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Post by Rhavz'amul on Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:58 am

Name: Rhavz'amul
Tribe: Skullsplitter
Race: Jungle Troll
Affiliation: Neutral

Inner Vitality

Rhavz unlocks his bodies regenerative powers, healing him over time

Mystic Snake

Rhavz sends a mystical snake to damage and drain vitality from his enemies. Bounces three times

Shackle Shot

Rhavz shackles the target to an enemy unit or tree in a line directly behind it and stuns it, If no unit or tree is present his target is immobilized

Mana Burn

Every successful attack burns %3 of his targets mana and deals damage over time, stacks maximum 5 times

Background: Rhavz'amul, wayward son of Ana'thek the Cruel, was born to fight in the Gurubashi Arena. His father trained him to be an excellent marksman and a ruthless killer like his ancestors. Although in his mid 17s he started to question this meaningless war, started to spend more time alone in the jungles. Vast majestic nature inspired him deeply in time, he began to collect strange herbs and experimented on them. One day, while he was writing notes about a herb, his fathers men came to take him home. Rhavz'amul was badly injured after a long fight. While he was being dragged home something triggered him and unlocked his regenerative powers, he eliminated his fathers men and ran away to north. Five years he wandered around the Azeroth, soon after his departure pirates enslaved him. Five years he worked for them and finally he was freed by a kinswoman, a witch doctor. He paid his debt by working for her for a year, learned so much about his hidden powers and herbalism. He's now free, roaming again, with open eyes.

(If you want to take a part in his history, or be a relative just pm me)

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