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Crowley Greysmith

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Character name: Crowley Easton Greysmith
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Race: Human
Class: Mage, evocation & enchantment as his primary school specializations.
Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Lordaeron Capital City
Father- Easton Davian Greysmith (Passed away)
Mother - Laura Quendallin Calfer (Passed away)
Wife - Larissa Greysmith (Passed away)
Son - Davian Greysmith (Passed away)
Half sister - Chriselda Dawkins (Passed away)

Known friends:
Crowley is friendly to most of the decent people, lately even to 'good' death knights, but little have his trust.
Known enemies:
Several individuals;
Most of the Black Hand.

He looks like an average, but quite handsome man in his fourties, he is not too muscular, about average height of about 6 feet tall and weight of around 160 lbs.
He has a deep look in his eyes, sometimes he looks angry or very serious. He keeps his black hair well taken care of and he is always cleanly shaven, except his beard, on his chin.
Crowley wears expensive looking clothing and some items may have his family crest on them, representing his noble roots in Lordaeron Capital City. He wears fine, custom tailored leather boots, gloves and belt.

Crowley usually is very well mannered and enjoys benefits of good, wealthy life, showing some of his noble roots, however time away from them and the events in his life have made him lose part of his former personality and become secretive and less open about his feelings and past. He has low prejudice and high will to learn the arcane and mysteries. He is quite intelligent and will deal with rationality and caution mostly, however his judgement is easily clouded by true emotions, such as: anger, fear or doubt. He will try to avoid conflict in most cases, with exceptions. He does not like to be chained by laws or code, he will often follow his own heart, even if it means evading laws. Crowley`s personality is like fire - Learn to control it, it will be a powerful force in your hands, but play with fire carelessly and you will get burnt.


(Fragments of the story I have written of Crowley. If you have a reason to know more, or simply fancy a read, contact me)

Early Life:
(..)Crowley was born in a known wealthy and noble family in the Capital City of Lordaeron. He was raised with a firm, but loving hand, both of his parents were magi, so the arcane flows through his bloodline. Crowley started practising magic, as soon as he became literate, showing some talent, taking after his father, to pursue the magic school of evocation. He never got into any fights or trouble, because he always knew how to talk his way out of them. At the age of 14 he was introduced to several scholars in the Violet academy in Dalaran, picking his teachers, as he was sent there to study, as a student of Arenfel Serpentine, an archmage, who Easton(Crowley`s father) was working together with. Crowley leaned towards Fire magic and it`s manipulation the most. For the time of his studies, he moved to live in Dalaran, with the High Elves, learning their language and many other things of their ancient, noble culture.

At the age of 19, studying in Dalaran, he met another young arcanist, named Margos. He didnt have a last name or any family, he was an orphan. They got off very well and found that they have very similar taste and talents at magic. Margos was essentially talanted sorcerer, but also very reckless and arrogant. They soon became the best friends(..), but there was always something about Margos, that he didnt see the line to not cross. He was rude sometimes, messing with the people he shouldnt have to, insulting those who didnt agree with him, but Crowley was always there to back him up and get him out of trouble, as he was more responsible and well raised. Crowley stood watching Margos slowly turning into someone else, but he didnt do anything about it, of fear of losing his best friend(..).His punishment was imprisionment in the Violet Hold, but Crowley begged his masters and his father to reconsider. Easton`s heart was broken as he saw his son so devastated about his best friend and used his infulence, to lower Margos` punishment to expolsion and banishment from Dalaran City and the Kirin Tor(..). Crowley`s best friend and years of friendship was gone and a new chapter in his life began.

The Noble Life
After a couple of years Crowley had moved on and completely forgotten about Margos and devoted himself to research and his own growth and development. He was nothing like Margos, he used magic with caution, even if it meant losing most of it`s power, until he had mastered it to be certain of himself enaugh to use it with more power. Crowley loved to study. He stayed out of violence, going deep into his books and research. When Crowley reached 25, his life took a horrible turn, as his homeland was in peril, from the dreaded undead Scourge.(..)
Crowley returned to Lordaeron, to find his family and take refuge to Stormwind(..), however during these events his family was killed. When his refuge group of only seven people finally reached Stormwind, he didnt know what to do – his mother was dead, his father was lost somewhere, possibly dead as well, as confirmed later. After a while, after living in an Inn of Stormwind, Crowley heard about the fall of Quel`Thalas. And the return of the Burning Legion. He stayed low for a while, recovering from his losses, being too scared and uncertain to join the war. As the Legion was stopped in Kalimdor, Crowley moved back to Dalaran, to finish his studies. Soon he met Larissa(..), who he married and had a son. Crowley named him after his father`s middle name – Davian, to honor his name, as he stood against the evil, while others were hiding. Crowley was living a peaceful life from that moment. Crowley was trying his best to be a great father, but not to spoil his son too much, as his father always taught him, and did well, living together with his loved wife in Dalaran city, that was being rebuilt, after near-destruction by the power of a demon-lord Archemonde.

