Narafin Sunwhisper

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Narafin Sunwhisper

Post by Kaleil Sunstrike on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:37 am

Character name: Narafin Sunwhisper
Alias: Blade (likely not not heard of)
Gender: Male.
Age: around 100.
Race: Blood Elf.
Class: Rogue.

Birth region:unknown
Specific are/town:unknown
Family: Nessra Sunbinder (Mother), Kristeas Sunbinder (step Father), Nareesha Sunwhisper (Sister), Ryak Sunwhisper (Twin Brother), Sinariel Sunwhisper (Cousin), Ashenila Sunwhisper (Cousin).
Known friends or Enemies: Etheao Duskwalker and Kaleil Sunstrike (friends)

Description: looks very similar to his twin Brother Ryak, other than the few scars Ryak carries and the longer hair Narafin has, you can tell they are twins. Unlike his Sunwhisper relatives however, Narafin seems a little more disciplined and respective compared to his Brother, Sister and Cousins, they have walked seperate paths for over 50 years and it is noticeable.
Narafin has great senses and a keen eye for danger, he is good to have with you in hunting party's.
The one thing he does continue from the Sunwhisper legacy is that he is very flirty and a lover of many women.
Personality: Cunning but Respectable.
History: was a Farstrider for most of his adult life until he became the personal assassin for Kaleil Sunstrike and had worked for Sin Belore since its beginning.
Things you may know: Not much as most of his work has been secret, you may feel as if you can trust this charecter but will eill likely feel there is something "dark" about him.
Things you may not know: Been Kaleils assassin he was ordered to do things he would never agree with, Narafin not long ago tortured and murdered a Blood Elf magister for the Sin Drassil it almost backfired as they tried to pin it on Aisling Silversun it was made aware that Kaleil somehow played apart in it. To this day nothing has been proven.
Possible crime record: Clean

Other information: usually keeps track on Farstrider activity and recently joined the Circle of Serpants (family organisation not a guild) Sin Belore soldier.
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