Aldaya Vindico

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Aldaya Vindico

Post by Timna on Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:10 am

Character name: Aldaya Vindico.
Alias: The Shaper, the Statue, the Ice-Shaper.
Gender: Female.
Age: Unknown (undead).
Race: Human
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: One of the smaller villages.
Family: Unknown.
Known friends or enemies: None.

Description: Aldaya at all times carries a thin layer of ice upon herself to avoid letting any smell linger and to hinder tracking attempts. An Anethionean cross is visibly and deeply branded onto her forehead and her left eye has mild scarring around the actual eye, rather by the eyebrow and below it. Her skull's skin has been cut apart and re-sewn with a dark blue thread, the logo of the Ebon Blade made by the weaves.
Personality: She is a noble person and squire-like, loyal to whoever she has chosen to serve, but she is also very alike a blank slate - taking the very image of ice and creating it into a persona. She's obedient and listens well, understanding and merciful in her own strange mind.
History: At nine years of age, she followed with the Scarlet Crusade to become a squire, sent by her Light-zealous parents with such upbringing. Shortly after she was tossed around masters for duties, doing them to her best ability and learning as quickly as she could, eager for knowledge, but she rarely spoke. When she did, nobody heard her; she was far too shy to speak louder and thus kept to herself. Time passed and she became a proper Crusader, taught by many masters including Sir Titanious. She was sent north to aid the battles against the Death Knights and the necropolis that is now Ebon Hold, but was slain with an arrow to her heart. Not soon after, she was raised and lift the blade she was given upon her own friends, downing as many Crusaders as she had undead.
Upon her release from the Lich King's grasp, she wandered, neutral in cause and doing, surviving as best as she could. She could find no meaning after knowing she had killed those she once cared for, the Light had abandoned her and her being, and she found herself unable to rest. She helped cultists and herself alike, shifting allegiances back and forth in search of the ultimate purpose (in which swiftly ended with a brand to her forehead). Soon she joined up with the forces she stepped upon when wandering Duskwood - the Black Hand - and ever since she has found reason, faith and herself, not to mention her voice and the ability to lead.
She proceeded to step away from the doings of the Black Hand when they stepped too far and their reasons did not co-exist with her own. To this day, she has stood in Redridge and other parts of the Stormwind Kingdom, offering free blacksmithing to whoever brings her the necessary reagents; until her mind became too heavy to bear, and she confessed and turned herself in to the guards of Stormwind.
Things you may know about this character: She has previously been terrorizing the citizens of Stormwind, before mysteriously disappearing at the Northshire Abbey and the Anethioneans. Many months later she re-emerged among the Black Hand, then disappeared once more only to turn herself in to the guards.
Things you may not know about this character: She is a Light-faithful still and cares for others as well as a Death Knight can.
Possible crime record: Terrorizing Stormwind and other horrible things.

Other information: N/A.

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