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Character name: Blackfall
Alias: "The Black Dog" (among many others)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (prime) when raised
Race: Worgen
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Unknown
Specific area/town: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Known friends or enemies: "Friends" - He serves the Black Hand, and they are his family in death.  Anyone else is a potential enemy.

Description: A large, powerful black worgen, often expressionless, with a death knight's cold blue-white fire in his eyes.  He wears thick, spiked black saronite armor (including a black plated robe), adorned with skulls and inscribed with runes.  His blade is a huge black broadsword cascading with golden symbols, with a black-and-green gem in the hilt.  His voice is like a cold wind through dead trees--harsh and eerie--but his tone is often soft.  He often appears to be listening to sounds that no one else can hear.

Personality: Emotionless bar a sort of gentle reverence for the things he respects.

History: Blackfall's history is unknown--he does not remember it, and nobody knows it.  He was raised by the Lich King, of course, but before that--or until the time he drifted with the night fog into Duskwood, seeking the Reaper--nobody knows.

Things you may know about this character: He is powerful, implacable and relentless in combat.  He is generally completely expressionless, and silent, but when he does speak, it is usually quite cryptic and even poetic.  He seems to have a deep faith of some sort, although what he believes in and who he truly serves is unknown.  

Things you may not know about this character: He has a deeply-rooted belief system, as twisted as it might be.  He can be brutal at times, and gentle at others, depending on the cirumstances.  He has the capacity for basic necromancy.  He has gained in power over time.  There are people (or types of people) whom he respects and even reveres, and will treat as best he can even when slaying them, or when handling their dead bodies.

Possible crime record: He is a known (as "The Black Dog") member of the Black Hand, a bringer of death, a torturer at times, and a bearer of disease and decay.

An image of Blackfall, after being seared (as he often looks after fighting) by the Light:
Feral / Blackfall

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