When Crowley`s son had reached his ninth birthday, Crowley had taught him a lot already and was reaching himself for the title archmage, as he had nearly mastered the evocation art. One day, when he came home from working late, and saw a strange hooded man in dark robes on the road. The hooded figure was looking right at him, his eyes covered by the hood and Crowley couldnt but feel a wrong, dark aura coming from him. He asked who the man was, only to see a grin appear below the hooded man`s hidden eyes. He asked again, louder, grabbing the hilt of his spellblade. The hooded man slowly took off his hood, to reveal something unexpected. It was Margos. Crowley couldnt believe his eyes, as his eyes widened and lips formed a smile. He let out a loud cheer of joy, calling out Margos` name, but then got silent, remembering what Margos had done and thinking what might have happened with him over all these years(..). Eventually Crowley challanged Margos to a duel, which he lost to Margos` superior dark magic(..). Margos let Crowley flee, which he did. He gathered his family and fled from Dalaran, to hide from Margos(..).

Shadows: Ascending:
Crowley was in running. He wanted to hide from Margos with his family. He was scared about their lives(..) They were running, until he found a house in a place dark enaugh to be well hidden. He told his wife and son that it was just temporary while he`ll deal with the threat. They shouldnt be living in such a dreadful place. He lit the fireplace and looked through out the windows, to make sure. He had finally gotten rid of Margos for good. He sadly sat by the window and looked at the golden Westfall across the river, through the gloomy forest, their safehouse was in. He started his routine again, going to work in Dalaran during the day, leaving early, seeing to not leave a trace behind him, return back to his family(..) Crowley`s wife and son were killed by Margos in events, shortly after it, and he was kidnapped, during that time, after which he was let go by Margos, to be made sure of what has happened with his own eyes. It sent Crowley into a mindless vendetta. Crowley was consumed by anger, rage, sorrow and lust for vengance. Margos had told Crowley that his magic was inferior, during their duel, which now had seeped deep into Crowley`s mind, so he sought to fight fire with fire and went completely off the reservation, to learn the same dark magic, Margos was using against him(..).

Shadows: The invisible hooks:
Crowley was ready. Prepared to meet Margos again. He will fight shadow with shadow. He will avenge his family. He went there with one reason and one alone, to kill Margos. He didnt care about anything else, not the consiquences, nothing. There was only the mission, nothing else(..). After Margos defeated Crowley with ease again, Crowley succumbed to despair and Margos manipulated Crowley into a dark pact, that would be broken upon Margos` death. A pact that would supposedly grant Crowley enaugh power to slay Margos, but to gain it, he would have to follow his command(..). Crowley was granted this power, after he swore to the pact with his soul. He felt the power within him, but his memories rapidly fell into oblivion, leaving only a pile of hatered and anger(..). Crowley aimed this new-found power to destroy Margos(..), but after their fight, which took place in several places and concluded in Dalaran city, he had slain a Kirin Tor mage and badly injured two others, while Margos`s grin gloomed through the flames, Crowley had caused, victoriously proud of his creation. Once Crowley finally was able to calm down slightly and see through his rage-blinded eyes again, he realized what he had done, that he had killed an innocent man in his rage to destroy Margos(..). Crowley was in a deep depression for a couple of weeks after this, but Margos took care of him and continuously taught him, keeping him, as if preparing him for something big, but never told him anything about it, nor Crowley asked in his state. Margos kept him in a deep secret research lab, down in Stormwind`s sewers 'safe from those who would hunt him now'(..).

