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Character name: Zeiki
Alias: n/a
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Race: Troll, Zandalari
Class: Shaman

Birth region: Zandalar
Specific area/town: Zundalar
Family: Zeiki' biological family is long gone. His kin are his brothers and sisters.
Known friends or enemies: All the troll are his friends and his main enemy is the blood god Hakkar and his followers.

Description: Zeiki possess long purple braided hair, that reaches to the back of his neck; he's taller than the average troll, except a Drakkari; his body is slender yet muscular, contrasting to his beliefs and teachings; his teeth are sharp like fangs, due to his worship to the Loa of Beasts, Shirvallah.
Personality: Through out the years, Zeiki remained silenced towards the occuring events in Azeroth and beyond, studying and preserving rituals and the culture of the Troll. Even after the first two wars, Zeiki would only feel sadness. However, when news from the wicked Scourge being led by a human reached Zandalar, he felt horror and disgust. Zeiki is not one to initiate a fight, mostly due to the way he grew in Zandalar. However, if something harms his kin as a whole, he will rise to arms and fight for the cause.


Born before the first war, Zeiki was one among the many Zandalari who studied ancient scriptures within Zandalar. Long tusks, curly purple hair and strong muscles, Zeiki was one among many ‘scholars’ of the tribe. When the Age of Discovery began, several members of the tribe ventured into the wild, with their warmonger ideas of conquering and ruling. However, he stayed behind, for he was not eager to kill but to preserve the Troll culture. Within Zandalar, he followed the path of shamanism and connecting with the elements that surrounded all living things. He also worshiped the feline Loa Shirvallah, often transforming into a spectral tiger.

When he heard of a struggle for power between two young races, namely the Humans and Orcs, he could only feel pity for their bloodshed. Nevertheless, he continued studying and learning in Zuldazar, under the rule of King Rastakhan.

Second War

When the second war rose between the Trolls and the High Elves, Zeiki would only hope the salvation of his kin. As such, he joined some Zandalari to fight this new found enemy. However, he would only help as a guide through those dark times and not fight directly. After the second war, he returned home with new found knowledge of his primitivive kin.

Third War

When the third war arose, Zeiki was astonished by the way the young race of Humans could bore such horror. Even when Zul’Drak, one of the great Empires, was destroyed Zeiki knew something had to be done. He talked with some representatives of the wild tribes, trying to see if any was capable of ending the horror. However, the Amani were delighted by this new force as they were destroying their enemies: the High Elves.

Saddened for his kin to be so self-centered, he remained in Zandalar and continued his studies. The world was changing and not for the best. After the Cataclysm occurred and Pandaria was brought to light, he returned to the wilds, searching for new way to help his own kin.

Things you may know about this character: He is new to the wilds (beyond Zandalar), but knows of certain tribes existing in Azeroth.
Things you may not know about this character: Due to the worship to the Loa of Beasts, he gained a few powers. He is able to transform into a spectral wolf, immune to any physical attack. He is also an excellent tracker.
Possible crime record: n/a

Other information: New to the RP world, i'll introduce him first to the Gurubashi. Then, perhaps, to the remaining races. Only time will tell.

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