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Character name: Felitzia
Alias: Wicked Witch in the Woods
Gender: Female
Age: Uknown. Youtful appearance, but aged eyes.
Race: Human
Class: Shadowy Witch

Birth region: Duskwood
Specific area/town: A small cabin hidden in the woods
Family: None alive. She was taught in the dark arts by her grandmother. Rumour has it she killed and ate her parents when they tried to stop her from practicing magic.
Known friends or enemies: Has been seen with the Black Hand. Other than that, keeps to herself.

Description: She is thin and pale, with an almost fragile complexion. Her eyes are a pale shade of grey, and her hair is silky and thin, with an almost translucent, white colour. She's quite tall, but looks as if she might break at the slightest touch. She usually dresses in long grey or black robes.
Personality: Rather nutty. She giggles a lot, and often sings eerie little nursery rhymes while dancing around like a child. She's not directly evil, but her acts are twisted, and purely for her own gain. And what with her mind being as it is, she acts erratically and without any logic. Felitzia also hears voices. Whether these are actual demons or shadowy creatures, or if it's just personalities she's developed through years alone in her cabin remains unknown. She's rumoured to lure children away and eat them.
History: Still in Progress
Things you may know about this character: Is associated with the Black Hand. Is a cannibal, but prefers children. She claims they are more succulent. She disappeared from Duskwood for several years. The eerie singing in the woods disappeared, and children stopped going missing. Now though, it seems she has returned. And no one knows why, or where she's been.
Things you may not know about this character: N/A
Possible crime record: Only speculations. She's never actually been caught, and no one seems to find her cabin if they look for it.

Other information:


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