Shadows: In shade of a shadow lord:
Eventually the time came and during some dark ritual Crowley stabbed Margos through his heart(..), but it wasnt what it appeared to be. Crowley killing Margos was only a decoy, a part of Margos` plan. Instead Margos was sent to the realm of shadows, or the spirit realm and Crowley was not freed from the pact, thus he had to keep obeying Margos against his own will(..).
(The following events happened IC, but are also described in the story, that contains much more detail, I will only post fragments)

Shadows: Descending:
Crowley was following Margos` instructions carefully and also had joined the Blades for Hire, as his work required more money and was a perfect cover. He was ready. The blades were on yet another job, out in the mountains, while Crowley was gathering his things from the Pig and Whistle tavern – also the blades` headquarters. He ran into the commander and captain of the blades – lord Humphry and Kittrina. They were aware that Crowley`s name had come up in the council`s list of fallen mages, warlocks and cultists. Crowley was nearly done with the instructions. He had been following them perfectly, if he hadnt made one mistake. Maybe he made it deep subconciously, just to help himself, maybe not.  He still needed more gold and he could not blow his cower as a mercenary. He accepted a job, they offered him. It was supposed to be a simple escort mission. What Crowley didnt know, or well he suspeceted, but didnt think of it nearly enaugh for Margos to know it, as he has been keeping track of Crowley ever since - Crowley`s name had come up in a council meeting. He always went with a cover name, but he had told his name to a couple of people, out of habbit. They were taking him to the Wesbrook Garrison, where one of the last paladin orders, called the Disciples of the Light had their headquarters. Crowley was lead in the dungeon, where the cells are. He was arrested and told to move inside a cell. He willingly disarmed himself and allowed a magical collar to be placed around his neck, that would prevent spellcasting.  He walked inside the cell, where soon after he met chaplain Rae Wulfgnar and was questioned by him and his disciples. He argued with the chaplain for a long time, before he was left in the cell, for the time of his investigation. Crowley spoke with the chaplain more and more often, explaining why he was there, since Margos could no longer penetrate through the anti-magic wardings and his collar. This was his chance. He had to use it. For some reason, even overlooking the fact that Crowley looked near a Forsaken without his illusions in those dungeons , he managed to convince the chaplain to release him eventually.
It was the fifth day, since Crowley was in his cell in the Garrison. A lot had happened in these five days. He told nobody else, but Rae Wulfgnar, the chaplain of these paladins, the truth, which might have as well been a lie, to manipulate him. Something softened the young paladin`s heart, when he looked at Crowley. Crowley saw it and was surprised how much Rae trusted him. His memory was still blurred, though. He saw a chance. A chance to redemption. Perhaps a fools hope, but the paladin had awoken something he hadnt felt for years, in Crowley. He couldnt make out what, but it broke through his chest and emotionless mind... Arenfel Serpentine – a visitor Crowley hadnt expected to come. He told him about his disappearance from Dalaran and Crowley explained what had to be done. He trusted his old master and teacher, who surprisingly trusted Crowley at that time, even seeing him like that. Crowley led a group of Disciples and magi of Kirin Tor to his lair and summoned the horror that Margos had stored within the shadow crystal on top of the staff – a voidking. These were greater voidwalkers, this one had a crown on it`s head, to match the name. They battled the demon and banished it back to the shadowrealm, shattering the crystal. It`s corruption managed to affect one of the fighters in the room, but that was dealth with soon after. His voice had finally gone... Chaplain Wulfgnar had promised Crowley an atonement program, if Crowley was to be set free. Crowley agreed, wondering if he could even be redempted at this point. He still didnt feel anything, no regret nor closure. Nothing. He had also promised the chaplain to help with his cultist problem, which they had at the time(..). Crowley started counting days without shadow magic. It was truly a great addiction, that had consumed and destroyed his whole life. The first day he didnt feel any different. The second day he started feeling urges. Like something was missing, however something else, long forgotten had replaced it. He didnt know what it was, it was undescribable. The elven woman took a good care of these prisioners. Crowley especially liked her lasagna. Perhaps a little too good for such hardened criminals, in Crowley`s opinion, but he didnt mind.
Crowley didnt understand where from, but the chaplain was trusting him more than he knew him... If only he had known the things he had done. Perhaps he would have been executed in the place. "He couldnt know... It has to stay my burden for the rest of my life. It is the path, I chose." – he thought. The anti-magic collar was missing on Crowley`s neck and they still hadnt noticed it. Crowley could have killed someone, but this was a test for him. He managed to keep from his urges, though he was not restricted from them. Crowley was even taken upstairs to the mess hall, to have breakfast with the disciples. Crowley was afraid, if Rae wouldnt start his atonement program soon, his urges would overtake him, but he tried to hold off as long as he could. He had a slim hope that, perhaps, if this actually works, maybe he could return to his old life. Maybe he could get back into the Kirin Tor.

