Doctor Diederich Roland Northcliffe

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Doctor Diederich Roland Northcliffe

Post by Diederich on Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:33 am

Character name: Diederich Roland Northcliffe
Alias: Shadowpriest/the Witch-Lord
Gender: Male
Age: Middle-aged upon undeath
Race: Forsaken
Class: Shadow Priest

Birth region: Lordaeron
Specific area/town: Silverpine Forest, Northcliffe Estate
Family: Gaudinas Northcliffe (Brother), three daughters, two sons and a wife - all MIA since the invasion of Lordaeron.
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Crell, Arshes, Orbal, Connie

Description: He looks like an older Forsaken - most of his flesh has rotten away leaving dried skin around his bone. Diederich is a tall one, and often smells of chemicals and burnt leaves.
Personality: Diederich can be a cunning, opportunistic priest. He values wealth, power and knowledge - and he craves them all. Having come through his years and mastered his control over emotions since becoming Forsaken, he has become a devious and calculating man who will work with subtle ruthlessness. But he does value loyalty, friendship and the ability to recognise enthusiasm. And he has a rather lord of the manor personality to him, he enjoys the fine things in life and can often appear to have a warm personality to many, and will make jokes and laugh.

History: The son of a minor noble, Diederich was a priest of the Holy Light in life, and also a phsyician. A family man, he worked all through Lordaeron serving within the Priesthood before he was eventually killed during the Scourge invasion. He awoke as a Forsaken in the very early days, and began a career of Shadow and violence motivated by revenge and hatred of life. Till this day Diederich resents being Forsaken though has managed to mask his true feelings. After some years he managed to reclaim the Northcliffe Estate which had fallen into ruin after most died of the plague. His older brother, whom the estate was meant to go to, still roams the land as a living being. He joined the Royal Apothecary Society and began work on several books about alchemy and surgery which have now been published.

Diederich served within the Defilers as a battle-priest, medic and apothecary for many years before committing fully to the Forgotten Shadow. He briefly led his own political movement known as the House of Sylvanas before returning to the Shadow to work his way up the Cult of Shadow.
Things you may know about this character: He has a very large wine collection. He gathered "criminals" together in Tirisfal Glades, locked them in a house and torched the building.
Things you may not know about this character: He joined Putress' apothecaries at Wrath Gate, but managed to escape and return to the Horde when things turned sour with the rebellion. He is a murderer and extortioner.
Possible crime record: None on record.

Other information:

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Character sheet
Name: Diederich Roland Northcliffe
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