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Neeshin Shiningstrike

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Character name: Neeshin
Alias: Neeshin, Shiningstrike
Gender: Female
Age: Adulthood
Race: Pandaren
Class: Windwalker Monk, Martial Combatant, Cloud-serpent Rider, Student of The Rising-sun Technique.

Birth region: The Jade Forest
Specific area/town: Amidst The Serpent-Riders
Family: Two brothers and a grandfather.
Known friends or enemies: Connections within The Serpent-Riders, but openly aligned with The Alliance, although she does consider the war to be pointless and far too brutal.

Description: Although of average height for a Pandaren Female, Neeshin is well built with a mixture of strength and leaness that aids her combat agility, she's often found adorned in combat gear or robes befitting a student within The Temple of The Jade Serpent, but has a preference for shorts and loose-fitting clotheing (All the better to move in.), she has her short hair roughly tied back and the only real sign of self-pampering is a pair of golden earrings, previously owned by her grandmother.
Personality: Quiet, reflective and with a fondness for soliltude, Neeshin considers her combat training to be a form of enlightenment and of restraint, making her rather cautious, but often direact and blunt. She would contently contemplate her next move, but soon waste no time in it's execution.

She has a fondness for animals, specifically Cloud-serpents and enjoys the company of such beasts, training amidst the beautiful springs of The Forest with only her resting loyal Cloud-serpent for company is one of her favorite past times.

History: Neeshin is from a lineage of Pandaren Cloud-Serpents that are both renown and also considered retired, centuries ago when The Mogu enslaved them, The Cloudpaw (As they were known back then.) family were little more then Serpent Breeders, when it came to the rebellion, the head of the family was Choa'sin learn't the ways of the monk and lead the charge within the skies of Pandaren, as the story goes a village within The Jade Forest was being ransacked at the dead of night, by Mogu Marauders, after the towns militia fell the weak and young were rounded up and prepared for execution, Chao'sin and his squad burst in and fought the attackers as best they could, but were obviously no match for the stone-giants, Choa'sin in a desperate attempt to survive, mounted his Cloud-serpent and took to the skies, a mocking Mogu War-boss shrieked at his supposed fleeing and vouched on his cowardice, the tyrant was mid-sentence when Chao'sin came dropping from the sky, fist raised, catching the light of the recently rising sun, the blow landed and split the War-boss in half, with his fists illuminated by the heat of the sun, Choa'sin finished offed the remaining attackers and saved the town.

In the modern age, The Shiningstrikes pride themselves on The Rising-Sun Style technique (birthed by Choa'sins act of bravery) and although the fame of such an event is considered minimal given the passage of time, and no heroes of The Shiningstrike Clan have been seen in over several decades, Neeshin grew up hearing the heroic deeds of her ancestors and remained dedicated to creating her own legend.

During her youth, Neeshin was ambitious and determined, these qualities haven't left her, but she now reconises her life as a Monk to be of spiritual purity as well as physical perfection.

When the mists parted and the Alliance crashed within The Jade Forest, Neeshin was amongst the volunteers to aid the outsiders, she soon witnessed the brutality and blind-cruelty of The Horde and saved a handful of Pandaren children in the process, proving to be disturbed by what the mongrel races of The Horde stood for (as well as aligning themselves with the destructive Hozen) Neeshin soon accepted the invitation into The Alliance.

Things you may know about this character: [list]
[*]Comes from a family of legendary Serpent-Riders and Warrior-monks.

[*] Respectable level of skill in martial combat, swords and archery.

[*] Capable of wielding The Riseing-Sun Technique with a degree of precision.

[*] Owns a loyal golden Cloud-Serpent called Kasai who has a fondness for sleeping and warming up in the sun as his Rider trains.
Possible crime record: N/A

Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)

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