Light: Redemption:
A new chapter in Crowley`s life. Forces that he knew existed, but never truly understood them...
Crowley explained to Rae why his atonement should be hastened and he surprisingly listened to Crowley. He was taken to the nearby scouting tower. They talked for a while and the paladin decided to help Crowley. He used all his power over the Light, even risked his own life to break into the thick, shadowy wall, that was wrapped aorund Crowley`s mind and soul. Rae nearly lost himself in the shadows, that he was not expecting there. He faced an ugly illusion of a memory, Crowley had. He had to fight his way through the demons Crowley had gathered in himself over that time... Somehow he manged to pull his strength together to defeat the shadows within Crowley. Crowley`s eyes and mouth radiated the Light, as the shadows steamed out from him. The pact.. It was gone. Crowley was no longer bound to answer to Margos. Rae had saved him from so much more.. He just didnt know it. A selfless act. Crowley had never seen such devotion and heroism in person. He was amazed and for a moment he felt true serenity, as the Light channeled through his body in a powerful surge. It even managed to clear his physical corruption as well. His memories started rapidly returning to him. He felt regret, pain and suffering. He remembered everything he had done. Now he knew what was the thing that had filled his soul. Rae was a friend, more than a friend – a brother. At that moment Crowley was so happy, he didnt know how to thank. He was glad that there are still such selfless heroes out there to protect from the consuming darkness. He had gained something important – a reason to keep going. He will have to repay Rae. This kind of sacrifice will not go unrewarded, so he decided to stick to his moto and not forget someone who has helped him. This was more than just helping.. This was the biggest sacrifice anyone had ever made for him. He will do anything for this paladin(..).
Crowley was set free and days passed. He started returning to his old life slowly, he managed to persuade Arenfel to take him under his teachings again.. Crowley went to visit Rae, to tell him these good news and also check on him. He was really happy to visit Rae. Crowley had his first task from Arenfel, to prove that he still hasnt lost his touch with the arcane. He had to create a spell or an item, to his speciality accordingly – evocation. He just needed a bit more gold for his research. It was quite expensive. When the paperworks on the shop were finalized Crowley decided to create a shadow ward, as he was paranoid from shadows, he didnt want to lose himself again. He enchanted his family crest ring with an arcane shadow barrier warding, with help of Rae to control the ritual of the enchantment, as it involved a shadow demon – a voidwalker, to aim the arcane barrier at it. Rae was uncertain about the arcane, so he gave Crowley his own Light infused shadow ward. Crowley was surprised. This ment a lot to him. He didnt see how he could leave Rae unprotected, though. He didnt understand where this generosity was coming from, why would Rae put his own safety after Crowley`s? Crowley gave the enchanted ring to Rae. Now they had a warding from shadows, including a piece of each other. A true brothership(..).

Crowley had returned to his feet, had acquired many new friends, regretably enemies as well. His views have changed and a lot has happened. Crowley was struggling against his ex-best friend Margos, as he had managed to use his minions to restore the dark pact in Crowley, to use him, to finish his ritual and return to this realm. Margos was defeated and imprisoned once, by a combined effort of the Disciples of Light, guards of Stormwind, some mercenaries, the Kirin Tor and even a cult known as the Black Hand, however he managed to escape with the help of another newly formed cult. After he returned, he was much different for unknown reasons. He was defeated again after a while and has not been heard from since, perhaps gone for good... (?)

UPDATE: Nowadays Crowley is seen to be training his latest apprentice Razgoa in the arcane arts, he also has become less seen by open public as well... Something old has awakened within the mage's heart. Only the ones closest to him have noticed a difference. A storm is brewing.

Things you may know about this character:
-He likes discussing the Arcane and is very passionate about it.
-He used to own a magic workshop in the Stormwind Mage Quarter.
-He appreciates benefits of wealthy life, such as good wine, custom-tailored, fashionable clothing and basically almost everything related to being expensive.
-He tries to avoid conflicts, such as physical confrontation.
-He is an apprentice of Archmage Arenfel Serentyne.
Things you may not know about this character:
-A lot from his past, as he is typically secretive about it, and it takes a lot for someone to earn his trust enough for him to tell them.
-He has knowledge in Felcraft and Shadowmancy.
-He can not swim and has a deep phobia of deep waters.

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