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Arkil Stormfeather

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Character name: Arkil Stormfeather
Alias: Archdruid of the Antler, Keeper of Life and Warden of the Glade. Archdruid and Councillor of The Order of Nature's Grasp. Alliance Field Marshall and Captain of the Alliance Northern Vanguard. "The White Hart of the Deepwoods"
Former Keeper and Grand Shan'Do of the Order of Nature's Grasp, Leader of the Wildhearts of Cenarius.

Gender: Male
Age: 6,760
Race: Kaldorei
Class: Druid

Birth region: Ferelas, raised in Moonglade
Family: Kåsandra Stormfeather (Sister), Thaldir Shadowstar (Brother)
Known friends or enemies: Zulion Nightbreaker (lover), Lynnayla Firedawn (F), Kaldur Winterwind (F), Aariam Nighborne (F), Lomenar Nightsinger (F), Chieftan Sonitus (F), Thondalar Stormleaf (F), Many of the Stormwind bodies of authority and the Dwarven Senate. Darathir Drakesfire (E), Evesia Moonflame (E)

“The Wildhearts of Cenarius follow the teachings of Cenarius and represent the Cenarion Circle within Natures Grasp. No matter what branch of Druid you represent, you will feel at home with the Wildhearts as long as you think the Balance is important. But not only Druids can have a wild heart. All Kaldorei share an affinity for nature, from Hunters who fight alongside beasts, to scholars who study its many wonders. Nature is the keystone and the Wildhearts of Cenarius are led by Grand Shan’do Arkil Stormfeather.” The handsome man stepping forward followed by the thumps of his staff moves with subtle grace and wears a warm smile. The Grand Shan’Do’s golden eyes sparkle lightly as her eyes meet his and his smile turn slightly more into a smile similar to the Keeper’s as he tilts his head a little." - Arkil as Grand Shan'Do of the Order of Nature's Grasp

He stands at an average height and has a youthful look that makes him appear still in the prime of his life. His hair is a pale green, almost white in the moonlight and neatly kept, which reflects his interest in appearing presentable at all times. His elongated beard is in keeping with his hair and long slender eyebrows that all give him a rather distinguished appearance that isn't common in Druids. He has a savage hole ripped through his left ear, an old war wound sustained during The War of the Shifting Sands. His sense of dress mirrors his vanity in the way that it is a promotional tool for his craft and his status. He is often seen wearing thick, decorated leathers with embellishments and details that could be put on a par with the craftsmanship seen in Quel'dorei dress.

Personality: Arkil Stormfeather is wise beyond his years, drawing his morals and ethical code from experience and wisdom gained from his peers and comrades. His attitude shifts quickly and can often be undetermined thanks to his sometimes radical views and opinions but he is regarded by most as a friendly, welcoming character who has little bad to say of anyone he meets. He has a fierce temper when provoked and stands unmovable for what he believes in. A passionate teacher, and tactical commander on the battlefield, he is known for speaking in riddles or often philosophically.

History: Born in Ferelas, Arkil spent his early life training under his father's teachings; a Druid of the Antler. He was raised in Malorne's footsteps and when he came of age specialised in the use of natural energies to defend the forests of Kalimdor, before enlisting with the Cenarion Circle to aid them in their cause. His family moved to Nighthaven, Moonglade around his 300th name day. Two thousand years of his life were spent hibernating within the Emerald Dream, repaying his debt to the aspect Ysera. At the time of The War of the Shifting Sands, Arkil was there beside the Cenarion Circle and again in the forests of Ashenvale and later at the opening of The Dark Portal, keeping a foothold in the Eastern Kingdoms, holding back the Demonic push into Azeroth.

Following his time with the Canarion Circle, Arkil joined the Alliance Vanguard in their march to Northrend and aided the Circle again as a security escort as well as a short time aboard The Skybreaker. Upon leaving Northrend, Arkil and a close comrade were ambushed by fellow members of the Alliance over a personal feud, leaving him for dead; he was found days later half-dead in the Borean Tundra, his partner's body was never found but they were reunited following the discovery of Pandaria.

After leaving Northrend and returning to Moonglade, Arkil asked to join the Darnassian Order of Nature's Grasp, to use his skills and knowledge to benefit a cause closer to 'home'. Since his initiation within the Order he has quickly risen through the ranks and now holds the Order's highest office, of Keeper, and Grand Shan'Do, Leader of The Wildhearts of Cenarius. During his time with the Order he has worked to strengthen diplomatic ties with other members of the Alliance and rallied members of the Tauren to join the Kaldorei in the conservation of Mount Hyjal and the sacred forests of Ashenvale and Ferelas.

During his time as Keeper of the Order of Nature's Grasp, Arkil's accomplishments ranged from a radical shake up of the Order's administration, to playing a leading role in the Horde Rebellion against Garrosh Hellscream. Leading the Political and strategic conversations in Ashenvale, the Archdruid suffered a period of unease with his human comrades on matters of principal. As Grand Shan'Do Arkil oversaw a treaty with the Tauren of The Banner of the Bloodhoof, in order to conserve the sacred forests of Ashenvale from the march of the Warsong Lumber Mill, based on a mutual respect for the ancient guardians that reside there.

Following his resignation and withdrawal from the Order, Arkil returned to Nighthaven, naming a council to take command in his stead. After a period of seclusion, the Archdruid returned to Darnassus, and now has rejoined The Order of Nature's Grasp as a member of the Order's Council, Shan'Do and overseer of education.

Things you may know about this character: Arkil held the rank of Captain of the Alliance Vanguard in Northrend and still holds a great deal of interest in the affairs of the northlands. He has residents in Nighthaven in Moonglade, and a home in Dolanaar upon Teldrassil, where he works. Arkil has acted as Field Marshall during two campaigns with the Alliance, one on the assault of Orgrimmar during the Horde Rebellion, and the second during the Iron Horde's march into the Blasted Lands. He is a steadfast diplomat and prides himself on his ability to open dialogue between the races and factions beyond his order, for the betterment of a cause they all fight for. Though he has experienced a great deal of hostility during negotiations with notable members of the Alliance Military, he attempts to establish the Kaldorei as a go-to-force during times of war, based on their history and experience in warfare.

Things you may not know about this character: Arkil has recently been reunited with his former partner and now lover, and together they have studied the Great Trees of Azeroth, some of which are the home to a number of the Great Dream Portals. The activity at said portals has struck an alarm with the Keeper, and he considers himself quite the authority on the Great Trees and the power of the Moonwells. Having left the Order of Nature's Grasp, during a rebellion of the Highborne members, he was secretly admitted into the outlawed and hunted cultists, The Black Hand, where he was named 'Keeper of Life', during his short time among the cult, he bode his time to undermine the highborne influence in Darnassus and restore the Order to justice. He has now returned as counsel to the Keeper, and was a member of the Council that saw to the eternal imprisonment of the traitor Darathir Drakesfire.

Possible crime record: Illegally Framed for mass-murder and warcrimes by the Kingdom of Stormwind. Charges dropped.

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