some members of the Blades that she speaks more with than others.
Known enemies: Anyone the Blades would require her to have as an enemy. Also not very fond of fel users.

Tall and muscular. Most of the time covering up what little distinct female attributes she has with a mix of full covering leather and plate armor.
Cold and silent. Most of the time only speaks when describing how stupid someone is or when insulting them in any other way.
Extremely prude and seems to lack any sense of humor except for the occasional sarcastic remark.
As with so many others talk to her icly to gain any information.
Things you may know about this character:
Constantly appearing in the background observing the situation. Follows around a certain popular Worgen from time to time for no apparent reason.
Have issues with always having to see the logical side of things which hinders her greatly in situations that would require you to act on impulse.
Loves snow but despises its liquid cousin.
Has hydrophobia towards larger and deeper sources of water.
Things you may not know about this character:
Yes, there is in fact a face under that helmet.
She does not always wear the armor and only choses to don it while outside in case a job or situation should arise. In fact most of the time while at her residence is spent with very little clothes due to the soreness her skin receives from the extended use of said armor.
Despite suffering from hydrophobia one of, if not he only hobby that she has is prolonged baths, which she tends to take close to every day after returning from touring the city.
Possible crime record:
There should exist none under the name Kashou at least.

Other information: Her hydrophobia only stretches so have her be affected by water sources deep enough for her to be unable to see the bottom in and even then only when she actually has to cross it or step into it. As such she is not going to panic as soon as it starts raining or upon seeing a moon well. Taking her on a ship however is most likely as stupid as it sounds.

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