Cure for the Eversong Plague

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Cure for the Eversong Plague

Post by PartridgeKing on Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:09 pm

A few flyers have started to go up around the various Horde settlements in the Eastern Kingdoms, the Inn Keeper in the Undercity has a stack he's offering to anyone who'll take them and trees boarding the infected region of Eversong and Fairbreeze village have had them hastily pinned up.

*At the top of the parchment is a large stylised rendition of the black on white leafless tree the College of Revenants uses as its symbol*

The College of Revenants
Would have it be known that there is a functional cure for the Eversong Plague.

We are offering the preliminary draught to all showing symptoms of the ague, and to those willing to undergo the experimental therapy we are taking participants for the study on the basis of the progression of their symptoms.
We have two successfully treated patients - with only minor side effects - one in early-to-mid stage disease progression, and one in the late stage formerly terminal period. Could all volunteers wishing to participate in this second stage testing of the complete cure make themselves known to the College of Revenants. We will be distributing the 'Crackpan-Meadows' slowing draught through the Royal Apothecaries Society, and our own representatives within the Apothecarium Quarter of the Undercity. To those wishing to take part in our cure study we will be accepting applicants - prioritising terminal stage cases - for the 'Sevren Procedure' at the College tower itself located within the Ruins of Lordaeron.

We hope to refine our therapeutic technique in light of this study, and begin high rate throughput of the infected by the end of the week.

If you are late stage please make yourself know to us with all HASTE!
Even if you are unable to take part in the 'Sevren Procedure' study the 'Crackpan-Meadows' draught is sufficient to halt disease progression if dosage is maintained.

Please spread the news of this cure.

For the Horde & The Dark Lady

The College of Revenants

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